Why Am I A Conservative?

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and textI'm back, everyone! I had an amazing time at YWLS! I want to thank the TPUSA President at UF chapter and another member of the T.P. chapter for telling me about this event! You guys rock!! Being a part of this event was one of the greatest times of my life. My roommates were awesome.

Some of the best moments of YWLS were the following:
  • Benny Johnson's Why Melania Trump is the best first lady (to which us girls freaked out and "fangirled" over)
  • Having a room of 1400+ girls chanting "Lock her up!"
  • Talking with other girls about MILO and how amazing he is
  • The banquet Friday night, dressing up like it was prom and hearing Nikki Haley speak
  • When I met Jaco Booyens (look him up on YouTube, his story and message is AMAZING), he asked my name. When I said, Hannah, he said "oh Hannah with the pretty eyes," and I straight up almost blushed. Then he told me to believe in myself, and I was speechless.
  • Meeting so many of the guest speakers (Graham Allen, Dan Crenshaw, Rob Smith, Jaco Booyens, Charlie Kirk, Mikaela Bearpaw, and others!)
  • Meeting many women who think like me
Some of my favorite quotes from the speakers:
  • "Americans are forgetting that even on our worst day, we are incredibly lucky to live in this great country.” -Nikki Haley
  • "America may have made mistakes, but America is not a mistake. When countries are in trouble, they look to the U.S. for help." -Charlie Kirk
  • "Baby lives matter." -Graham Allen
  • "Socialism has already taken over Native American communities, why ruin everyone's lives with it in the entire US? -Mikaela Bearpaw
Not only did I hear/meet amazing speakers, I met so many like-minded women. One girl told me about how she knows the terrors of socialism, as her mother is from El Salvador and lived in socialism. Her father is in prison for smuggling people out of Mexico. Another girl told me how her father's life was almost ruined from the #MeToo movement by being falsely accused of sexual assault. The list goes on. Not only have I made friends to last a possible lifetime, I know if I am in trouble, I have an army of 1400 intelligent women to back me up. I personally enjoyed hearing THE Nikki Haley, as well as THE Dan Crenshaw, speak to us. Dan made an excellent point, which is going to be the precise of my discussion: Why Am I A Conservative?

To place this into simple terms, I am a conservative because I believe in the American dream. I believe in the rights to free speech, I believe that all lives matter (unborn or born), I believe in capitalism, and I believe in the 2A. All of these beliefs I have align with the Right. Don't get me wrong, I do hold some faults with Republicans (although I hold more with the Left). For instance, Republicans have their own form of political correctness. MILO speaks of this in his book, Dangerous. I highly recommend reading this. But just a heads up, there is a bit of cursing/vulgarity in the book. I still highly recommend reading this as there are a lot of truths involved. While the Left has many, MANY, faults, the Right does too. For instance, many Republican politicians didn't like Trump when he ran for president. Why? Because Republicans have a view of how their side should look or behave. President Trump did not fit the "norms" of these politicians. Candace Owens is another person who is like that. When Candace chose to start speaking up, conservatives didn't like her because she didn't look the part, and therefore wasn't conservative enough. And I think MILO speaks for himself, I don't need to give an explanation for why he doesn't fit the "norm" for Republicans. 

Although these faults exist, I chose the Right side. At the end of the day, conservatives fight for equal free speech, as well as the other topics I discussed. After the election of Donald Trump, I saw the ugly side of the Left. Being in college doesn't help Leftists either, considering how much "safe space" crap exists. Slowly but surely, the Left is unraveling from their lies. Look at CNN. How long have they been pushing with this whole "Russian collusion?" Now that the Mueller reports say there wasn't collusion, the American people no longer trusts them, and their ratings are continuously plummeting. Another important aspect to consider is how the Left treats those who they say they "fight the hardest for." Who do Democrats "fight for" the hardest? Women, minorities, LGBT+, the working class. Why is it then that when a minority (Candace Owens), a woman (Allie Stuckey), LGBT+ (Rob Smith, MILO), or any member in the working class considers themselves Republican, the Left disowns them? I was called homophobic the other day because I said the military deserve a month of celebration, just like LGBT. Anyone who doesn't fit the Leftist agenda is basically not human. If you're a:
  1. Conservative woman, you're not a woman, but a misogynist
  2. Conservative and a minority, you're a racist, an "uncle Tom"
  3. Conservative and homosexual, you're homophobic, transphobic, etc.
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standingThe list can go on for miles. Do you know how many times my family, which is Indian, has been told how we should think, because of our skin color? Apparently, if you have color in your skin, you cannot think for yourself, so you HAVE to be a Democrat. Otherwise, you're a brainwashed Nazi. Using these terms, for the record, slanders those who were affected by Nazis, white supremacists, and other demeaning terminologies. Republicans are not hypocrites, like the Left. Think about it: the Democrats claim to have America's best interests, yet they fight more for illegal immigrants than Americans homeless. Pro-choice (which goes both ways politically) call themselves "pro-choice," yet there is only one choice that matters to them. The Left claims to be a great advocate for women, yet they ignore/demean women who don't fit their agenda, or they can use. The best example I can give of this is Christine Ford and Brett Kavanaugh. After Brett was nominated, you have not heard back from Ford. The Left used her, and after they were of no use to her anymore, she was a lost memory. There are other instances where this hypocritical side of the Left. Unlike what Democrats say, conservative women exist, and we are taking the world by force. At YWLS, I saw this with my own eyes. After my eyes opened to what the Left stood for, and how toxic and dangerous their side is, the choice for me was clear. So that's why I'm a conservative. I choose to think for myself.

Side note: I freaked out when I met Graham Allen (the picture above). I was waiting on my mom to come out of the bathroom, and he walked out of the men's bathroom, so I saw him and called out, "Graham!" My sister laughed at me because my voice cracked, since I was so nervous to talk to him. But he was so nice, and had no problem taking a picture with me. I thanked him for his service, and told him how big a fan I am, which he couldn't stop thanking me for. That was a great moment!!


  1. Great write up about an awesome event for conservative young ladies.

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