Human Trafficking and Real Estate

This was a topic I did not expect to come across. I was scrolling through some articles from Deliver Fund, when I started reading one titled "The Real Problems of Human Trafficking in Real Estate." This was an interesting read, and once you finish reading this, I recommend reading what Deliver Fund shared. Real estate professionals are one of the first lines of defense in recognizing and fighting human trafficking. Anyone involved in real estate should take note. 

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Most people who choose a career in real estate probably don't think about fighting human trafficking. The trafficking of humans doesn't happen in back-alleys or third world countries. It can happen in our own backyard. Our own community. How does fighting human trafficking tie into the real estate industry? Well, what do real estate agents primarily do? Show and visit houses. Real estate professionals are the first line of defense against traffickers. Let me illustrate. A real estate agent has scheduled a showing for Tuesday at an apartment complex with a potential buyer. The apartment complex is in a well-established community. The neighbors are friendly, and are sad to see the tenant move, especially since she only moved there a few months ago. However, nothing seems off. The realtor and the buyer meet the tenant and landlord. The landlord appears to be well-spoken, knowing how to answer every question. However, the landlord refuses to allow the realtor or the potential tenant to enter the apartment alone, insisting to be there with them. What about the tenant? Well, it turns out she doesn't know much about the apartment complex or the neighborhood. The real estate agent speaks with some of the neighbors who note that the tenant doesn't leave her apartment that often, but she gets many visitors. 

In that example alone, I provided three signs of a potential human trafficking situation. With recognizing human trafficking, you never know what signs will be present. I provided several, but some situations will show only one sign, whereas another situation will present five of them.

Realtors are probably one of the only people who are allowed on a trafficker's property, so it would make sense for a realtor to be trained in recognizing the signs of human trafficking. Put it like this. If your gut says something is wrong, listen to it. What signs should a realtor (or homeowners and neighbors) look for? Based on an article from Real Estate Express, here are some you should look for:
  • Unusually high numbers of people coming in and out of the property while you’re showing it.
  • Interior locks on doors or windows.
  • A seller who insists on being present while you’re showing the home and is overly controlling.
  • Tenants or guests who lack knowledge of the neighborhood — human trafficking victims almost never leave the home unless they’re being transported to a new location.
  • School-aged children who are not in school and don’t appear to be homeschooling.
  • Tenants who avoid eye contact or seems overly anxious.
  • The inexplicable appearance of costly gifts.
  • Well rehearsed or inconsistent stories.
  • Someone who appears to be a family member but is dressed very differently or has a significantly lower level of hygiene than the rest of the household.

By recognizing the signs of human trafficking, which you can be trained on, that agent can alert authorities of suspicious activity. Now, there will be the feeling of if you should call because you aren't sure if you are correct in your assumptions, or simply overthinking or overreacting. Rhonda Sciortino shared that even if you are afraid to make the call, just do it. "I can’t emphasize enough, hoping that people will have the courage to make the call and not worried about someone thinking you’re wrong for calling. Let’s just try to do the right thing. We could very well be saving a life." If you work in the real estate profession, please take the time to get trained in recognizing the signs of human trafficking. This could be a major game-changer in fighting human trafficking.

Was Johnny Depp A Victim of Domestic Abuse?

This is something we are seeing debated a lot. For some reason, despite all the video and audio evidence proving his innocence, there are many people who believe Johnny Depp wasn't a victim of domestic abuse. Instead, he was the abuser. I wrote something similar in response to the question of if Britney Spears was a victim of human trafficking. I figured I could write something similar in regard to the Johnny Depp case. Now, I'd like to clarify that I am NOT a professional in this area. I do not claim to be. What I am basing my knowledge on is what has been shared in the trial, in addition to previous videos/audios that were released, as well as the research provided in this article. Understanding how domestic abuse works will clear any misconceptions regarding the issue.

What is domestic abuse? As defined by the Center for Family Justice, domestic abuse is "a pattern of coercive, controlling behavior that is a pervasive life-threatening crime." From the research I have done, the two main categories for domestic abuse are physical and emotional/mental. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, "1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men have experienced some form of physical violence by an intimate partner." Regarding emotional abuse, the Ananias Foundation shared that nearly 49% of both men and women experience at least one form of psychological aggression by their partner. How does this tie into Johnny Depp? Going off of what Johnny has shared in his testimonies, the evidence shown during the trial, and previous videos, here is what proves that Johnny was, indeed, abused by Amber Heard. 

