What is Florida Doing to Combat Human Trafficking?

I'm currently reading a book titled, Land of the Free, which is about fighting human trafficking. The author is from Florida, and discusses how he saw human trafficking happen first-hand. It wasn't in some third world country, but in his home state. I was very emotional at what I read. Not only because of the fact the crime was so horrible that he described, but that this is happening in my home state of Florida. I wanted to do some research into what the state has done or is doing to currently fight modern day slavery.

For those who may not know, Florida is #3 for highest trafficking rates. Why does Florida have such a high human trafficking rate? The main factor is demand. The United States is the number one consumer of sex, and also the number one consumer of child pornography. As long as there is a demand for humans (sexually or manual labor), there will be traffickers who provide that demand. 

Other factors into the high rate of human trafficking in Florida is tourism and unskilled labor. Florida's economy relies heavily on agriculture and tourism, which feeds the demand for human trafficking. There's no real solution I can think of that would make human trafficking decrease in these two areas, because it's such an intricate part of the Florida economy. However, it's important to recognize what state officials and legislators are currently doing to fight modern day slavery.

Here is a list of the different laws that have been passed in Florida to combat human trafficking:
  • The Safe Harbor Act (2012): This law helps ensure the victims of child sex trafficking receive the help they deserve, as well as help stop these traffickers.
  • 2017 Florida Statutes 823.05- Public Nuisances: Places where human trafficking rings are known to work through (i.e. massage establishments), as well as putting criminal activity as a public nuisance.
  • 2017 Florida Statute 787.06- Human trafficking: Perpetrators of human trafficking will be penalized for the illegal activity. Victims of trafficking must be protected and receive assistance by the state and their agencies.
  • SB 540 (2019); Human Trafficking: As stated on the Florida Senate government website, "Requiring the Department of Legal Affairs to establish a certain direct-support organization; requiring the direct-support organization, in conjunction with the Statewide Council on Human Trafficking, to form certain partnerships for specified purposes; requiring a public lodging establishment to train certain employees and create certain policies relating to human trafficking by a specified date; requiring that the criminal history record of a person who is convicted of, or who enters a plea of guilty or nolo contendere to, soliciting, inducing, enticing, or procuring another to commit prostitution, lewdness, or assignation be added to the Soliciting for Prostitution Public Database."
  • HB 851 (2019): Gov. DeSantis signed another law that "requires spas and hotels teach staff to spot signs of sex trafficking and all law enforcement officers complete four-hour training on how to investigate the crime." (Source: The Florida-Times Union)
  • SB 1826 (2021): From the Florida Senate government website, "Providing that a communication between a human trafficking victim advocate or trained volunteer and a human trafficking victim is confidential in certain circumstances; prohibiting a person from engaging in specified criminal acts relating to human trafficking with an adult believed to be a child younger than 18 years of age; prohibiting a clerk of the court from charging certain fees for petitions for expunction of human trafficking victim criminal history records; requiring a court to impose specified conditions on probationers or community controllees who are placed under supervision for committing a specified human trafficking offense on or after a certain date, etc."
Attorney General Ashley Moody serves on the Statewide Council on Human Trafficking Florida, which serves to do the following
1) "Develop recommendations for comprehensive programs and services including recommendations for certification of safe houses & safe foster homes"; 
2) "Make recommendations for apprehending and prosecuting traffickers and enhancing coordination of responses"; 
3) "Hold an annual statewide policy summit with an institution of higher learning"; 
4) "Work with the Department of Children and Families to create and maintain an inventory of human trafficking programs and services in our state"; 
5) "Develop overall policy recommendations."

I know it would appear I am biased to Florida since I live here, but I believe you should be aware of what laws are in place in your home state. Knowing what is being done to prevent human trafficking, to combat human trafficking, and to assist the victims is all important to ending modern day slavery. To be honest, I didn't know Florida does so much to fight human trafficking. While I'm very impressed to see them leading the fight, it clearly isn't enough. I do hope the legislators continue to do work that will stop human trafficking. If you don't know what laws are in your state to fight human trafficking, I would recommend looking into it.

Making Reading Less of a Chore

Image credit to the creator

I used to hate reading. Whenever it came to school, I would just look up summaries or skim the book. I could never get interested enough to read a book. I remember in high school, my class was reading Macbeth by William Shakespeare, and they were going to have a tea party. I wanted to partake, but since I took English 101 in college through dual enrollment, I wasn't in the class. My teacher said if I read the book, I could join. I never did, and when the tea party hit, and the teacher asked me a question pertaining to the book, I literally made up a somewhat intelligent answer. She thought my insight was incredible! But this shouldn't have been the case. Now, I have found reading to be more enjoyable. I wanted to share some tricks and tips to make reading less of a chore.

