Appreciating Our Veterans

For any citizen of the United States, whether natural born or immigrant, mostly everybody can appreciate one thing: our veterans. Those who have the courage to say, “I love my country, and I want to see the country and its’ citizens safe, so I will serve.” In today’s society, our veterans are either loved or bashed. Supporting and appreciating those who serve our country deserve the utmost respect. For me, respecting and appreciating those who did serve, who currently serve, and plan to serve, should get respect and admiration, not degrading comments. This discussion is going to be about my appreciation for our boys, both past and present.

What made this discussion come “full circle” for me was watching First Blood, both 1 and 2. You might have recognized a sentence was from Rambo III. This paragraph is going to have MAJOR spoilers, but I assume most people have seen this. At the ending of First Blood, Rambo breaks down in tears and you see the effect of his PTSD. I felt the raw emotion. Sylvester Stallone did a great job!! At the end of Rambo: First Blood Part II, you see Rambo telling Trautman that he wishes Americans would love their vets as much as the vets love their country. Here’s the link: Even though Rambo is a fictional character, this came around full circle for me to do this discussion. If this offends you, click out now. That’s your “trigger warning” for the snowflakes and cowards who don’t appreciate our protectors. As I said, however, this is to show my gratitude for those who serve.

Americans take MANY things for granted. Our freedom of speech, capitalism, even poverty. Those in poverty in third world countries don’t get basic running water, electricity, iPhones, etc. Being grateful to those who serve is one of the BIGGEST aspects of America we take for granted. While you are in the comfort of your home, eating pizza and watching Netflix, these men and women are out fighting with everything they have, knowing there’s a large chance they may never see their families again. For those who come back home, like John Rambo, they suffer PTSD. This is something the movie demonstrated beautifully. PTSD is higher in veterans, as well as suicide. Why? Think of what they’ve experienced. Unless you’re in that situation, none of us understand that type of fear. Antifa won’t understand that fear or pain, and neither will any other hateful group who claims this. No American will understand this fear or pain unless they’re in that situation.

What I have an issue with is people calling these people murderers and awful names, being completely unreasonable and ungrateful. People like the woman in this video, criticizing a man who served JUST BECAUSE HE ASKED FOR A FREAKING DISCOUNT, says he’s entitled. This made my skin crawl. He answered her back perfectly, and that answer goes out to anyone else who thinks lowly of our boys: I was happy to see that woman step up to pay for his meal, then the manager gives him the meal for free. How can someone be SO ungrateful to those who protect our country? Look at where we are as a society, where LGBT+ can be celebrated for an ENTIRE month, with companies turning their logo into rainbow colors, yet NEVER do that for Military appreciation month. One “special” group deserves more than the rest? I’m not hating on the LGBT+ community, I don’t care if they have a month to themselves, let them! But why can’t the same effort to celebrate them go into celebrating the Army, Navy, Military, etc.?

Image result for land of the free because of the braveI thought I should mention this. Ashley StClair, a conservative, was at the ICE detention center to support law enforcement and our troops. While there, she was met with men and women who screamed at her that she’s a white supremacist and racist. When she said she supported the troops, who are the reason these ingrates can say this stuff, all they said was “F*** the troops!” THIS is who AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib support/agree with. No lie, Leftism is more toxic than cocaine, heroin, and alcohol combined. Look at how these people behaved, and you’ll agree with me. Our troops are the reason any of us are free, yet uneducated morons like these people say terrible things about them. Some libtards are saying it was fake, but why is it only on the Left that this stuff happens. I mean, my God! One girl started riding and dancing on a stop sign, like she was a stripper! How is anyone going to take you seriously except for a good time call? Anybody??! That’s right, they won’t! The Left is literally crazy, and that’s why more people are leaning Republican, or intends on voting for Donald Trump in 2020. Because of people like this. Keep America Great!

So many respectable people have served in the armed forces, yet if they’re a Republican (which most are) never get credit. Republicans believe that strengthening our military is more important than other democratic held positions (climate change, free healthcare). Rob Smith, who could’ve been the poster child for Democrats, is a die-hard Republican. Dan Crenshaw served in 3 tours, and lost his eye from an IED. AOC had the gall to tell him, “Why doesn’t he do something about terrorism.” She makes me so angry. Not just because of her blatant ignorance and stupidity, it’s for her pride. She assumes she is correct in so many things, and calls racism for those who question her ignorance (look it up!). While this joke of a Congresswoman was partying on tables at the bar, Dan Crenshaw was fighting to protect this country from terrorism. Graham Allen is another veteran, and he gets ridiculed daily for his conservative beliefs. But who can blame him, or any other veteran, for leaning Republican?! Republicans are the ones to care about the military, and wants to strengthen them. Republicans place the armed forces above ILLEGAL ALIENS. Republicans care about helping those who serve, NOT THE DEMOCRATS.

The Left doesn’t want to help our boys because they will NEVER get a vote from them. That’s why they insist on helping illegal aliens, rather than our own Americans. They insist the troops are evil. Really? Then why is there no uproar when Iran sends children attached to bombs as their defense. Or how Mexican authorities treat illegals in their country. You don’t hear any condemnation from the Left! Why is that? Because the Left only cares about money and power, and whoever gets them that are the only thing that matters. Ilhan Omar's comment about 9/11, that "some people did something," or the fact she NEVER condemns terrorist acts from Islamic organizations, proves that she and her "buddies" don't care about America. This is why Donald Trump has my support. He has done so much and given those in the armed forces the respect they deserve.

At the end of the day, whether or not you hate President Trump or the Democrats, there is one American ideology that should matters to all: appreciate those who serve. These brave men and
women are putting their life on the line, so we do not have to live in fear. Imagine leaving your family behind. Mother, father, sister, brother, husband, children, are left wondering if you will ever make it home. That’s a struggle I could never understand, but I will always be thankful to those who serve to make these sacrifices. Burning the flag, kneeling for the anthem, and erasing history is insulting to those who served and paid the price. The flag doesn’t represent one race, but every race and gender in America. This is why that ending scene of First Blood got to me. Suicide is high in veterans, and it's awful. They shouldn't be afraid to share how they feel. It's okay not to be okay. I really do have a soft spot for our boys. I would like to end with this challenge to my American readers: thank someone who served this country. I have followers on Twitter who have served, and I have thanked them for their service, and many have told me how much that “thank you” meant to them. A simple “Thank you for your service,” is never too much to say. Even when I met Graham Allen at YWLS, I thanked him for his service, and his response was the same. Please, thank a veteran today. They have done so much, and get so little in return. To anybody who has served or is currently serving, all I can say is thank you for your service. Your service to this country is something I am eternally grateful for. God bless America and the armed forces!

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  1. Thank you, this old heart is grateful for youth like you that have been exposed to patriotic values and have chosen to embrace them. You will do well through life.


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