DeSantis Prevailed and Cuomo Crumbled

After Florida's recent "spike in Covid cases," Ron Desantis has been placed (yet again) under MSM's critical eye. Even though Ron Desantis prevailed, MSM continues to lavish praise on Andrew Cuomo's leadership. That's a joke. DeSantis' leadership should've been praised, because unlike Cuomo, DeSantis didn't ignore the pandemic. I originally did this post on Gen Z Conservative's blog, but I wanted to revisit this after recent news.

Let's again look at the actions of Cuomo and DeSantis. Andrew Cuomo did not take the pandemic seriously. "We're New York. We can handle it. We know what we're doing." Such arrogance from a man who didn't listen to his health task force. They told him that he needed to purchase PPE and ventilators, back in 2015. Cuomo didn't listen. His task force said if he didn't follow these precautions they laid out, New York would be hit extremely hard by any pandemic. Look what happened. When the numbers began to rise, Cuomo still chose not to act. He didn't have a stay-at-home order until after 100+ people died. Cuomo ordered hospitals to release elderly patients back to their nursing homes, where they’d end up infecting the entire nursing home. Some have said, "Oh, hospitals were overwhelmed. What could Cuomo do?" How about use churches who created beds for the sickly, but Democrats hate Christians, so Cuomo ignored if. How about the volunteers who went to New York, only to be hit with the 8% state income tax? How about the fact that most of the cases hitting other states, including Florida, came from New Yorkers? Nobody in MSM covers this. Accuracy in Media discusses this topic beautifully.

Cuomo won't take blame for this, and MSM ignores his idiotic, incompetent leadership. U.S. Representatives sent a letter to these leaders over their terrible leadership in caring for the elderly: Andrew Cuomo, Phil Murphy (NJ), Gretchen Whitmer (MI), Gavin Newsom (CA), and Tom Wolf (PA). These governors are horrible and hypocritical leaders. 

States like Florida and Texas supposedly had rising numbers these last few weeks, compared to most blue states. MSM has you focused on the rising number in cases in the red states, yet don't focus on the death rate in each state. According to Statista, here are the number of deaths per 100,000:
  • Florida: 18
  • New York: 166
  • Pennsylvania: 53
  • New Jersey: 172
  • Michigan: 63
Even with the surge in cases, Florida isn't near as bad as the other 4 states mentioned. With total deaths, Florida has over 6000. New York? Over 25,000.

If Gillum had won, Florida would be like New York. DeSantis took quick action against Covid-19. He warned hospitals to keep nursing home patients, to not send them to their nursing home, unlike what Cuomo did. He quickly shut down Florida when we suffered 80+ deaths. Experts said Florida would've been as bad as Italy because of the elderly population. Clearly, that didn’t happen. Even now, on his recent interview on Hannity, he said there are 12 nursing homes designated to have the patients in, so they don't run the risk of infecting others. School is expected to reopen in Florida in August. DeSantis' leadership proved effective, yet Americans actually believe Cuomo was the person to follow. 

Don't tell me Ron DeSantis' leadership was flawed, and Andrew Cuomo was perfect. Don't even tell me this is Trump's fault. You can't claim the pandemic is Trump's fault, then hold the governors unaccountable. Because then you can't blame the Republican governors. It's either all Trump's fault, and not the governors, or the governors' fault and not Trump.

Ben Shapiro tweeted something that still rings true: "If you doubt the power of the press, recognize that Gov. Ron DeSantis handled COVID-19 in Florida in excellent fashion, while Gov. Andrew Cuomo handled it nearly as badly as humanly possible, yet DeSantis has dropped in polls and Cuomo is at the height of popularity." The power of the media is strong. To any Floridians reading this, don't believe the hype. I hate having to repeat myself on this, because you can't compare who did better: the answer is obvious. Even when I hear about the numbers rising, has nobody learned the CDC conflated the number of new cases (viral tests) with the number of old/recovered cases (antibody tests)? The CDC admitted this!!! Now, Orlando Health has admitted to having incorrect data. Fox 35 investigated and discovered Orlando Health’s report said Covid cases in Florida had a positive rate of 98%, when in actuality, it’s just 9.4%. Orlando’s Veterans Medical Center supposedly had a  76% positive rate for Covid, when in actuality, it’s 6%. That's not a "mistake," like they claim. They should be investigated!! MSM hasn’t even covered this because it would ruin their narrative of lying to us. MSM wants to misrepresent DeSantis because he's an ally of Donald Trump. Their hatred for Donald Trump overcomes their ability to tell the truth. Don't believe me? Look at MSM and Hydroxychloroquine, then tell me otherwise. 

Despite how you feel about DeSantis, his example was to be followed, not Cuomo. DeSantis saved Florida from a deadly situation. Andrew Cuomo should be arrested for the deaths he caused. Gov. DeSantis rightfully told off the press 
for their lies. You could tell Desantis was holding that back. Mike Pence looked like a proud dad. DeSantis prevailed and Cuomo crumbled. The cases and fatality rate are dropping, and things are going back to normal. DeSantis also isn't saying "Stay indoors because of Covid" yet allowing mass numbers to protest/riot. Don’t always believe what you hear on the news. Do some research. That’s how you become an independent thinker.

Which governor did the worst job during Covid-19? Comment down!!

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