Patriotism vs Nationalism

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The Left loves to throw around the term "nationalist" to Republicans. What I think most Republicans have realized is that the Left uses this term for anyone who shows love for their country. The problem is that the Left doesn't distinguish that there IS a difference between nationalism and patriotism. Of course, I think they do realize this. The Left just loves to use this term the same way they throw around words like "supremacist" or "racist." Because they hate Trump and the GOP as a whole, the Left doesn't care about cheapening these words. There are real white supremacists and real racists. Donald Trump and Republicans (for the most part) ARE NOT. For this week's discussion, I will be discussing the difference between nationalism and patriotism, and why there's usually nothing wrong with either.

Now, the big question: What's the difference between nationalism and patriotism? It's simple. Patriotism is the love someone has for their country. Nationalism is partly "loving your country," but much of it is basically thinking your country is superior, and placing the needs there above other countries. For me personally, I don’t see anything wrong with thinking your country is the best. What’s the best country in the world? The United States of America. You have some of the greatest opportunities to make something of yourself. Morgan Freeman even said that your circumstances don't define your success. You have the choice to be whoever you want to be in the USA. Where else do you have such a big opportunity? Why else is the US one of the largest places for immigration? Now I know the Left says that the United States have made atrocious decisions. Let’s look at it this way. Have we made mistakes? Of course! What country hasn’t? Slavery was a terrible time in US history. That was a big mistake. But guess what? That’s not the case today. The only way you are a slave is if you think you are. Other than that, people (no matter their race, gender, sexual identity, or political affiliation) have every opportunity to become better. Charlie Kirk said it best: “The United States has made mistakes, but the United States is not a mistake.”

The problem with Leftists is if you think America is the greatest country in the world, and you love your country, you’re a nationalist. This, for them, is a terrible thing. Loving your country goes hand-in-hand with thinking your country is the best. I love America, and I do think it is the greatest place to be. Something I’ve also realized is this: they consider “white nationalism” and “white supremacy” as one in the same. Let’s get one thing straight. Nationalism and supremacism are two ENTIRELY DIFFERENT concepts. Nationalism, as I said earlier, is the belief that your country is the best. Supremacism is the belief that one race is superior to other races. These two terms do not equal the same thing. Nationalism is that "I think America is better than all other countries." This does not mean I think who’s from one of these countries (i.e. someone who is Hispanic, Asian, African) is less than me. I just hold the belief that America is the greatest country. Supremacism would mean that I DO think other races are less than me. I could have a great love for my country, and think Indian is the greatest race, and other races are less. That’s the difference between the two. The Left also loves to criticize anyone who loves their country, while ignoring the real definition of these terms they throw around.

The truth of the matter is that the Left does not place America first. Californian politicians will fight for illegal immigrants to their last breath, while perfectly ignoring the homelessness crisis or the needles/feces/garbage in their streets. Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, and Maxine Waters are prime examples of not caring for their state. And Harris wants to “improve” the country by being President? If you can’t improve your own district, why bother running for President? When Donald Trump came in 2016, he had one thing on his mind: to make America first. He has proven time and time again that he is for the American people. The Left isn’t. Look at what happened with Katherine Steinle, who died in her father’s arms after being shot by an illegal alien, and that criminal was released. Or the children who are kidnapped by horrible men and women in Mexico to get across the border. If these Leftist politicians really cared, they would support President Trump in building the wall to keep these children safe from dangerous criminals, and Americans safe. But because the Left only cares about power and money, they don’t care if America is first, second, or twenty-fifth. It’s whatever means you can use to get power. That’s why they call Trump, and Republicans as a whole, “nationalists.” Because we think America is the best, and we love our country. Donald Trump doesn’t bow down to the squad, like the Left does. That’s why most Americans, regardless of political views, support the President. My parents escaped socialism in Guyana, experienced real racism from Indians and Africans, and still believe that the US was, and always will be, the greatest country. They never want to see socialism come here. Believing that America is the greatest country in the world is not a crime.

Nationalism vs Patriotism
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I think there's something important to realize with nationalism: it can become a bad thing. Saying you think your country is the best, and you love the values it was founded on, would make you a patriot (and a nationalist). Where nationalism can become problematic is when government becomes involved. Patriotism was around much more than nationalism. Nationalism, if anything, is a product of patriotism. If the government becomes too involved, and creates certain changes (i.e. gun restriction, abortion, free speech), you MUST be nationalistic to these changes, thereby being patriotic.  Look in Communist countries, or even old England. Loyalists/nationalists would get people killed because they believed in their country's high taxes and restrictions. They believed there was NO wrong with their government, and their policies were the best. If you're not nationalistic with the government's policies, it can cost you. American patriots believe in the Constitution and the values it was founded on, whereas Nationalists may want to change these "rules." The Left doesn't have the same traditional beliefs as Republicans. I think this is obvious. If the Left has their way, they would conflate nationalism with their new policies with patriotism. Think about it: what is the reason the Left hasn't been successful in turning America into a socialist/nationalist country, the way they want it? Because most Americans still hold American values. Patriotic values. That's why it is important to note there is a difference between the two terms. Patriotism leads to nationalism. Nationalism doesn't lead to patriotism unless forced. Patriots want to better their country to make the country prosper.

To close, nationalism and patriotism is not a dreadful thing. The Left and the media lie to you when they say this. There is nothing to be ashamed about if you think America is the greatest country in the world. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you love your country. Don’t fall for the hysteria. As I mentioned earlier, there are people who want to bring down other countries, and that's where Nationalism is a bad ideology. There are those individuals who treat other nations, and other races, like they are insignificant. I believe there is a small percentage of people who think this. The same way there’s a small percentage of white supremacists. Donald Trump, as well as most Republicans, don't think this. We believe America is the greatest country, and we love our country. Other countries think America is the greatest. Look at the protesters in Hong Kong waving American flags, or singing the American national anthem. They recognize the freedoms America has is irreplaceable. That’s why I hate it when the Left bashes America, because so many others have it worse. The “issues” in America can’t compare. That’s why I will always say I love my country, and that America is the greatest country in the world. Call me a nationalist or patriot, neither will trigger me!

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  1. ‪Excellent article.‬

    ‪I am very interested in young adults’ point of view of Nationalism v. Patriotism.‬

    ‪I’m glad you were able to explain the both terms are related to each other and how leftists sadistically use both terms to abuse and disparage people.‬

  2. "The truth of the matter is that the Left does not place America first."

    "But because the Left only cares about power and money, they don’t care if America is first, second, or twenty-fifth."

    The Left has never cared about the people and never will. Great points.

  3. I'm a Patriot AND a Nationalist. I love my country; I respect my country, and I believe it's the greatest country in the world. I feel comfortable in this belief because I've traveled the world. I know how good we have it here.


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