I originally got this idea (believe it or not) from Sylvester Stallone's daughter, Sophia! She runs a book club Instagram account, and I actually love how passionate she is with her book club and reading. Sophia really makes it something you want to join. She actually shared me as her September's Favorite of the Month, which was really awesome to see! She shared some tips about making reading more enjoyable. I am also adding my own tips to share with you!

Tip #1: Put time aside to read. Everyone has busy schedules. School, family, work, or a combination of these three can make it hard for you to commit time into reading. I know I've had to deal with that. Set time aside to say you'll read. For example, I like to read early in the afternoon, around 2 or 3. Depending on the chapter or chapters I am reading will determine how long I read. Sometimes it is for 10 minutes, other times it can be for about an hour. Having a set time to read will make reading much easier.

Tip #2: Choose books that will interest you. Know which genre or topics interest you as a reader. For genres, I like to read books related to Christianity, science fiction, and action. I also enjoy reading books related to human trafficking, free speech, and personal stories. If you try to read outside your zone, it will be like a chore. Stick with what you like.

Tip #3: Have an place where you will read. Many can read anywhere at any time. You are not "many people." Know how you are as a reader. Personally, I like reading in a quiet area. In a coffee shop, my bedroom, anywhere I can get some silence is preferable.

Tip #4: Find a book club. Meeting other people who are interested in reading, or even the genres/authors you like, will encourage you to read more. Getting involved with a book club can persuade you into reading because you won't feel alone. I don't really care about that, but some people do, so joining a book club may be a good idea to inspire the inner reader in you!

Tip #5: Be grateful. This may seem unusual to say, but think about it. We can read freely, and choose not to. Meanwhile, in many countries, people aren't allowed to read. Only what the government says is okay is what they can read. In the U.S., we don't have to worry about that (although censorship of what books are published is happening often). Be grateful for what you have. As Sophia said, "Reading is a gift. It's a blessing.

Because I've become more politically involved, I like to read books from established authors. I also liked self-help books. The books I really enjoy reading right now are books related to fighting human trafficking. I hope these tips help you enjoy reading more!

Which Country Singers Are Conservative or Republican?

