My Experience Attending a Planned Parenthood Meeting

I'm sure the title threw off some of you. This is the first, and possibly the last time, I will do anything like this.  I've had followers on Twitter ask me what came over me to attend something like this. You may be thinking, "Have you switched sides? Why would you go to something like that?" The answer for the first question is ABSOLUTELY NOT. I have not changed sides. I'm still very much pro-life. If anything, this reinvigorated what I believe in. The answer to the second is simple. I was taking notes for a friend who was drafting an article about the meeting for Campus Reform. He asked if I wanted to help author the article, and at first, I did, but how he wanted me to write it was not my usual style. I figured I could use my platform on my blog to express my experience. I'm thankful to my friend, because I would not have experienced this. Let's hop into it! And unlike the beginning of the meeting for Planned Parenthood, this doesn't come with potential trigger warnings. I don't really care if you don't like what I'm going to say, because it's the truth. Here is what I witnessed at the Planned Parenthood meeting.

Upon entering the room, I felt like someone was turning my stomach and heart. I felt like I had just stepped into Satan's house, and I felt sick. I said a quick prayer asking God to keep my heart strong, and He did. The merchandise at the PP table wasn't the usual buttons, stickers, koozies, or anything like that. No, they had buttons for Planned Parenthood, lubricants, women/men condoms, and the only stickers they had were of penises wearing condoms. Once the meeting started, the President and others in charge introduced themselves. For some reason, it was SO important to mention their preferred pronouns. After that, they had us break into groups. Every group had to introduce themselves with their names, their preferred pronouns, and the misconceptions they had about abortion. The main "misconceptions" that my group (except me) had about abortion was that "abortion is murder." One of the girls in the group said her parents are super open about abortion and sex, and that her mother has no problem talking about the abortion she had. What?! If I knew my mother had an abortion, I would feel terrified for my life. If I was created at the "wrong time," my mother could have aborted me, and I would not be here right now. Once that activity was done, we returned to our seats. One of the leaders explained that nobody could "marginalize" anyone. If you did, you would be escorted out, or "would be told to be silent." I had no idea what "marginalizing" someone meant. "Marginalization," according to Cambridge Dictionary, is to treat someone as if they, or what they say, is not important. If you said anything that could be taken "offensive," you weren't allowed to speak. You couldn't interrupt someone who was speaking, or you'd be marginalizing them. So you can just throw free speech out the window! You also had to use "gender exclusive language," and speak in a gentle tone to prevent offending/scaring others. I was in snowflake territory. The meeting was “How to get an abortion in Gainesville.” I’m sure you guys knew how I felt. I should make a quick mention of this: these people had a huge room that could probably sit 50+ people. They had, if I'm guessing, 20 people. TPUSA's first meeting had over 50, and the second meeting around the same. Ironic, yet hilarious!