I'll first focus on the physical aspect of domestic abuse. Physical abuse can include shoving, hitting, punching, intimidating, slapping, and many others. Johnny discussed several times Amber was physically abusive to him. He mentioned during one of their arguments, he ran into their bathroom. Amber was trying to push the door open, while Depp tried to push the door close. He described hearing Amber scream in pain. Believing he might have slammed the door into her foot, he bent down to look under the door to see if he did. Amber then slammed the door open into Johnny's head. There's also the whole story of Amber destroying Johnny's finger. When she threw a bottle of vodka into his hand, tearing off the top of his middle finger. That finger had to be reconstructed. One Tik Tok video that has gone viral was actress Dakota Johnson noticing how disfigured Johnny's finger was. Johnny told the courts, "I knew in my mind and in my heart: this is not life... No one should have to go through this." These are just two horrible examples of the physical abuse Johnny experienced

How about emotional/psychological abuse? A common misconception surrounding domestic abuse is that it's only violent. This is also a common characterization of how human trafficking works. In actuality, just like human trafficking, domestic abuse includes emotional abuse. Manipulation, name-calling, humiliation, putting you down (in private or public), these are all examples of emotional and psychological abuse. Throughout the trial, we have heard separate testimonies from numerous people, discussing how Amber verbally abused Johnny. Johnny's sister, Christi Dembrowski, recounted the time that Johnny told Amber how Dior contacted him to work with him. She stated that Amber's reaction was the following: "Dior, why would Dior want to do business with you? They're about class and style and you don't have style." Dembrowski also stated she had heard numerous insults to Johnny from Amber. In a separate testimony from Depp's trial against The Sun in 2020, a former employee described hearing Amber call Johnny "a fat, old man." Again, these are just a couple of examples, but there are more. 

Something I would like to note, and this is something that has been happening to other conservatives who have chosen to openly support Johnny Depp, is that we shouldn't be. After all, he did say, "When was the last time an actor assassinated a President?" Obviously the reference was towards former president, Donald Trump. I don't support what he said, nor do the conservatives standing with Johnny support what he said. I wouldn't be alright if James Woods said that about Barack Obama or Joe Biden. Calling for violence against someone else for no reason is wrong. This case isn't what that is about though. It's much more than politics. Conservative or liberal, I think everyone agrees what Johnny Depp experienced was horrid.

Now, Amber has taken the stand, and personally, nothing she's said makes me believe her anymore than I did before. I don't doubt we won't have some revelations about Johnny. However, if you listened to the audio, watched the videos or testimonies, you'd see that Johnny was the victim, not Amber. Unfortunately, and this is something even Johnny has said, the damage was done. His career and name will never be the same. I do wonder how this will play out, and who will truly come out victorious. Hopefully, Johnny will be the one who wins.

The Importance of Homesteading

In the past few months, we have seen a total of 18 food processing plants get burned down in states like Texas, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and California. This comes a few months after President Biden announced that food shortages are going to be very likely. These shortages are the fault (of course) of Vladimir Putin. While these factories getting burned to the ground doesn't seem overly alarming, people should be concerned. The price for basic food items like meat, milk, eggs, and more have gone up tremendously. Now these food processing factories are being destroyed? 

The Establishment, however, isn't concerned that Americans are struggling to survive. No, it's all about sending aid to Ukraine. President Biden just asked for more of taxpayers' dollars to be sent to Ukraine. Why aren't we helping our own citizens? People are living paycheck to paycheck more than ever. But the current administration doesn't care. At the White House Correspondent Dinner, Joe Biden actually had the nerve to laugh at Trevor Noah mentioning how the price for gas, rent, and food is up. These people do not have your best interests at heart. 

How do 18 food factories just randomly blow up or get burned down? Nobody is talking about this. I often see the comment, "While the world was focused on Elon Musk and the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial, nobody was watching how 18 food processing factories burned down?" I disagree. I have been following what happened with these food factories, and alerting my family/friends/followers. I've also been closely following the Johnny Depp trial (which I have made clear). Don't just assume that just because I haven't been talking about one subject that I haven't been paying attention. Continuing on, as this was not the point of this article. On Tucker Carlson Tonight, Tucker stated the following: "Industrial accidents happen, of course. But this is a lot of industrial accidents at food processing facilities at the same time the president is warning us about food shortages." This is suspicious activity, and I am willing to bet that there is more to this story than we are really being told, but that's not the point of this article. What I want to explain is the importance of homesteading. 