Today's country music is turning more liberal than I would like it to be. They're always bashing the former President and his supporters and pushing these leftwing talking points. There are MANY I cannot stand, and I hate how they're radicalizing country music. It does raise the question of which country singers are actually conservative. In no particular order, here is my list of the top conservative country singers.
  1. Blake Shelton: I'll admit I'm biased towards Blake since he's my favorite singer. Blake's always been pro-gun, pro-military, and even pro-1st Amendment. He pushed back when Chelsea Handler called him out for saying Trump was clearly the popular choice in 2016. He also never really bowed to the politically correct/woke mob. I was reading an article from The Sun about how he and Gwen couldn't agree on politics. Sources revealed that Blake and Gwen, when approaching the 2020 election, the couple "struggled to find common ground." Gwen is obviously liberal, and the same sources said "Blake is more conservative." That does strengthen my view of Blake being a conservative Republican. 
  2. Carrie Underwood: She never actually struck me as conservative. Once I saw her husband, Mike Fisher, becoming vocal about his views, I wondered when she would follow suit. Sure enough, she liked a tweet from conservative commentator, Matt Walsh, and the Twitter mob went after her. And what was the tweet about? Matt speaking against mask mandates in schools. I think in cases like Carrie is that they are pro-gun, anti-mandates, etc., but socially liberal (i.e. supports gay marriage).
  3. Granger Smith: You can't get more conservative than Granger Smith. His whole shtick surrounds conservatism. Not only is he a big advocate for the troops, but he is pro-gun and open about his views. He doesn't hold back on his Christian belief, and I really like him.
  4. Jason Aldean: He actually surprised me as a conservative. After the shooting in Las Vegas, and he came out in support of red flag laws, I assumed he was like Eric Church. But a few months back, Rogan O'Handley (aka DC_Draino) posted how Jason and Britney reached out to meet, and they've been hanging out since. The Aldeans are pro-military and definitely don't support the current administration. They even posted a picture holding a sticker that said "Don't blame me. I voted for Trump."
  5. Morgan Wallen: There is no direct evidence to say Morgan is conservative or Republican. He does give me the impression he is because he is pro-police, pro-military, pro-America, and against the Covid mandates. I know the whole thing with him saying the N-word. Nobody supports it, but so many in country music were quick to cancel him, coming from the libtard side of country music. Jimmie Allen, a fellow country singer who is black, didn't cancel Wallen, like Mickey Guyton did. Instead, he used common sense and understanding to help him.
  6. Brantley Gilbert: Brantley definitely doesn't toe the line when it comes to political correctness. He has stated at his shows that he hates snowflakes, and is clearly pro-2A. He is also a big advocate for the armed forces. At his concert in West Virginia, the crowd started chanting "F**k Joe Biden" and he turned the microphone to them to let them chant.
  7. Justin Moore: If you've ever heard Justin's songs, they're always rooted in good old American values, like going to church or working on a farm, or his songs surround the armed forces. Justin has said he is a Republican, and even supported Trump back in 2016. 
  8. Toby Keith: Everyone who listened to country music back in the 2000s remember the feud between Toby Keith and Dixie Chicks. The feud began when Natalie Maines, the lead singer of Dixie Chicks (now called The Chicks), called out Keith's song called "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue" as "ignorant." Toby then used a picture of Saddam Hussein and Maines "touring" together. Aside from that, he's clearly like your typical country singer (pro-2A, pro-America, etc.), and he performed at Trump's inauguration. He recently said being patriotic isn't anything to be ashamed of.
  9. Kid Rock/John Rich: I put these two together because out of all country singers, these two have been the most vocal about their support for the former President, as well as their Republican values.
  10. Trace Adkins: Trace hasn't shied from his political standing as a Republican. The country singer appeared on Celebrity Apprentice, and ended in 2nd place. He supported Trump, it would appear, and even performed the National Anthem at the RNC last year (which was really good).
  11. Miranda Lambert: A lot of people think she is a Republican, but there is no evidence to prove that. She is very much pro-gun, but that's the extent to any political view she has. She is also very pro-military. In 2016, a servicemember held a sign that said when he served, he went to sleep listening to Miranda's music, and she got very emotional.
I'm glad to see so many are getting outspoken on their views. These people see where the country is, and I feel like at this point, they can't stay silent. Nor should they be silent. If they're really pro-America, you can't be silent on what is happening in the country.

Ivermectin's Success With Covid-19: Real or Misinformation?

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. What I share is based on experience and thorough research. Please do your research before making any sort of decision or forming opinions.

You've been seeing and hearing how people taking Ivermectin to combat Covid-19 are nutjobs or lunatics. Ivermectin is a drug used to remove parasites, and this drug is primarily used in horses or cattle. Anthony Fauci, the FDA, Hollywood, and 90% of mainstream media is telling the American people that we aren't horses and to not take Ivermectin. Is the science behind Ivermectin real or misinformation?

People began talking about Ivermectin recently after MILO and Joe Rogan began using it. Conservative commentator and "provocateur" Milo Yiannopoulos shared on his Telegram that he contracted Covid and used Ivermectin (as well as other vitamins or drugs) to cure it. I follow Milo on Telegram, and I'm not going to lie, I didn't think using the injectable version was a good idea, but it clearly worked. Joe Rogan shared a video that he had Covid-19 and used a plethora of treatments to fight it, including Ivermectin. Both Rogan and Yiannopoulos credit their recovery from Covid-19 to Ivermectin. 

If you Google Ivermectin, you will see numerous articles ridiculing the "horse paste." They claim Ivermectin isn't proven to work against Covid-19, and shouldn't even be a serious treatment against Covid-19. You'll see popular figures in the media say how Ivermectin is a joke. 

There are numerous doctors that attest to Ivermectin and studies to actually prove that Ivermectin works. Pierre Kory, M.D. testified to Congress in 2020 about early treatment to help patients with Covid-19. He spoke on how Ivermectin works. "Ivermectin is highly safe, widely available, and low cost. We now have data from over 20 well-designed clinical studies, ten of them randomized, controlled trials, with every study consistently reporting large magnitude and statistically significant benefits in decreasing transmission rates, shortening recovery times, decreasing hospitalizations, or large reductions in deaths." I highly recommend looking on his website, https://covid19criticalcare.com/, to learn more about Covid-19 and Ivermectin. 

