Potential Candidates For The 2024 Presidential Election

I came across an article from Future Female Leaders, which actually inspired me for this post. Despite what is currently happening in the 2020 election, I have thought about who would run in 2024 for the Republican party. These are the top 10 Republicans who I could see (or would like to see) run for President in 2024. Sorry in advance that this is a long article.

  1. Ron DeSantis: Everyone here knows I am a staunch supporter of Ron DeSantis. Everything he has done for Florida makes me even more proud to have voted for him in 2018 (my first time voting!). I think he would be a great President. He is very much like Trump, and we need more of those types in politics. He's also a big supporter of our veterans (he is one), which is an important issue for me. I would be against him running, just because he wouldn't be governor of Florida anymore, and he has done so much in his time as Governor of Florida, and even during Covid, he rose to the challenge of protecting Floridians. Everything he said he'd do when he was running as Governor was completed. I cannot emphasize enough how much I admire and respect DeSantis. 
  2. Kristi Noem: Kristi is another Republican I consider to be very admirable. She handled the pandemic excellently as well. She never closed her states or enforced masks! She clearly knows how to ensure an economy will thrive. I would honestly love to see either a Noem/DeSantis or DeSantis/Noem ticket. I think the two of them could be a fireball team!
  3. Mike Pence: I could see Mike Pence running for President come 2024. He's another great leader, and I have always been impressed by his ability to stand strong. He and Trump really do complement each other well. Pence is a quiet storm, and knows how to get his point across without sounding like your typical Republican. 
  4. Ivanka Trump: I have been a huge fan of hers, not just because she is the President's daughter, or the fact she is one of the most gorgeous women out there (Melania is number one!), but her work in the Trump administration has been admirable. She has done amazing work fight human trafficking/help the victims of human trafficking. I could see her potentially following in her father's steps. I haven't seen her show an interest in running, but who knows?
  5. Donald Trump Jr.: I'm iffy on Don Jr. I love how much he fits the phrase "Like father like son." I could see him follow in the footsteps of his father to run for President, but I'm not sure if he could be like his father. I've said it 100 times, but the only person who could be like Donald J. Trump is Donald J. Trump. I feel like people think Don Jr. will be exactly like his dad, but I don't see that. I'd love to see him run, but I don't think he is considering politics. Also, prayers to Don Jr. for a speedy recovery from Covid!!
  6. Ted Cruz: Ted Cruz has come a long way. He is definitely a proud fighter for the American people. I think, if he should try again, he could have better success in 2024. He just wasn't popular like Trump was, but he has grown as a person and politician. I'm not sure he'd be my first choice for President, but I could see him being a potential person to run.
  7. Josh Hawley: Josh Hawley has really been a champion against big tech, like Ted Cruz. He clearly knows how to stand strong. Apparently, some are considering Josh Hawley will be Trump 2.0, which I don't see. Nobody could be better than Trump besides Trump. If I would have to consider someone to be Trump 2.0, it would be DeSantis or Don Jr. Josh could still be a potential runner!
  8. Tom Cotton: Tom Cotton has been a big fighter against big tech. He is a proud supporter of POTUS, holds many conservative values and fights for them. He's clearly patriotic, and I don't get an Establishment/typical Republican vibe from him, so that's why I also think he could be a potential runner in 2024.
  9. Ric Grenell: I have become a big supporter of Ric Grenell. He's got an impressive career. He has done a lot in his time in politics, so I think he could be a great choice as a GOP hopeful. He's a likeable person, and clearly knows his stuff.
  10. Kayleigh McEnany: I love Kayleigh. She is a well-spoken woman, can clearly hold her own, and is able to balance her work and family life. I think she is a great role model for any young woman, despite the persecution by the radical Left. As most conservative women are persecuted. Even though she is 32, she'd be old enough to run for office when 2024 come. I don't know who'll be the first female president, but she could be a choice.
I'm sure some of you are wondering why I didn't have Tucker Carlson in my top choices, as many have said he should run for President and I'm a huge supporter of his. I would love to see Tucker in a political office, especially President. I don't think he is meant to run for President. He even said, in a recent interview, that he would not run. I think, if someone like Don Jr., decided to run, I could see Tucker in an advisory position. I love their friendship! I will say, we can't predict the future. Nobody expected Donald Trump to run for president, let alone win. Anything is possible. In regard to the Sidney Powell/Tucker Carlson debate, here's my take. Both of them are right and wrong. I don't think Tucker should've expected Powell would give him evidence off the bat, but Powell shouldn't have gotten "defensive" about him asking for evidence to support her claim. Tucker isn't selling out, although I'd believe Fox is twisting his arm. Carlson is still one of the only honest journalists, and I'm not willing to cancel him over one mistake. If you want him cancelled because he didn't follow your protocols, you are a snowflake.

Even if he could, I don't think Donald Trump should run again. Remember how we all said Biden should be enjoying his golden years, instead of being a puppet? I feel the same way about Donald Trump. He would be 78 by the time he leaves in 2024 (I believe he will win reelection). I don't want to see him go through what he has gone through for the last few years to go through that the next 4 years again. After all the hate he got, he deserves to enjoy these next (possibly last) few years.

Who do you think should run in 2024? Comment down!!

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