What is homesteading? In basic terminology, it's leading a self-sufficient life. By raising your own animals and growing your own crops, you are not dependent on the government and major corporations to feed your family. That's what my family and I do. Nobody is saying you have to start out big with a ton of animals and vegetables. Don't make the mistake my dad made with our goats. You're going to have bumps along the way, but the reward is there. My family almost fully provide for ourselves. We are still growing, but we are getting there. Is this hard work? Yes. Are there days I am ready to collapse from exhaustion? Absolutely. Do I enjoy what I do? 100%. You will find a way to enjoy farm life and homesteading. Personally speaking, I never wanted to be a farmer. When my dad got our first set of goats, I cussed him out. I told him it would be a cold day in hell before I helped with the goats. Unfortunately, my parents got COVID, and I got stuck with the farm work. In that time, however, my sister and I both had an awakening to how important this work is. Now, we both love being around the animals. She's the chicken expert/whisperer/wrangler, I am the goat expert/whisperer/wrangler. Follow me on Instagram @youngpatriotrising to see my goat stuff!

With everything happening with food shortages, the need for land is there. I highly recommend getting a piece of land for now, in case anything happens in the future. Because we don't know when the day will come where we have bread lines. I pray to God it doesn't happen, but with the times we are living in, you never know. 

Johnny Depp: The Case for Male Victims of Domestic Abuse

Video credit: Entertainment Tonight

What has been happening with Johnny Depp? The acclaimed actor is currently in a legal battle against his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard, over defamation. The hell Johnny has been through is something no one should go through.

The two were married for 15 months, but got divorced in 2017. Despite some spats coming from Amber, claiming Johnny hit her, the two appeared on civil terms. That was until 2018, at the height of the #MeToo movement, when Amber Heard wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post, talking about how she was a victim of domestic abuse. Johnny Depp was never mentioned by name in the op-ed, but it was implicated he was the abuser. Shortly after, The Sun published an article calling Johnny an abuser. This destroyed Johnny's name and career. He was dropped from numerous films. Disney dropped Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean 6, which Johnny stated he felt betrayed for that. Johnny disappeared out of the limelight, while Amber Heard gained popularity. 

If you'd like to learn more about what domestic abuse is, and what the signs of domestic abuse are, check out The Center for Family Justice. They provide an excellent breakdown of how domestic abuse works.

Amber's popularity and likeability would come crashing down in January of 2020, when the Daily Mail obtained phone records of Heard abusing Johnny. Amber was heard (no pun intended) apologizing to Johnny for hitting him. More proof would come out about Amber's abusive nature. Before the two married, Johnny tried to have Amber sign a prenup, which sent her into a raging fit. Johnny broke his sobriety and drank. Amber then threw the large bottle of vodka, according to Johnny's recent testimony, and tore the top of his middle finger off.  "I looked down and realized the tip of my finger had been severed. I was looking directly at my bones sticking out." Johnny's finger had to be reconstructed. There have been other instances where the volatile relationship between Amber and Johnny could be seen. In one video, while at a red carpet event, Amber was flipping her hair, and Johnny flinched.

Currently, both Johnny and Amber are in court to resolve what happened between the two. Amber knows her house of cards is about to come crashing down. She has tried so hard to win, yet has nothing to prove her side. She hired P.I. Paul Barresi to dig up dirt on the acclaimed actor, in a pathetic attempt to have something over Depp. Barresi interviewed dozens of people who knew Johnny Depp, some who "knew him going as far back as three decades ago," and none of them had a bad thing to say about Depp. Instead, they talked about how generous and kind a person he is.

No matter how you feel about Johnny Depp, he didn't deserve the pain and suffering he received. Nobody deserves to go through what Johnny experienced with Amber Heard, but men do not get heard as victims of domestic abuse, sex trafficking, or rape. We continue to drive the stigma that a man cannot be a victim of domestic abuse, which is why many men keep their story to themselves. I applaud Johnny's bravery in speaking out. It may not seem like much, but when it comes to men being abused by female partners, there's not many who talk about what they went through. 

