Affirmative Action Does Not Help Students

Affirmative action. The magical "tool" that helps minorities get into college. Here's the thing: affirmative action discriminates. While affirmative action "helps" certain minorities, it purposely discriminates against other races. Harvard was recently involved in a lawsuit because an Asian American student was being discriminated against. Harvard holds Asian Americans to a higher standard and has them go through a stricter screening process, compared to other minorities. The federal judge over the case decided to drop the case because Harvard is a "fine institution." For many people, affirmative action seems like a good thing. For those who know the negative effects of affirmative action, it is a racist system.

Affirmative action doesn’t help minorities. If it did, why are Asian Americans not included in "benefiting" from affirmative action? The reason for this is simple. First, there's many subcategories that go under "Asian American." The main ones are Indian, Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese. Affirmative action is meant to help races that are minorities, which is why Caucasian Americans receive no affirmative action. Let's go through how much each race make up the U.S. population, according to the U.S. Census Bureau:
  • Caucasians: 76.5%
  • African American: 13.4%
  • Hispanic/Latino: 18.3%
  • Asian: 5.9%
  • American Indian/Alaskan Native: 1.3%
  • Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander: .2%

What's the issue? Minorities receive affirmative action! Yeah, except Caucasian Americans AND Asian Americans. Asian Americans make up less of the U.S. population than African Americans or Hispanic Americans, so why are they excluded from affirmative action? Because Asian Americans, like Caucasian Americans, make more money. Asians are considered smarter than other minorities, so they don't "need" help. If someone is willing to put in the effort to get good grades, race doesn't have anything to do with that success. Steven Crowder did an informative video discussing affirmative action. I don’t have any ill will towards Hispanic/African Americans, but affirmative action is discriminatory and unfair.

What's more racist is how this affects African and Hispanic Americans. Colleges use affirmative action to imply, "You're a victim, so here's some governmental help." Where have I heard that before? Affirmative action is based on victim mentality. Because most Hispanic Americans or African Americans come from poor neighborhoods, they cannot make it on their own. They need this "step up" to give them an equal chance. With African Americans, they need this "help" because of what happened hundreds of years ago! Their ancestors were slaves, whereas Asian Americans who immigrated to the U.S. were doctors, lawyers, or businesspeople. Because of this, even though Indians were slaves, African Americans cannot overcome what happened to them in the past, nor can they move forward unless someone gives them help. That’s the same case for reparations. Both ideologies believe certain races are incapable of improving their lives themselves, and must be helped.

If affirmative action didn’t discriminate, why did Rick Singer have his clients’ lie about ethnicity?! Rick Singer proved how colleges discriminate against other races through his operations. When parents were filling out college forms, Singer told them to lie about race by putting Black, Hispanic or Native American, so they'd have a competitive advantage. Researcher Dion Pierre told Campus Reform, “Mr. Singer’s actions exemplified the pernicious effect of racial preferences on the college admissions process. Certain racial categories have an edge over Caucasian and Asian American students is an open secret in higher education.” Who could forget Elizabeth Warren lying about her race? There’re plenty of stories related to this, which you can check out in the end.

My dad came to America illegally, so he went to night school to get his GED, since he was 18 when he came here. He worked various jobs from early in the morning to late afternoon, then he'd attend school. He was number one in his class for highest GPA. The school gave scholarships to the person who had the best grades in the school. He did NOT receive the scholarship; instead, the school gave it to those who were second and third for highest grades. Why? The kids who received the scholarships were black. One was a woman, the other had a kid. So my dad should've knocked up a girl to get the scholarship, not through his grades. He went into his principal’s office crying because he knew he did everything right, so why didn’t he get what he deserved? The principal told my dad, “They won’t be able to make something of themselves. You will. That’s why we gave it to them.” How messed up and racist is that?

Affirmative action discriminates against certain races, while belittling other races. When my sister applied to UF, her cheerleading coach (horrible person) told her, “Oh, you’ll get into UF because of you're a woman of color.” She was too stupid to know Asian Americans don’t get affirmative action. Affirmative action is racist, and doesn’t help all minorities like they claim to. I’m tired of seeing students miss opportunities, simply because of their race or socioeconomic status. Martin Luther King Jr. said he wanted to see people judged by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin. My father proved he could make something of himself without handouts. Instead of these grants or scholarships, which costs millions of dollars, why not improve schools in bad neighborhoods or improve the education system, so someone underprivileged has the ability to independently succeed in academics? Students shoul
dn’t be considered just because of their skin color or socioeconomic status. You don’t need handouts from anyone to accomplish what you want. Success is a person's determination to accomplish what they want, no matter how difficult; it is not because of race.

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