Hannah is the founder of Young Patriot Rising. Originally born in New York, but moved to Florida at a young age. She is the daughter of immigrants from Guyana, and she understands how lucky we are to live in the United States of America. They instilled in her patriotic values that would last her long in life, even before she decided to join politics.

Hannah was never one to pay attention to politics, but like everyone part of Gen Z the 2016 election was the election she paid attention to. She watched Sean Hannity and read articles from her parents, leading to her support of Trump. However, this wasn't what brought on her passion for conservative politics. 

While attending the University of Florida for her Bachelor's degree, she attended a TPUSA event that had Will Witt as the guest speaker. Hannah was a fan of Will at the time, and after hearing his speech, she felt something awaken in her to become involved in politics. Now came the question "What will I do to get my voice out there?" Hannah decided to begin a blog, as she already had a love of writing and knew more about blogging. Originally called, "Talking Right," Hannah began writing on a number of topics (i.e. abortion, free speech, reparations). Hannah then decided to change the name of her blog to Young Patriot Rising.

After everything went online with Covid, Hannah really learned the truth on human trafficking. After Jeffery Epstein was caught guilty of child sex trafficking, Hannah became intrigued by human trafficking and decided to learn more. Hannah quickly became disgusted by the crime, but was more disgusted (and even shocked) at how little coverage the crime gets from the media. Hannah has now felt God push her to focus more on human trafficking. Since graduating from UF with her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, minoring in Communication Studies, Hannah has decided to write for more conservative publications.

Hannah has written numerous guest articles for Gen Z Conservative, Future Female Leaders, and other conservative blogs. Hannah is also a reporter/writer for The College Fix, and previously wrote for Campus Reform. She recently began writing for an anti-trafficking organization called Stop The Demand Project.

When she isn't writing about human trafficking or politics, you can find Hannah enjoying a good book, playing with her goats and dogs on the farm, drinking coffee, or listening to country music.

Hannah sees, just like many conservatives, the way the country is going. If Gen Z conservatives do not hold American values close to us or try to educate others about it, America will fall. It's already happening, but it takes everyday Americans to stand up and do what is right.