They began explaining that you should be 100% sure you are pregnant. Duh!! Once you’ve confirmed, consider your options. They said consider your options, like parenting the child or choosing adoption. They mentioned these options, but spent less than a minute on them. Guess where their emphasis was? Abortion. First, they explained what an abortion is. Then they explained the misconceptions of abortion. I’m going to show you each “misconception,” and what the truth is (links are at the end of the article):
  • “People who have abortions have emotional problems afterwards.” This is true.  Many women, coerced or not coerced, have emotional problems (i.e. depression, anxiety, remorse) after having an abortion. Many recognize what they chose was wrong, but either they were coerced or were just afraid. A study in 2015 showed an increase in depression after that woman had an abortion. Women after having an abortion were 5.9 times more likely to commit suicide. Cambridge performed a study that showed an 81% increased risk of mental health problems. 
  •  “Abortion is much more dangerous than childbirth.” Most medical websites state this statement is like comparing apples and oranges. You can’t conflate the two. That being said, however, abortion is much more dangerous than childbirth. A study done by shows abortion being the lead killer for pregnant women. Miscarriages or childbirth isn’t a main reason. In the past 3 months, Planned Parenthood has sent 9 or 10 women to the emergency room from botched abortions.
  • “Abortion pill and morning after pill are the same thing.” This is somewhat false. There is a notable difference between these two. The abortion pill is used specifically for ending a pregnancy. The morning after pill is just a form of birth control, which causes the body to not produce the hormones responsible for conception. BUT morning after pills doesn't always work, but when new life begins, it kills.
  • "Fetuses experience pain during abortion.” THAT IS TRUE. A new study has come out that says a fetus can feel pain as early as 13 WEEKS. Previous studies are now considered irrelevant regarding this topic. 
  • “People are coerced to get abortions.” That isn’t a lie. You can literally Google stories of women who were coerced by their family or partner to get the abortion. Here’s one: Another story most are familiar with is Lorena Bobbitt. She was coerced by her husband to get an abortion. There are so many other stories.
  • “Getting abortion can lead to fertility problems.” You can research these stories where women had abortions, or botched abortions, and became infertile. This is a bit harder to find, however, because the research isn’t as easy. What I mean is that it’s like the correlation between video games and mass shootings. Sure, it seems like it, but there’s not enough concrete data to support this. The stories, however, are there on the Internet and social media.
  • “Getting an abortion can cause breast cancer.” What?! I have NEVER heard a pro-lifer say this happens. NEVER. So, I don’t need to focus on this. Planned Parenthood is just making up stuff to make pro-lifers look bad. People have told me having multiple abortions can increase this chance, but there is no solid proof. If you know anyone who has said this, comment down below, because I’ve NEVER heard a pro-lifer or pro-choicer use this argument. 
  • “Abortion pill is painless.” At least they’re honest about this. The abortion pill is very painful. Think about it. A baby is very much formed by 8-10 weeks. At 10 weeks, body parts and organs have formed. Imagine that coming out of your body. That sounds painful. It's considered an equivalent pain to miscarriage.
They also explained different legalities about having insurance. You can’t get an abortion without paying for it yourself, except in the cases of rape or the mother’s life is in danger. There are other ways you can get your abortion with different stipends or discounts. These people are teaching lies. I already fact checked what they claimed to be misconceptions. They also discussed where you could get an abortion in Gainesville. The different “women’s health centers” in Gainesville. Not to mention they complained about the Hyde Amendment, which has saved thousands of babies' lives!

The merchandise
I got from
the meeting
After this, they went to explain the two most common methods of abortion: medical and surgical. Medical involved the pills, surgical is the tube going up the vagina, into the uterus, to suck the fetus apart. Wait a minute! They said “vagina.” That’s not gender inclusive!! Someone get me a safe space; I think I’m going to faint!!! Side note: I’m being sarcastic. Just trying to show these people’s hypocrisy. They explained how the medical procedure (aka the abortion pill) works. There are two different medications used: Mifepristone (blocks the body’s progesterone, which stops the pregnancy from growing) and Misoprostol (empties the uterus of “pregnancy tissue”). The other method is surgical. The abortionist numbs the cervix, uses a thin tube, and “gently” sucks out the “pregnancy tissue.” This is a lie in itself. This powerful machine rips a baby apart piece by piece, not as "gently" as PP says. Also, by 10 weeks the baby’s body is forming: arms, legs, organs, teeth. These are NOT just pregnancy tissue. After explaining this, then the people in charge moved onto Q&A. I stayed for a part of the Q&A, then decided to leave. Something else important to realize is this. An adult, whether it's a parent or adult friend, cannot go into the operating room. Why is that? Probably because if that person saw what Abby Johnson saw, they would immediately stop the abortion. Also, when it comes to a minor getting an abortion, they can tell their parents they're getting, or want to get an abortion, but their parents have NO SAY in the matters. All they can do is watch it happen. That's frightening. These procedures are monstrous. I can't say much more than that. I'll leave the link for how these abortions work, from Dr. Anthony Levatino, former abortionist turned pro-life.

