Free Speech: What Happened?

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In today’s society, people are being ridiculed and bullied into not sharing their individual opinions about people or certain topics. In certain situations, you can be verbally and physically abused. Why is this? The 1st Amendment is a God-given right that our Founding Fathers recognized, so why is one of the most important amendments being attacked by the Left? As I discuss this topic, I will answer this question: Free Speech: What Happened?

To begin, let’s discuss the 1st Amendment. The Constitution of United States of America states that regardless of religion or beliefs, no law shall be passed from Congress that will infringe on the free speech of its’ citizens. For the most part, this sounds simple, right? It should be, but the Left isn’t allowing this. Conservatives or libertarians (who are more Right-leaning) are infringed upon when it comes to THEIR 1st Amendment right. Of all the conservative speakers I follow, I have seen their hassle to getting their opinion heard. Candace Owens, an African-American conservative speaker, was harassed by ANTIFA while trying to speak with a group of African-American men, who just wanted to hear her speak. What about the UC Berkley student who got punched, on campus, for sharing his conservative views? The double standard of the Left and social media can easily be cut with a knife. The one place free speech is being attacked is college campuses.

College is supposed to be a place of learning who you are, and what you believe in. Most college professors shove their Leftist ideas down these students’ throats, instead of just being an educator, helping their students inside or outside the classroom. Colleges and universities are providing “safe spaces” for students who cannot even hear an opinion contradicting their own. Honestly, this is the most ridiculous idea EVER. Students in a university should be able to hear other opinions without the need to be “sheltered and protected” like these ideas are going to physically hurt them. Treating 18+ year old students like they’re 5 years old will not prepare them for what is awaiting in the real world.

Colleges are shutting down free speech because of Leftists. Even though they can be imperfect (we’re all human), most conservatives, like myself, welcome opposing ideas. Recently, I was debating a friend who is pro-choice, and no harsh words were exchanged. Same goes for libertarians. The Left, however, does not welcome ideas outside of their own. Rather than take one minute to consider what someone else says, they almost immediately attack, degrade, and ignore your opinion. Why is this? Because the Left wants to control you. The Left does not care about the truth; all they want is to control us. The more people under the ruse of “conservative/libertarian speech is hateful speech,” the more people are easily manipulated. What I have noticed is two ways conservatives are being shut down.

The major way free speech is limited is on social media. Many conservative speakers I follow have had their posts deleted for sharing something “offensive to others in the community.” To cite an example, Milo Yiannopoulos had his Twitter banned for good over a comment he had about Leslie Jones. Twitter permanently suspended his account because his fans were making hateful comments toward Leslie Jones after what he said. When asked about this, he made an excellent point. Why don’t social media outlets go after Justin Bieber when his fans send death threats to Selena Gomez after a breakup? There is a double standard these Leftist owned outlets make; while conservatives and right-wing libertarians are “inciting hate” through their speech, others are not so easily targeted. Double standard.

Conservatives’ words are being twisted to mean something they are not. This is the second way of shutting down a conservative’s free speech. A perfect example is where Dr. Jordan Peterson, a right-wing Canadian psychologist, was being interviewed by Channel 4’s Cathy Newman. When he said something she did not agree with, she turned his words around to make it sound hateful, thereby making him look like a provocateur. Many times throughout this interview he had to correct her, then explaining what he had just said. In many cases, I find this happens. When you try to tell a Leftist your opinion, they turn it around to make you look like the enemy. Impressionable young adults are being fed these lies around conservatism. Anything we say is homophobic, transphobic, racist, and many other names. If anyone took the time to think about what is being said, rather than letting feelings get in the way, most Republicans and Democrats could work side-by-side.

Leftist students are affected the worst, and I truly feel bad for them. These lies they are being fed, the need to create “safe spaces” is not going to prepare them for what is to come. When they are interviewed for a job, what skills could they list from these liberal universities? That they know how to curse out conservatives? Effectively use a safe space, if that job offers one? I am 100% sure that HR would not even consider that person for their organization or the job offering.

To conclude, free speech has become a double standard to Leftists. No longer can conservatives make jokes to entertain others, like the Left does. Conservatives shouldn’t be allowed to share truthful opinions because we could risk “offending” someone, whereas the Left can say whatever they want. College campuses are hard at work to shut down conservatives’ 1st Amendment rights as well. I fully support President Trump’s decision to remove funding from colleges who won’t allow equal free speech for students. Conservatives need to fight back! If we choose to be pressured by what the Left says, we are moving closer to a socialist country, and eventually, a dictatorship. No free speech will be incited by those with differing opinions. The United States of America was never founded on these principles.

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