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  1. “Man Made Climate Change Does Not Exist, Period”, is a 1.960-word refutation of the most cynical and far-reaching lie ever foisted on the United States and the world by the corrupters of personal freedom. Period.
    This piece contains a brief history of the weaponization of MMCC by the U.N. for the purpose of collecting carbon taxes from developed economies and its adaptation to political control in Europe and elsewhere. The proposed “Green New Deal” is a case in point.
    “Man Made Climate….” also quantifies the economic damage inflicted on the general public by this non-scientific “science”. The inconvenience and expense of electric vehicles brings into sight the tip of that iceberg.
    I have a degree in Civil Engineering and am retired from 40 years in U.S., European and Caribbean environmental markets with my own company. Included are the voices of credentialed climatologists with links to their works.
    Writing samples can be viewed at my website, “The Composte Heap”,
    Wayne McLaughlin

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