Everyone Should Be Talking About Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a serious crime. Unfortunately, it never receives the attention it should. Most of us know the media prioritizes certain stories over others to push their narrative. The media will focus on Covid-19 24/7, but never focus on the pandemic of human trafficking. I wanted to write about this, since recently, Tim Tebow, his wife, Bill Barr, and Ivanka Trump recently announced that Trump's administration will give over $100 million to helping the victims of human trafficking. As if I didn't need another reason to love Tim Tebow! Seeing him passionate about human trafficking, like I am, is amazing.

Human trafficking involves the "use of force or coercion to obtain some labor or commercial sex act." Many of these victims are young children and women. It's an evil business that profits off of human misery. Kind of like the abortion industry, which I will discuss later. 2.3 million - 27 million people are trafficked worldwide; 80% of the victims are women and children. 80% of the victims' "work" is sexual, while 19% is labor. In the United States, 14,500 - 50,000 people are trafficked yearly. Again most being women and children. It can happen anywhere at anytime. You know a big place for human traffickers? The mall, rural communities, the Super bowl. If it's got people, they are there.

Human trafficking is the second largest maker of money out of any industry. It profits off of human misery. Do you know when these kids get pregnant, their traffickers force them to get abortions? One story that comes to mind was this girl said her trafficker forced her to get an abortion six times. The abortion industry profits off of human trafficking too. With how much focus is on Covid-19 or anything Donald Trump-related, why can't the media or everyone focus on sex trafficking equally? Why doesn't anyone give human trafficking the attention it deserves? A large reason this industry thrives is because most people are either uneducated or ignorant on the topic.

Do you know why Tim Tebow became adamant about fighting human trafficking? In an opinion piece he wrote for Fox News, Tebow describes how his father was preaching in a remote country, and right next to him, 4 girls were about to be sold. His father grabbed the money out of his wallet, and bought the girls right then and there. Tebow said he couldn't believe what he heard. You don't buy other people. Fortunately his father was there. Tim helped his dad create a haven for these girls. Now, he helps against the fight of human trafficking. "It’s time for Christians around the world to take a stand, to raise our voices and say, 'No more,'" Tim says. This is the mentality we should all have about human trafficking. We can't stand back and allow this to happen. Tebow is a huge inspiration for me. I've also talked about Jaco Booyens, and how his sister escaped sex trafficking after being trapped for 5 years. 

Who is fighting human trafficking by creating grants for the victims or signing bills to fight human trafficking? The Republican party. Donald Trump, Ivanka, Bill Barr, Brian Kemp, and many others are pushing to fight against human trafficking. The Trump administration has done a lot to fight human trafficking (especially at the border), yet I barely see MSN or CNN cover this, nor do I see any Democratic politician give him credit for this. They've been silent on Hunter Biden. Why can't we drop our politics for one second, to praise a politician who is fighting human trafficking? Pedophiles and traffickers can be any one, no matter their political affiliation. Republicans are guilty of these crimes too. Tulsi Gabbard and Christine Pelosi are some of the only Democrats who I've seen call out human trafficking, and the movie "Cuties." I wish more Democrats would speak out. Also, I thought the graphic was interesting. Up to you if you think it's true or false.

What is the best way to help fight human trafficking? I realize I discuss this often, but never provide what I think is a solution fight this pandemic. The best way is to stay educated. Know what human trafficking is, what is truth versus myth regarding the topic, and what to look out for. Don't get educated to learn about the topic, but do so to protect yourself and loved ones. Don't listen to it from a politician, but from a legit organization. Tell your friends and family to learn about this. Even bring it up in your work environment. Get the CEO or manager of your company to push an anti-human trafficking message. 

Aside from abortion, human trafficking is a grave sin in this world. We are all created equal, but some people don't believe this. Their evil desires are better than the safety of our fellow human. Nobody wants to discuss this. We have to stand up to the evil of human trafficking, and not allow others to make it easier for sex traffickers to torture others. Two movies I would recommend is Rambo Last Blood and Priceless. Both are great movies that delve heavily into human trafficking. I also know Taken talks about this, but I haven't seen it. If you think a certain political party isn't normalizing pedophilia (aka giving sex traffickers/pedophiles a treat), look at California's latest bill/defenders of "Cuties," then get back to me. Get informed, and get involved

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