Abortion and Eugenics

We know how horrible and demonic abortion is. It rips a baby apart in the most painful, cruel way and is founded in racism. There's no way it can get worse than that! Actually, it does. Many support aborting babies prenatally diagnosed with a disability. That's where the term "eugenics" comes into play. Coined by Sir Francis Galton. he created the concept "eugenics," which is seen throughout the history of disabilities. Eugenics is having people with positive traits reproduce more people with positive traits, and have people with undesirable traits (i.e. disabilities) NOT reproduce. The only reason this term has a "negative" view by many? It was in the doctrines of Nazis and Hitler. Pro-choicers think babies diagnosed with any disability shouldn’t have a life. It's funny how disability activists are mad that the disabled won't be equally treated for Covid-19, but ignore babies aborted for being disabled. Isn't that how Hitler thought of the Jews? Nobody has authority to deem someone’s life as less than their own. Margaret Sanger said, “The most urgent problem today is how to limit and discourage the over-fertility of the mentally and physically defective.” A supporter of race/disability population control founded Planned Parenthood. Keep that in mind.

Throughout history, people have viewed those with disabilities as less than. I'm currently taking "Impact of Disabilities: Home, Community and Workplace," so most of the information I'm presenting here is relevant, and comes from a top 10 university. So how did history view people with disabilities? Let's see. The Spartans wouldn't allow any weak soldiers, so any child born disabled were killed or left for dead. In ancient Rome, their law stated if a son was born with any abnormality to be killed off instantly. Plato suggested selective breeding, so people with positive traits only breed with others who had positive traits; those with bad traits wouldn't be born nor exist. Court fools and jesters in English countries were disabled people used for entertainment. There are more examples of times in history where the disabled were treated poorly, but I think you get my point. Things still haven't changed, because now abortion makes things worse. Aborting babies with a disability is discrimination.

I wanted to share these stories. The first I heard from a speaker in class. Her daughter was prenatally diagnosed with Spina Bifida. Doctors immediately offered an abortion; she refused. Her daughter is now 8, and is fully functional. They have to home-school their daughter, and travel to several states for medical help. The speaker said she doesn't regret keeping her. The speaker told me she had a friend who considered an abortion because her daughter was prenatally diagnosed with Spina Bifida, but didn't go through with it. Said daughter is a few years old, and she regrets considering abortion, because the child is so important to her. This girl I met at SAS told me how her parents were told that her brother, when in the womb, was going to be born with autism and DS, would live crippled in a wheelchair, and eat through a tube. Thus, they were offered abortion. Her mom was horrified, but refused. She prayed for a healthy baby, and sure enough, the baby came out normal. He is valedictorian, can run a 6-minute mile, and more. My friend said her brother thanks God for his life. She ended with “Abortion wouldn’t have only murdered my brother, but taken his chance to live out God’s plan as he has.” About 70% of both prenatally diagnosed SB and DS babies are aborted. Abortion shouldn’t be an automatic choice after diagnosis. Women don’t need the option of killing their baby as a “mercy option,” but options of what can help them and their child. 

Is life easy when you’ve got a disabled child? No. Is their life insignificant? NO. I've read stories and comments on Twitter from people who think the disabled are a nuisance on society or "lives a bad life," therefore, aborting them is a great idea. It's tragic and disgusting. People with disabilities are NOT less than the able-bodied. In high school, my school volunteered at a school specifically built for disabled children for their annual Christmas party, and they were a joy to be around. They lit up seeing my school! Who are we to decide whose life is more meaningful than another life? I’ve got a severely autistic brother. Should I tell him that because he’s disabled, his life is worthless? That his disability is a curse on my family? My brother is the greatest joy in my life. Is it hard? Yes. Do I wish he was never born? NO. Most people with a disability, just like those born into supposed bad circumstances, DON’T regret having their life. Being disabled is an obstacle, but it doesn’t define them.

Jerimiah 1:5 says, “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.” Just because someone is “different” doesn’t make them less human. Marsha Braxton said, “Fetuses that are wanted are called 'babies.' Prenatal screening results can turn a 'wanted baby' into an 'unwanted fetus.” Wantedness doesn’t equal humanness. How history treated disabilities, abortion is NO different. It’s weird, but I'm grateful there is no known cause of Autism, because autistic babies can't be aborted. We cannot support the elective killing of unborn, disabled babies. I hope you see the correlation between abortion and eugenics. Society only looks at the “dis” (the negative aspect) instead of the “abled” (the positive aspect) of the term “disabled.” That needs to change.

Do you see any correlation between abortion and eugenics? Comment down!! Campus Reform asked students about student debt forgiveness! Look who's in the video, specifically the UF sweatshirt! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=144nmByhNoQ


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