Why Socialism Is Popular Among Young Americans

Image result for memes about young people supporting socialismJoseph Goebbel once said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it... It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” Many in today’s generation support socialism. They think it means we don't pay as much. You hear it on the news about how great socialism is. Democratic politicians advocate for socialism with their celebrity friends. "Socialism didn't work there, but we'll make sure it works here!" they say. Surveys have shown young people supporting socialism, and hating "immoral" capitalism. Why has socialism become increasingly popular with young people? Is it higher education shoving socialism down students’ throats, the charismatic politicians making socialism out to be a good thing with “distributing the wealth,” students caring about human rights (many have issues with child labor laws or environmental damage), or blissful ignorance (hearing free stuff)? Let's see!

Celebrities and mainstream media make socialism likeable. You've got celebrities like Ariana Grande, Carbi B, Mark Ruffalo, Michael Moore, and others praising socialism. Isn't it ironic that the people pushing for socialism got rich off of capitalism? They're ungrateful idiots who think they’re entitled to everyone’s money. Many young people look up to these people, so they naturally listen and believe what they say. The mainstream media doesn't help either. Donald Trump Jr. said it best, "Fake news gonna fake." Instead of telling the truth, or doing research, they push Leftist propaganda on us. You can be biased and still report the facts. At UF, TVs in dorms no longer have Fox News, but still have all the liberal channels. Where will students get their news from? Leftist socialists. Politicians have the help of the media and celebrities to push their socialist agenda.

Image result for memes about young people supporting socialismColleges shove socialism down students’ throats. In my sister's class, her professor said, "Capitalism is individualistic, because it doesn't lead to others' happiness as it focuses on the individual. Socialism is better because it benefits everyone." This is just one example of how much colleges shove “socialism = good/capitalism = evil.” Colleges breed freshmen into thinking socialism is good, so by the time they graduate, they're just like everyone fighting for socialism! The ones fighting for socialism are the ones choosing crappy majors (i.e. gender studies), which leads to high debt and low income. There is not much education about economics, how socialism is the enemy of economic prosperity, or the history of socialism. My fellow young Americans, don’t believe everything you hear. DO SOME RESEARCH!! The world is at our fingertips! Don’t automatically assume everything is the truth.

Parents should educate their children about socialism. They need to be the educators. It starts at home, but if parents don’t educate their kids, well, they will listen to the stronger force: The Left. “If you keep telling a lie, eventually, others will believe it.” Parents, research and teach your kids about the truth on socialism. Truth is the Left’s enemy! Fake news won't show you what’s happening in Venezuela, how people sell their body to get money for food. Look at California, and how that's become complete crap by socialists. How can Jill Biden go handing out food to Mexicans, yet perfectly ignores the homelessness crisis in California? My parents educated me, so I knew why I supported/disavowed political issues. To keep their child from being indoctrinated, parents must be teachers. Parents who’d rather the school system (Leftist run) educate children is why you see kindergartners advocating for socialism. Education is only focused on activism, not education.

My parents lived through socialism, and not because of crazy Jim Jones. President Burnham of Guyana was a socialist. What’s ironic is Guyanese people went to Venezuela to escape socialism, then had to return back to Guyana to escape socialism. Burnham despised Indians. He’d ban flour; Indians mainly cook with flour. Another day, he’d ban milk. My grandmother learned to cook gluten-free/dairy-free meals because she had no choice. One day, Indians killed a black man. Burnham was out for blood. He arrested my grandmother, grandfather, great-aunt (who was 7 months pregnant) and great-uncle (all pastors), and was going to kill them as a "demonstration." My great-grandmother and a different great-uncle hid my mother in her home, so she wouldn't be found. Thankfully (I say this very loosely), black men killed an Indian, so Burnham let everyone go; “an eye for an eye.” At one point, my dad was mugged by Indians who wanted a pin he was wearing. Imagine having to live through that. No matter what politicians say, socialism won’t work. To believe that makes you a royal fool.

Donald Trump Jr. told the story of how he would spend the summer in Communist Czechoslovakia. He saw the horrors living there. His grandmother called him in tears saying she can't believe people want to bring socialism in the U.S. These "promises" from politicians is how it starts. We have to do better at teaching young people the truth of socialism. Democratic socialists only promise lies. The wealth distribution will be equal. Everyone will be equally poor and equally miserable. Capitalism isn’t evil; it’s what helps boosts economies. Isn’t it ironic those wanting socialism are the ones who love Starbucks and iPhones, all products of capitalism? Conservatives have to inform young people, because they're the future! If we don't spread the truth, the U.S. will become the next Venezuela, and that's a scary thought.

Why do you think young people support socialism? Comment down!!

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