There are three points, I believe, are worth noting: 
  1. William Campbell, the person who discovered Ivermectin, was awarded the 2015 Noble Peace Prize, for discovering a drug that significantly fought parasitic diseases in both humans and animals.
  2. Ivermectin is listed on the WHO's "World’s List of Essential Medicines." If the drug was really unsafe for humans, why would it be on the list?
  3. So many say Ivermectin is unsafe, yet tell you that a vaccine created in a year is 100% safe and effective. The number of deaths caused by the Covid-19 vaccine, according to VAERs, when that same vaccine has caused over 13,000 deaths. Regarding the number of deaths from Ivermectin, it appears (according to one source) that the number of deaths is 209, from December 2003 to July 2020. Barely over 200 deaths over a 17 year period, compared to thousands of deaths caused by a vaccine that has been administered in the span of 8-9 months.
  4. With the H1N1 vaccine program, it was stopped after a few 10s died from the vaccine. Over 10,000 are dead from the vaccine, yet the rollout hasn't stopped.
If Ivermectin really was unsafe to humans, why would it be so praised? You can get it as a pill, so it isn't just "horse paste." Rand Paul has called out the media, Fauci and the FDA for their distain for Ivermectin, stating their hatred for Trump blinds their judgement, which is believable. They prefer to make it political, instead of leaving it up to Americans to decide what is best for them. Plus we all know they get money from big pharma. That's also why they hate Ivermectin. It's easy to get and reasonably priced, which means big pharma loses business.

For those who remember, I wrote an article saying how my family and I had Covid-19. I also included that we took a drug that most are considering "dangerous" and "unsafe." I'm sure you've guessed where I'm leading with this story. The "drug" was Ivermectin. A family friend who works in the medical field, and is a Godsend in my opinion, told us about the drug. The day my parents found out they were positive, my mom had us take it. The three of us began with little to no symptoms. 

In August, my mom said we should take the antibody test to see if we've got the antibodies, specifically my sister and I. Because of his autism, Josh can't take it so we were the determining factors of if he had Covid. My sister had Covid-19 moderate, whereas Josh and I were mild. Our test came in; Rachel and I both tested negative for Covid antibodies. Ivermectin killed the virus before it really went through us. 

This article's purpose isn't to bash or shame anyone who believes in the vaccine or got vaccinated. At this point, we've heard enough of the shaming. I think we should all make the choice of what is best for us. Personally, I believe in the science behind Ivermectin, but that doesn't mean shaming is necessary. Anyone who got Covid, and used Ivermectin, have told me their healing was quick. Don't believe what the media says. Make your own opinions and decisions. DO YOUR RESEARCH

In closing, I have a challenge for you guys. Google “Who paid the largest criminal fine in history?” I guarantee you’ll be shocked to learn who it is.

Organ Trafficking: The Least Discussed Form of Human Trafficking

Organ trafficking isn't a topic that receives much attention. When people think of human trafficking, their mind usually goes to sex trafficking or forced labor. Organ trafficking is a serious crime, and one that appears to go unheard of. In the human trafficking conversations, it's a topic that doesn't receive as much focus. Despite organ trafficking being extremely rare, it is still worth discussing.

What is organ trafficking? After much research, the definition of organ trafficking is basically a broad concept that includes the illegal activity of removing organs from a living or deceased individual for a profit. A 2018 report from the International Labor Organization showed that "40 million people are victims of human trafficking." Around 10% were victims of organ trafficking (the equivalent of 12,000 organs). 

This does bring up the term "organ harvesting," which is related to organ trafficking. Organ harvesting (better known as organ procurement) is the surgical removal of organs. Organ harvesting usually leads to organ trafficking.

What are some of the root causes for organ trafficking? Poverty is the most common. People desperate for money will do anything, which makes them vulnerable. Those who are in vulnerable situations are most at risk of being victimized by organ traffickers. Money is a powerful object that makes people willing to do anything, sometimes without proper knowledge of what they are willing to do (which is common in the organ trafficking world).

Migrants, for example, are in danger of being used. In one story, a 17 year old Syrian boy sold his right kidney for $8,000 (USD), because he could not pay the debt he owed and provide for his mother and sisters. His father and brothers were killed. 

Another common reason would be high demand, as mentioned earlier. The black market demand for organs is very high. Just like any form of human trafficking, the organ trafficking industry wouldn't thrive if there wasn't a demand. In regards to the selling of organs, there is high demand. The World Health Organization stated that around 10,000 kidneys are illegally transported into various countries. And just like human trafficking, not all the victims are willing. They are coerced or forced into doing what their trafficker wants.