Mankind Initiative, a UK based program for men escaping domestic abuse, shared the following statistics:
  • "The Office for National Statistics figures show every year that one in the three victims of domestic abuse are male."
  • "61% of the men who call the ManKind Initiative helpline have never spoken to anyone before about the abuse they are suffering and 64% would not have called if the helpline was not anonymous."

  • "Half of male victims (49%) fail to tell anyone they are a victim of domestic abuse and are two and a half times less likely to tell anyone than female victims (19%)."
Johnny discussing what he went through as a child, having an abusive mother, would add onto why he stayed with Amber and continued to be abused. It's hard to break the cycle. 

Reading what Johnny experienced was gut-wrenching. Amber Heard used his popularity and fame to get her name out there, then destroyed his career to excel hers. One clip that has gone viral was when the phone recording was played in court. While Amber looked narcissistic and arrogant, Johnny looked vulnerable and afraid. There really needs to be more discussion on male victims and female perpetrators. Domestic abuse is a serious issue, and it doesn't matter which gender is the victim, they deserve to be heard. Male victims of domestic abuse from their female partners, sadly, don't get the attention they deserve. Amber even told Johnny that nobody would believe he was a victim because he's a man.

I cannot believe it's been six years Johnny has been going through hell, and now he's even closer to getting the justice he deserves. I hope he wins. Domestic violence is a horrible thing, and no one should be forced to go through that. That includes both genders. The outcome for this case will tremendously affect if men reveal being abused by a woman. Nonetheless, I STAND WITH JOHNNY DEPP.

If you or someone you know is in a situation involving domestic abuse, call the National Domestic Violence at 800-799- SAFE (7233) or text START to 88788.

Country Singers Against Mask or COVID Vaccine Mandates

Image credit: Unsplash

After writing my "Which country singers are conservative or Republican" article, I began to think of similar topics to this one. I came across on from Gen Z Conservative, where he wrote about Chris Lane's wife bashing mask mandates in schools. So I figured I could share an article about which country singers are against the COVID mandates (i.e. mask mandates, vaccine requirements). Plus, now that the country has basically gone back to normal, I figured why not!

Here is my list of country singers against COVID mandates:
  1. Morgan Wallen: Morgan, before the national outrage of him using that racial slur, was caught maskless at a party. He wasn't following COVID protocols, and was quickly shut down. Numerous woke keyboard warriors attacked him, SNL cancelled his performance, the whole nine yards! Shortly after this, the election came, and Biden was declared the winner. Many took to the streets to party and celebrate, especially at the BLM Plaza in Washington, DC. Morgan was enraged, and posted the following: "The hypocrisy is unreal. If it's okay for us to party in the streets with no 'social distancing' then we can book shows right now." COVID existed in church, the gym, and at the grocery store. COVID didn't exist at the liquor store or at BLM rallies. 
  2. Jason Aldean: Jason has been openly criticizing the mandates in liberal cities and states. He has been especially vocal of the mandates in California. He also praised the non-mask wearers at one of his concerts. He believes that wearing a mask or taking a vaccine should be "a personal choice." Astonishing to think something that outrageous! Jason's wife, Brittney, has also shared one in the same.
  3. Carrie Underwood: A few months back, Carrie liked a tweet from popular conservative pundit, Matt Walsh. The tweet contained a video of Matt speaking at the Nashville School Board, discussing why children should not wear masks at school. Matt even joked how he wondered how long before Carrie gave into the woke mob. Ironically, she didn't. She just ignored them. At the 2021 CMAs, Luke Bryan made a joke against Aaron Rodgers, who claimed to be vaccinated but later revealed he wasn't. Carrie gave a side-eye to the comment. It appeared the Carrie and her husband (who has become outspoken on his political beliefs) were on Rodger's side.
  4. Travis Tritt: Travis announced that he will not be performing at any venues that require you to show your vaccination card. He's also been outspoken against mask mandates. 
  5. Dierks Bentley: Dierks has always been on the more liberal side of country music. He came out in support of gun control, which was met with numerous complaints from fans. I was shocked he came out against COVID. It was specifically about mask mandates in schools. Bentley shared a screenshot of a NYT article discussing how schools should drop mask requirements. His caption stated, "Seems like common sense." 
  6. Brian Kelley: Brian is half of the popular country duo, Florida Georgia Line. He and Tyler (which I only learned in my research for this) could not agree on anything coming up to the 2020 election, which led to Tyler unfollowing Brian. It's always hilarious how the people who claim to be woke and open to others' opinions don't want to hear anything from differing opinions. The two also couldn't agree on COVID. Brian stated how he believed COVID was politically motivated. Guess I shouldn't have been so surprised as Brian is from Florida.
  7. Luke Bryan: So Luke "bashing the mask mandate" was a bit BS to me. At his show in Nevada, he basically joked how the governor dropped the mask mandate because he was performing there. However, not long ago, he was making fun of Aaron Rodgers for not being honest about his vaccination status. Where was Luke for the last few months, or even the past two years? Luke has always been one to play the fence, in my opinion.
I hope you liked this list! Keep your eyes peeled for my next article, because this story is one that everyone has been following. I'll be publishing it either Thursday or Friday!