The fact of the matter is that these people are delicate snowflakes who can’t handle the truth. What’s scarier is the girls in charge are clearly being brainwashed by those in charge of them (i.e. campus director). The President of the PP chapter “accidentally” slipped and said, “Abortion is invasive.” The campus director corrected her to say, “Abortion isn’t invasive.” What I found extremely annoying was how they talked to us. These people practically treated us as children who couldn't be spoken to like adults. WE ARE IN COLLEGE. No need to baby us! I found this to be extremely insulting that they think we don’t know how to speak like adults, so they dumb down their speech for the audience. Speak to me like an adult, snowflake! Also, they really believe ANYONE can get pregnant. There’s a rare percentage where a man is born with a uterus, so I don’t even think it’s worth considering in abortion discussions. They place emphasis on trans-men. I’ve said this before, and I will say it again: TRANS-MEN CAN GET PREGNANT BECAUSE THEY USED TO BE WOMEN. Simple! But they were so insistent on “gender exclusive” language. Also, they spoke so quiet. Now, that’s fine if you talk quietly. That’s not why they spoke quietly. They couldn’t speak too loudly because they could “offend/scare” someone. You’ve got to be kidding me. That’s probably why I couldn’t be a snowflake. I would scare the hell out of people because I’m naturally a loud talker. These girls are being groomed by their superiors to lie for the sake of abortion. If they were “pro-choice,” why didn’t they talk more about the other options? Abortions only take up 3% of PP’s occupations. That’s right. You get rich off of abortions, not healthcare.

People expected me to go John Rambo on these people. Trust me, I wanted to. But there’s time and place. I was there to observe, not argue. They think they’re so superior. Like when protestors show up, we should be nice because that angers them. Too bad they were too idiotic to know pro-lifers were sitting in their meeting! When they said, “abortion isn’t murder.” I wanted to yell out, “Yes, it is!” But, that’s not why I was there. Honestly, it worked for the better that I didn’t do that. I would not be able to give you the details I received in that meeting if I decided to be the pro-life Rambo. Now you know what these people are doing. Planned Parenthood is snowflake central. For crying out loud! One girl interrupted another girl, and she immediately covered her mouth and refused to speak. She was like, "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry. I won't talk yet, please keep going. Please don't stop what you're saying." I'm paraphrasing a bit, but this is essentially what happened! You cannot have an opinion that doesn’t resonate with the others. The meeting felt cultish, in my opinion. For anyone who thinks Planned Parenthood is truthful or open-minded, I hope this article let you know they aren’t. This isn’t a “pro-choice” organization, but a pro-abortion organization. All they discussed was how to get an abortion, which is supposedly only 3% of Planned Parenthood's operations. There was little to no mention of alternative options, or the rest of Planned Parenthood's operations. Because unlike the lies pro-choicers like to spread, pro-life organizations have resources for women choosing life. Planned Parenthood does nothing for these women if they choose life. I seriously don't understand how anyone can believe Planned Parenthood helps plan for parenthood. They just end parenthood. No simpler than that! God made us all in His image. Who are we to decide or judge a person's value? To close, after attending this meeting, I just have one thing to say: Abortion isn’t healthcare, and baby lives matter!!

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  1. It's challenging for PP to be open-minded when abortions are profitable twofold:

    1) From the remaining tissue that can be repurposed for research.
    2) From the money they take from young women seeking abortions.

    Why would they be honest? Why wouldn't they push abortion? The admin gets to feel good about "bettering the world" through stem cell research and helping young women by killing their children so they're less burdened.

  2. I could not have done what you did. I would not have been able to keep silent. Abortion is murder. 1st degree murder. But it's even worst than that because a baby cannot defend itself.

  3. I recently watched Project Veritas part one EXPOSE CNN video. In the video, James O’Keefe (of Project Veritas) encourages us to go undercover whenever we can to expose the left. ~~~ That's what you did with this Planned Parenthood meeting. Thank you for exposing them. ~~~ As far as preferred pronouns, I refuse to participate in that leftist nonsense when I'm around it. ~~~ Also, have you read the book Unplanned: The Dramatic True Story of a Former Planned Parenthood Leader's Eye-Opening Journey across the Life Line by Abby Johnson? I plan on reviewing it at my blog at some point. But when I started reading it I had to stop. Abby goes into an abortion she witnessed that is just too painful for me to continue reading. However, I will pick the book up again so that I can review it.


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