Tourism can lead to organ trafficking. Those who visit third world countries can be victimized by these types of traffickers, due to the lack of knowledge of this topic or the region

The horrors of organ trafficking is a global issue. In an article from NBC News, China has a booming organ trafficking business, raking in up to $1 billion dollars per year. There are numerous prisoners in the country who are killed to have their organs forcefully taken out. Some of these happen while the prisoner is still breathing. In the U.S. last year, 28 Senators sent a letter to the DOJ to investigate the abortion giant, Planned Parenthood, for selling aborted fetal body parts. 

The Senators stated the following: "As we have seen from invoices from certain Planned Parenthood affiliates, biomedical companies paid thousands of dollars in exchange for fetal organs from abortions... Planned Parenthood and any biomedical companies involved must be held accountable for their lucrative and illegal activities involving the trafficking and sale of fetal tissue." It doesn't appear as if the investigation went anywhere since Planned Parenthood hasn't been shut down.

Only seven countries have outlawed or created laws against this crime. The U.S. has one law against organ trafficking, but not much else has been done to prevent organ trafficking. There needs to be more discussion about the horrors of organ trafficking, as well as legislation to prevent this from continuing. I hope more people start up a discussion regarding organ trafficking and organ harvesting, because the two are interlinked and both need to be stopped. Organ trafficking isn't a myth. It's very much real, and is an evil practice. 

Could Roe V. Wade Be Reversed? Texas' New Heartbeat Bill is Proof It Could Be.

Texas became the first state in the United States to pass a bill that could protect an unborn life. The unhinged Left is losing their minds, saying that the state is holding back women and regressing society. For me, I am very happy to see this law has passed. More states need to follow Texas' example. Protection for the unborn has never been more necessary, especially under the current anti-life administration. This does bring up the question of could Roe V. Wade be reversed? With this new heartbeat bill, there is proof it could be.

Numerous Democrats and abortion giants have voiced their complaints. The ACLU has stated that the Supreme Court will not respond to any requests they have sent. Planned Parenthood has filed an emergency request with the Supreme Court as well. President Biden has stated that the new law is a violation of rights and extreme. Safe to say almost all blue check mark Leftists are unhappy with Texas. 

Under the heartbeat bill, at the six week mark for pregnancy, when a heartbeat bill can be detected, abortion cannot be allowed. This will save thousands of unborn lives in Texas. Last year, almost 55,000 abortions were done. That amount could fill a football field. Abortion is the number one killer in the country. This bill will save thousands of lives.

The pro-abortion crowd stated that this will hurt women. These are the same people who say women aren't the only people who can give birth, so how does this hurt women only?? These people cannot even make a coherent argument. And why is it when a woman experiences a miscarriage, it's a terrible act, but when a woman gets an abortion, it's empowerment? Planned Parenthood describes medication abortion as "pills you take to remove pregnancy tissue," which they liken to a miscarriage. A miscarriage is something a woman cannot control. Abortion is a choice.

I just don't understand how anyone can support an industry with so much crime in it. Human trafficking and abortion, as I've stated, goes hand in hand. There are many cases where a trafficker sends their client to get an abortion (sometimes numerous), and the abortion clinic knows they are being trafficked, but will accept the dirty money and do the deed. If nothing else, I think that's one of the main reasons I'm prolife. I will not support an industry that profits from human trafficking.

Kangmin Lee tweeted "The left is not pro-choice. They force you to wear a filthy cloth mask, cheer at forced vaccination, and push to abolish private healthcare to fore state healthcare. They are not pro-choice for personal medical decisions. They are fanatically pro-abortion." My good friend on Twitter, Prolife Sam, got Covid and stated how she has gotten numerous death threats from deranged Leftists saying it serves her right she got Covid so severely for not getting vaccinated.

Getting vaccinated is to make you safe (supposedly). But at this point, it's basically you HAVE to get vaccinated. No if, or, ands about it. Abortion kills an innocent life. I don't get how anyone can say they are okay with controlling who can or cannot live, due to their circumstances (i.e. conceived in rape, prenatally diagnosed with disabilities). 

I do somewhat question Gov. Abbott's decision to sign this bill into law. While I'm ecstatic to see he did, I can't help but wonder if he did this to prevent losing his seat in 2022. Allen West, from all I've heard, is going to be a great challenger to Abbott, and many are questioning of Abbott is truly conservative. Signing bills like this would certainly win back his base, so I suppose we will see.