Discussing The War on Children with Kangmin Lee

I spoke with conservative commentator, Kangmin Lee, someone you NEED to follow. He shares his thoughts on political, social, and religious issues. I cannot emphasize enough how much I enjoyed conversing with Kangmin. The interview was almost an hour! Everything we spoke on were not only important to us both, but relevant to everyone. I'd definitely say the main topic we discussed, which you will see in #5, was the attack on parental rights and protecting children. I cannot say enough how grateful I am to have spoken with Kangmin. We discussed numerous topics, so without further ado, here was our conversation!

Question #1: Tell me about yourself.
Answer: "I am a speaker and commentator. I talk about all topics related to faith, politics, and culture. It's whatever I feel is important to talk about."

Question #2a: Why did you get involved in politics?
Answer: "I was always raised Christian all my life. I was pretty apolitical, but in college, I was definitely more left leaning. I began to wake up around the Fall of 2019. That's when I became a conservative, but it really came around when George Floyd died, and the BLM craze took over the country and the world. I realized that the "political matters" are deeply spiritual, and because of that, I cannot ignore this anymore. I began to make content about it, and now, here we are."

Question #3: Have you ever been told that because of your age, you have no business being involved in politics?
Answer: "I've been told that, but not that often. I mainly hear that I'm trying to be white. Gotten that a lot. I've been told I am a race traitor. I've also heard that unless I think like the other side, I shouldn't talk about these issues, so I can't talk about the black community or abortion."

Question #4: What do you make of the phrase "Christians shouldn't be involved in politics?"
Answer: "I think that's absurd. Why wouldn't we be involved in politics? Politics comes from the root word, in Latin or Greek, but it means the public. All politics affects all people. We've seen this in every administration, not just since the founding of this country, but the founding of any country. Everything is political. How you interact with others, what rights we have, what rights the government is supposed to protect, how you operate in the marketplace, how you exchange ideas, products, or services, what you are allowed to say, it's all political. The idea that Christians shouldn't be political is absolutely absurd. Even that statement is political. It's just that you're taking a libertarian position. I would actually argue that this statement is pretty liberal in saying 'Live and let live. I'm not going to get involved.' That's a political position itself. If you buy groceries, you are engaging in the free market, therefore you are involved in politics. In many countries, they don't have these freedoms. Christians have to know where they will put their foot down in the current political climate. In the past two years, we have seen how political things have gotten. For example, the family. They're trying to groom our children in public schools. Teaching children as young as five about pornography, masturbation, and anal sex. They're also teaching children that if they are white, they're inherently evil. Any child of a different minority are being taught they are oppressed, and are unable to make it in life without the assistance of reparations or equity. They'll claim these things aren't being taught, but it clearly is happening. At some point, you have to realize these things are against what the Bible teaches. We have to take a stand, and if we as Christians don't, who will? I don't think God is pleased seeing over 2,000 babies killed through abortion, or have hundreds of children being indoctrinated in the public school system being told that they can chop off their genitalia to become the opposite sex. That's harmful, destructive, and abusive. That's all political, and Christians should be involved in this. To speak truth to a broken or chaotic world."

