Pedophilia In Hollywood

I will start by saying what I'll discuss is a conspiracy theory. After the recent arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell (Epstein's "right-hand woman" for bringing him victims), I figured I could write about Pizzagate and the overall sex abuse in Hollywood. Forget Heidi Fleiss, this is much bigger. Maxwell is considered just as evil as Epstein, according to victims. If you've paid close attention to Hollywood, you'd know it's a sex cult, obsessed with screwing with everyone, including children. What happened to Epstein seemed to "surprise" many celebrities. No it didn't. It surprised them that they could be caught. Why else did Epstein "commit suicide?" But this goes back farther, and there's a darker truth. "Hollywood has a pedophilia problem," child actor Elijah Wood says. The dark truth behind pizzagate and Hollywood's sex problems is very dark and hard to stomach, but I encourage you to learn about it. I don't think I could've stomached it if it wasn't for how many murder documentaries I've seen. I will mention these are just theories.

If you're unfamiliar with the Pizzagate conspiracy, here it is. "Pizzagate" is in regard to John Podesta (Hillary Clinton's campaign manager) who emailed Clinton, in 2016, suspicious emails. Many thought these emails were in regard to a child sex trafficking ring run by Democrats, which was published on WikiLeaks. Some of the code words: "cheese" meant little girl; "pasta" meant little boy. It's speculated that Podesta had weird obsessions with naked teenagers and cannibalism. The sex trafficking was based in a Washington pizzeria, and the owner is weird as well, posting images of babies being taped down or "sold." Honestly, it's hard to say if Pizzagate is real or not, because most websites will say it's debunked. That the pedophilia in Hollywood is made up by far-right conspirators, and that’s why a gunman appeared at the restaurant. I definitely don’t agree with the gunman’s actions, but that doesn’t mean Pizzagate isn’t real. Let's continue. 

Pizzagate had a resurgence recently. It began with Justin Beiber's "Yummy." His latest music video appears to directly support the Pizzagate theory. Many think it was subtly pushing the pedophilia that occurs with the rich elites in Hollywood. Again, this is a theory, I don't intend on causing any trouble by writing this, but it's a much-discussed topic, so it's up to you to decide if you believe this. Let's look at a few other celebrities. I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but Ellen, Jimmy Kimmel, and Oprah have cancelled their shows. Why? Because they are among some of the elite globalists in Hollywood, and assumed to be part of the Hollywood pedophilia. Ellen said this about a baby, while playing one of her games, "Oh are you wet?" Who asks a baby if they're wet? With Kimmel, he isn't only being "cancelled" for blackface; he's being cancelled over his crude joke about Megan Fox being exploited by Michael Bay when she was 15 or 16. Oprah was great friends with Harvey Weinstein, just like the Clintons, yet "claims" to have no knowledge of Weinstein and his wrongdoings.

Hollywood has a weird way of covering for their sins. Remember Kevin Spacey was sexually abusing young boys? Everyone suddenly had no problem with him after he said he's gay. How does that help? It now makes the gay community look like abusers, and many have a bad perception of the homosexual community to begin with, so why would Hollywood do this? Hollywood doesn’t care. You cannot tell me the friends of Harvey Weinstein didn’t know about his acts. Quentin Tarantino admitted he knew enough to warn people about Weinstein, but chose not to. You cannot tell me the friends of Jeffery Epstein didn’t know what was happening on his islands, especially when many visited his island often (i.e. Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Kevin Spacey, etc.). People love to flash the images of Trump and Epstein together, but there is zero proof Trump visited Epstein’s island. In fact, Trump banned Epstein from Mar-a-lago after he assaulted an employee. Yet, Clinton visited Epstein’s island multiple times. Hollywood elites claim to be woke, but aren't. They're claiming to be "for justice," but ignore their industry's own sins. Whoopi Goldberg called Roman Polanski’s acts "not rape rape." Many other A-list actors defended him as well. Many disgusting, elite, globalist Democrats are perceived as part of the pedophilia problem circulating Hollywood, along with the Democratic politicians they’re friends with.

I'm never one for conspiracy theories, but honestly, Pizzagate is very convincing. It's not just in the United States, it's global. The sex trafficking crisis of children is dangerous. Jaco Booyens is an advocate for helping victims of sex trafficking, after his sister was sex trafficked. He has spoken against Hollywood's hidden support of pedophilia. Multiple child actors have come out against the pedophilia in Hollywood. Even Disney (yes Disney!), has had their "kid friendly" cruise lines possibly (not proven) go to Epstein’s island. Jeff Epstein’s crimes are just the tip of the iceberg with Pizzagate, Hollywood, and Leftist politicians. Hollywood claims to be “woker than thou,” but tend to ignore their own industry's sins. Choose what you want to believe. If there wasn't some truth to what I discussed, why would social media giants like Twitter and Facebook shut down any mentions of Pizzagate? Why else would  Google have images of Epstein and Trump together, but not Epstein and his other friends? In closing, Maxwell has chosen to cooperate with authorities and release names. This pandemic brought one good thing: us Americans delving into the horrors of Hollywood. I'll be glad to see people's revered actors be caught red-handed. We must pray this evil is brought to justice.

Do you think Maxwell will be able to testify, or will she be "Epsteined?" Comment down!

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