Women deserve better than abortion. Just like the vaccine, abortion is all about control. They claim that is the case with prolifers, but it is the opposite. I don't understand for a side that says they support abortion, they claim to be prochoice. The second you mention that there's adoption or raising the child yourself, you're attacked. If you say the unborn matters, you're told you hate women (even if you are a woman). But what else do you expect from a death obsessed cult? I will admit I also hope Texas intends to help women who are now hit with the undue burden of keeping their child. Many just need resources to convince them to keep their unborn child, so I hope that is the next step. Otherwise, this new law won't do any good. Texas' new law is a move in the right direction. I hope other states follow. And the Supreme Court voted in alignment with Texas' decision, an even bigger win! With this new heartbeat law, it makes me very hopeful abortion could be abolished in our lifetime.

Matt Walsh's Take on Kristi Noem Was Correct

Recently, conservative commentator Matt Walsh got into hot water with Establishment conservatives for calling out Kristi Noem over her failures. On his show, he criticized the South Dakota governor for selling out to corporations over her own constituents. There was one thing he said that pissed off many. Was he wrong in what he said about her? Let's break down what he said.

Matt basically stated that Republicans, when in power, don't use the power they have to stand up for their constituents or fight for freedom. They're either too afraid or too lazy to use the power they have. "What is it you want, Krist?" Matt asks. He basically said what we all know. Republicans complain when a Democrat is in charge by saying things like, "Oh, Democrats destroy everything." "If I was in charge, that wouldn't be the case." The voters give Republicans the power, then boom! Nothing happens. 

Look at how Republicans are caving to the woke mob. Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas decided to allow the chemical castration of children. Mitt Romney said health trumps freedom and liberty, since "our liberty puts his health at risk." Kristi caved to the woke corporations to allow men to compete in women's sports. They make excuses for why they can't do what their supporters want. 

Now, what has pissed off so many conservatives and even Leftists is how Matt said Kristi was only considered a serious candidate for 2024 because of her looks. Kristi, just like your typical idiotic Leftist, took that clip from Matt's video and posted that he was misogynistic, and even called on Ben Shapiro to do something. The woman who claims conservatives wanted to cancel her over her choice with transgenders allowed in women's sports (rightfully so) wanted to cancel Matt. Pot meet kettle. 

I stopped listening or respecting Noem after she appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to "defend" her decision to go back on her decision of not allowing trans women in biological women's sports. He grilled her and exposed her by saying, "So you're caving to the NCAA?" 

An article by Jordan Davidson from The Federalist stated that going after a politician isn't cancel culture, it's democracy. When have you heard a politician, from any political side, lost their job??? I wish it would happen. Davidson wrote, "Instead of coming to terms with the fact that Noem’s conservative base is furious with her recent backtracking and sudden lack of eagerness to sign the important bill, the governor’s office maintains that the most 'strategic' way to confront the legislation is to avoid 'waging a losing battle with the NCAA,'" Jordan Davidson of The Federalist wrote. (Credit to the original creator of this meme)

He continues, "Noem is not at risk of getting 'canceled,' she’s merely experiencing the consequences of having an ideologically-driven voter base that knows caving in the face of corporate pressure makes you a worthless standard-bearer. The worst part, however, is that Noem is refusing to own up to her mistake. She’s hiding behind fake campaigns to promote fairness in women’s sports when she could simply sign the bill that would accomplish just that."

She never even acknowledged what Walsh said. Because she couldn't say anything. She can't disprove what he said because she KNOWS it's true. She is not a real conservative. She's a RINO. I saw Vince Dao tweeted something, and it's true. You can at least respect Mitt Romney for showing his true colors. He never lied about being a supporter of Trump (at least I think) or who he was. Instead, you've got neo-cons and Rinos like Lindsey Graham, Kristi Noem, Dan Crenshaw, or Nikki Haley, who claim to be part of the MAGA movement, when they couldn't care less. It's all about getting power.

I even saw Red Eagle tweet that Kristi won in South Dakota (a deep red state) by three points. He also tweeted the meme above. She's not a good candidate. Google it! She's the first woman to win governorship in SD, which makes her popular with woke conservatives. 

At least people are waking up. Numerous conservatives are criticizing Noem for her obvious failings, and telling their followers to primary her. My list of potential 2024 contenders for the GOP is getting smaller each week. Don't believe what Kristi accuses Matt of. Yeah, I thought it was a tad bit weird when Matt kept reiterating Kristi is pretty, but everything else Matt stated (which Kristi ignored) was on point. Watch the video, and you can decide. To close, what Matt said about the GOP perfectly sums them up: "No use for these Republicans, who have made themselves useless." If you can't do what we put you there for, you'll be voted out.