Question #5a: Do you think there is a war on our children? To sexualize them and push parents out of what their child is taught?
Answer: "Yes absolutely. You look at the most prominent Communists, Fascists, or Nazis in history, they'd emphatically push on targeting children. Children are very impressionable, vulnerable, and malleable. The Left, at large, in their woke little blob, aren't having children. They're either killing them through abortion or they aren't getting married and having children. Since they're not having children, they are coming after your children. They exclaim how it's an exaggeration to call them groomers. No, we are absolutely calling them groomers. This wasn't like the Left calling us racists, misogynists, homophobic, and other slurs, when we are not those things. Radical leftists are absolutely grooming our children. An essential component of grooming is severing the tie between child and parent. To break and undermine that trust children have with their parents. These people then groom and indoctrinate our children into following whatever ideology they believe in, so that they would be brainwashed into believing what you support. Look at the Parental Rights in Education bill in Florida. Not only do they think kids should be taught about sexuality and gender identity, the Left thinks parents have no right to know what their child is taught. If a child is suffering from gender dysphoria, parents should be involved to help guide them through that. 

These woke warriors are trying to destroy that relationship by lying to their child saying the parent won't support their lifestyle. That's absolutely grooming! There are documented cases of this happening, but parents do not know this is happening because school officials are hiding this from parents. This is a very radical leftwing ideology, and children are at risk right now. They're being used as guinea pigs for leftwing agendas. If 10 years ago you talked about gender reassignment surgery for children or boys being able to be girls, most people would have thought you were insane. Now this is normal! This is what we are up against. Satan goes after our most innocent, our children. God doesn't like seeing His most precious treasure be attacked or hurt. This was the end goal of the gender movement. You can trace this back to John Money, the father of the gender identity movement, who was a pedophile. He did horrid acts in his studies. The 'Love is love' phrase is now reaching children. To make pedophilia normal. They can gaslight us all they want, but what these people are pushing is to groom our children and normalize pedophilia. I speak out on these issues, not because I hate anyone suffering from gender dysphoria or has same-sex attractions, but because I care about them, and I understand these radical views make them look bad.
Americans allowed certain actions slip in the past. We were okay with the sexual revolution, we were okay with taking Bibles out of schools, we were okay with Roe v. Wade, we were okay with the introduction of No-Fault-Divorce, we were okay with these wide-ranging policies thinking it wouldn't get any worse. Well, fast-forward 50 years and now people cannot tell you what a woman is. Our future generations will be so broken and chaotic, our society will never survive. Women have no female spaces anymore. A man can claim he's a woman, penis and all, and be considered a woman. It's atrocious! We have to put a stop to this, because this harms our most vulnerable. I do hope some backlash and outspokenness happens. If we don't put a stop to this, and let's not forget the government only legalized that marriage could include anyone LGBTQ seven years ago, I don't even know what will happen in seven years from now. Soon, we'll be called pedophobic for not supporting pedophilia. We were called fearmongering bigots for supposedly claiming that targeting children and pedophilia will be normalized, cheating on your significant other will be normalized, look at where we are now. You see people like Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith who have an open marriage. Jada openly and brazenly cheated on Will, and somehow we are supposed to celebrate this? I do have hope in Jesus Christ that I will be in Heaven with Him one day."

Even children's shows are becoming woke by including content like gay couples adopting on their programs. 
Answer: "Exactly. And why would Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Sesame Street, or Disney, include these topics on their show? They guise it as 'inclusion and diversity,' but it's still grooming. They don't care about what they teach. They will cover everything except anything related to being white, Christian, straight, male, or all of the above. They oppress you, yet claim you are the one oppressing. I do believe that is why you see so many white males and females are claiming to be trans or bisexual, because they want a slice of that victimhood pie and to be celebrated. It's very unfortunate because you teach kids that they're evil due to their skin color, so they'll think how to be seen as less evil, so maybe transitioning would work or apologize for being white. They'll continue to gaslight us into thinking this isn't happening. It's sad to see children be victims of all this woke nonsense."

Question #6: Do you think conservative movement is becoming woke, such as conservatives supporting same-sex adoption or pornography? 
Answer: "Conservatives have conserved nothing, and as a Christian, I think of myself as more conservative than conservatives nowadays. Many conservatives celebrate same-sex unions, but that's not a conservative value. The reason for small government was that we had a moral and righteous people who submitted to God, not the state. If you do not have leaders who submit to God, small government cannot exist. The moral fabric will be completely torn apart. And don't get me wrong. I do think we can have broad coalitions of people who don't share every single value in this fight. I think Dave Rubin is a great guy. His content really helped me when I began to wake up. The work that he does, I still appreciate. What he did with his husband, Dave didn't adopt kids in the foster care system or save children from abortion. He commodified children and women. He rented out a woman's womb so he and his husband could have children, without letting the kid have a mother. I think this is immoral. There is nothing moral about creating a motherless or fatherless home. A woman can be a great mother, but never a great father. Same goes vice versa. There is something about having a biological mother and father that cannot be replaced. For some reason, our society either celebrates or tolerates this. 100 years ago, while the living standards weren't great, suicide rates were low and households were put together. Why? Because there was an understanding of how life should be in the home. The more that we, as conservatives, give up that fundamental importance of the family, we are conserving nothing. 

