Liberty Lost During Covid-19

Image credit: This guest article features a high school student from New York. Her bio is at the end. She sent it over Twitter, and I asked her if she'd be interested in writing this as a guest article for Young Patriot Rising, which she agreed to.  Hope you like reading her article! We all have lost a lot since the Covid-19 pandemic began. Over 2 million people have died from the novel coronavirus worldwide. Millions of small businesses have been destroyed by it. According to the National Restaurant Association, as of December 7th, 2020, 17% of all restaurants in the United States have closed permanently. The CDC has said that one in 4 young adults have struggled with suicidal thoughts since Covid hit. Teenage suicides have accelerated due to school closures. All of these effects are tragic and unforgivable. However, there is an additional loss that we have all suffered yet only half of us seem to realize. Freedom. As President John Adams once said, “Liberty, once lost, i

The Toxicity of Cancel Culture

Image credit: DeviantArt It's been trending on social media what country singer, Morgan Wallen , did. As well as other celebrities, who I will discuss later on. First of all, I don't condone what he said because it was wrong. If you didn't happen to catch what happened, let me tell you. Morgan was out with some friends, and one of Wallen's neighbors caught Morgan (on video) using the N-word (as well as other expletives) to one of his friends. I'm not sure what this friend's ethnicity is. Nonetheless, the damage was done. Morgan was taken off CMT, ACM, and SNL. His contract was "indefinitely suspended. The record label dropped Morgan. This now raises the question: "Did Morgan deserve to be cancelled?" No, he didn't. What he said was wrong and stupid. Cancelling him was unnecessary. Unfortunately, what happened to Wallen is another example of how toxic cancel culture is. Nobody is safe from it.  Cancel culture is terrible. You have no free spe

Sexual Assault Shouldn't Be One Sided

On Jan. 31st, both the Lincoln Project and TPUSA were caught in hot water. Both have been caught with sexual assault allegations. With the Lincoln Project , co-founder, John Weaver, was accused and caught with grooming young men. Some as young as 14. Despite the LP claiming to know nothing about the situation , both the author and the victims state this is a lie. Many high-profile figures who worked with the LP have been scrutinized too, as well as bringing in Epstein up again. With TPUSA, many young women have come forward on social media to discuss how they were sexually assaulted by influencers at these conferences. It's sad that this happened, but not shocking as the students can basically do whatever they want.  I read in  one thread  that at the High School Leadership Summit that the students were given universal key cards for their room. Because 18 year old men/women having access to 13/14 year olds is an excellent idea.  What these two organizations' have taug

Mahgdalen Rose Interview

This is an interview I've wanted to do for a long time. Mahgdalen Rose has certainly impacted how I view politics and who the true patriots/fakers are. She's an accomplished woman, and I have loved getting to know her. We discussed numerous issues. I hope you'll enjoy reading our conversation as much as I loved interviewing Mahgdalen. Question #1: "Why don’t you explain to my viewers who you are and what you do?"  Answer: "I host The Mahgdalen Rose Report and the McFiles Network . I hosted a show in some configuration for about two years now. I talk to leaders in politics, education, society, and culture, or any of those who have a cause to elicit change because I want there to be an element of 'What can I do/How can I participate' while watching the interview. I'm also a writer for the Freedomists , which is a young conservative organization. I write about politics and education. I'm also a co-host of the Stop Yelling, Start Thinking podcas

Big Tech Supports Pedophiles and Human Traffickers

I didn’t think Twitter could get any lower than banning the President of the United States. Unfortunately, I find I’m wrong on these topics. If you didn’t hear about it, Twitter was sued for not taking down pornographic videos of a male minor performing sexual acts, who was also sex trafficked. You read that correctly. The only reason they took it down was because federal authorities got involved. Porn wouldn't be taken down until there was no choice. This is a horror of unspeakable propensity . Big tech's hypocrisy is truly astounding. The story regards a male student , whose current alias is called John Doe. Older female students tricked the then 13-year-old John Doe into sharing explicit photos and videos of himself through Snapchat. Soon the conversation between the female students and Doe escalated into blackmail, forcing the male to continue these actions, despite not wanting to. Eventually the blackmailing stopped, but in 2019, the videos and pictures resurface

For Whom Is The Kingdom of Heaven?

These past twelve months were rife with political unrest, sickness, job loss, and other forms of uncertainty. Many Americans witnessed their favorite political candidates lose. Others spent much of the past year on social media to stay in touch with breaking news—or, more recently, trading platforms to stay updated on the price of GameStop and Dogecoin. As I write this guest article for Young Patriot Rising , I would like to invite you to join me in a discussion about the gospel of Jesus Christ—the eternal message which brings not only meaningful peace in the midst of a changing world, but lasting peace with an unchanging God. Blessed are the poor in spirit In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus says: “blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5:3). In Luke’s account, Jesus adds a warning: “woe to you who are rich, for you have received your consolation” (Luke 6:24). What is spiritual poverty, and what is spiritual wealth? Throughout the New Testament, Je

Young Leftists Cannot be Trusted to Lead America

Young leftists are uniquely ignorant of history. Any individual who has ever had a conversation with a young leftist can tell you, this isn’t an unsurprising revelation. Those who are sophisticated enough to think for themselves realize that the ignorance of today’s youth will eventually become a crippling impediment to our nation’s flourishment. These impressions of ignorance aren’t merely based on a vast sampling of opinionated observations; there is a strong basis for these conclusions. The American Council of Trustees and Alumni found the state of utter ignorance among our nations students to be disturbing. For example, “ More Americans could identify Michael Jackson as the composer of “Beat It” and “Billie Jean” than could identify the Bill of Rights as a body of amendments to the U.S. Constitution .” More specifically, when observations were made about millennials, “Among millennials, it was even worse:  66 percent could not identify Auschwitz.  The survey found that 11 perce