People say that Caitlyn Jenner should be welcomed as a conservative, but there is nothing conservative about redefining biology. If that's conservatism, then count me out. I'm a Christian first. More conservatives are more liberal than Obama-voters in his first term. Even Obama and Biden were against same-sex marriage in the first term, then fast-forward to his second term, gay marriage was legalized in all 50 states. We can all see how fast our culture and values have been rewritten. Once we wake up to this reality, we can fight to stop this agenda. You cannot call yourself a conservative if you don't believe in conserving the family. That's the fundamental point of being a conservative. It's not lower taxes. I'd rather have high taxes instead of confusing our children on what their gender is. Just because you're anti-woke doesn't make you a conservative. It makes you sane. If you support these woke ideologues, I don't know what else to call you but insane. You cannot look at a man with broad shoulders and bulging muscles and think he's a woman, just because he claims to be one. For one, the founding fathers would be appalled to see that pornography has been normalized and accepted. George Washington did not cross the Delaware river in the dead of night, so that you could sell your body to have sex with random people. That's not freedom. That's actually slavery. You can't claim, as a porn star, that just because you're anti-woke you are automatically conservative. There's nothing conservative about pornography."

Question #7: I understand you are outspoken against the effects of pornography. Why do you speak out on this, as it is an issue that makes many uncomfortable?
Answer: "There are millions of men who are addicted to pornography, or have watched pornography, and it has destroyed their life and relationships. Pornography has destructive effects on society, and that's why I cannot support conservatives who support this industry. Most men can fall into the category of being addicted to porn, and can agree how it destroyed their life. It messes with your mind and emotional wellbeing. It changes the way you look at women and how you treat a woman. It's disgusting, and it's affecting young men. That's why I talk about this. It robs men of being men. That is why the enemy loves pornography. Men who are called to be protectors and providers become neutered and emasculated, thanks to the cheap pleasure you get from pornography. Previously, men would court a woman they were interested in, try to earn their trust, fall in love, one day marry her, have sex, and have a family. Now, they can get the pleasure they want from sex without doing any work. You see women are miserable, wondering where all the good men have gone. This goes one of two ways. Either the woman becomes a raging, woke feminist, or becomes very sad at this fact. Porn has devastating effects on families and our future generations. As someone who was formerly addicted to pornography, this still haunts me today. That's why I speak out on this. Satan uses it to come and attack me. I speak out because of how destructive, soul-crushing, and life-sucking this is. It's not worth it for men to get involved in that."

8) What led you to become prolife?
Answer: "My whole life I was loosely prolife. After becoming conservative, I began to learn about abortion. It's really quite simple. Is the baby in the womb a human life? If it is, it's always wrong to kill a human life. It's wrong to kill an innocent, defenseless, human being. Therefore, abortion is always wrong. Look at the early feminists. All of them were prolife because they understood abortion was a tool used to objectify and control women. As the baby in the womb is a life, killing it is wrong. In unfortunate circumstances, like rape or incest, the solution shouldn't be to kill the baby. It should be to provide resources and help for the mother, in addition to giving her love and support. The fundamental question in the prolife and prochoice debate is if the baby is a life. Many prochoicers cannot answer this question. They'll say it's not an important question to answer, but it is! These people can be reasoned with. Nobody would say murdering an innocent life is acceptable, so now you have to ask the question of when life begins and what a life is. I've spoken to numerous prochoicers to ask them when life begins, and none of them can answer my question. The prolife position is very simple. Is it a life? Yes. Is it a defenseless life? Yes. Is it wrong to kill an innocent life? Yes. What is abortion? It is the killing of the life in the womb. Abortion is always wrong."

9) What advice do you have for any young person who wants to get involved in either politics or social issues, who is reading this?
Answer: "I would say if you're really passionate about this, then speak out. While you may get backlash or canceled, there will be more people who agree with you. These people can encourage you, and you can do the same for them. This is how the Left operates, right? They're unashamed in what they believe in, and they're vocal about it. I'm not saying let's be just like the Left and shove our ideologies down people's throats every waking moment. Don't be afraid of your beliefs. If there's something that deeply disturbs you, like the grooming of children, don't be afraid to speak out or share your views. Also, don't feel like you need to speak out about everything. Yes I would like every Christian and conservative to speak out against the atrocities happening today, but it's more effective to be good at what you do. Whether it's your career or your schoolwork, being a good steward from that position can give you influence and a place to share your position. You'll have a lot more credibility when you start sharing your beliefs because people already know you. Don't be ashamed that you don't speak out on every issue, but don't be afraid to speak out. We are losing this country, but most people aren't these radical and woke gremlins. Once these sane Americans realize what's happening, we can reach them. We the People have the power. We have the power to create change. Be strong and firm. There will be people who will listen to what you have to say."

Thank you so much to Kangmin for allowing me to conduct this interview. I definitely think more Gen Z-ers need to speak out about the current war on children, so I appreciate Kangmin discussing this with me. Follow Kangmin Lee on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram!

The Situation in Shanghai

The media has been covering the tragedy happening in Ukraine. Nonstop we are told "Pray for Ukraine" or "Stand with Ukraine." We are told that if you aren't in favor of going to war with Ukraine, you're a traitor to America. While we have been distracted by the Ukraine situation, the Chris Rock/Will Smith brawl at the Oscars, and more, we have been distracted by what is happening in Shanghai, China. 

Recently, the Communist Party of China has put citizens in Shanghai on lockdown in response to the rising COVID rates. Residents have been on lockdown for one week with little to no access to food or other necessities. The city with 25 million citizens are NOT allowed to leave their home for ANY reason, which includes grocery shopping. Fortune shared that, "Most residents have been ordering food through delivery apps or through government-delivered rations, but actually getting that food has proved difficult because of the high demand." A video came out on the 11th of citizens screaming in frustration about their struggles to eat and even survive. You can feel the fear and anger coming from the Shanghainese people. A CNN reporter stated he isn't allowed to go outside at all. The suicide rates have been increasing due to these extreme measures from the CCP. Numerous seriously ill patients were denied healthcare because of the COVID measures in place, and sadly lost their life. 

What else is there? After all, how much worse could these things get with all of what I described? Children are being taken from their parents who test positive for COVID. One yoga instructor shared that after she and her husband tested positive for Omnicron, they were separated from their ten year old child and had little contact with her. Equally heartbreaking to read is the punishment pets receive. One story came out of a Shanghai policeman beating a corgi to death with a shovel, after its owner was found positive. Cats and dogs are being slaughtered in Shanghai, and I couldn't bring myself to watch any of it. It's just too horrible to imagine, let alone watch.

The CCP claims these measures are essential to "eradicate the COVID virus." What we are witnessing is heartbreaking. Shanghai isn't the only city forcing their citizens to remain at home, although it appears to be the strictest. The following cities are also having their citizens stay home: Jilin City, Changchun, Xuzhou, Tangshan. Even though these measures are in place, these lockdowns haven't stopped the spread of COVID somehow. Shanghai's official leader in the city response stated that the situation is very grim. It has been proven the lockdowns did nothing to stop the spread of COVID.

Despite all of what I described, the media, Hollywood, academia, and every leftwing institution has remained quiet on the CCP. We are constantly told how we must stand with Ukraine, yet there's never a word about what the CCP is doing to their citizens, nor any word on what the CCP does to their neighboring countries (i.e. Hong Kong, Taiwan). Because the people who claim to be against Putin and support Ukraine could care less. It's about protecting Biden and pleasing China. That's why they won't focus on China's crimes against humanity. Don't let them keep this story under wraps. Yes, if you Google "Shanghai," you will find stories on this. Yet, the focus on Ukraine is much heavier than the focus on Shanghai. Both should be covered equally. 

We must also be cognitive of what is happening to China. With the current administration, that can easily happen in the U.S. Like Tucker Carlson said in a recent monolog, "If we want to know what the future looks like, you can look at China and shiver." These same practices are being pushed by Democrats and RINOs alike, and we must continue to fight back.