The Importance of Knowing History

Jim Jones' sign above his "throne" makes a good point to today's generation, "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it." I decided to write about this after reading it from Tucker Carlson My generation, and even some from the generation before, know little to nothing about this country's history. As Tucker said, "They say they oppose racism, and then they rip down monuments to abolitionists. They don't see the contradiction in that because they have no idea who the abolitionists were." History education, no matter the grade, sucks. Once you hit college, however, the "education" received in history basically repeats the same Leftist talking points. "America is racist! If you’re a minority, this country is against you!" Most of the rioters are college age students who clearly don't have a great education in history. They just buy what their schools tell them. Why else would these "woke" individuals claim to be against racism, yet tear down 100+ year old statues of abolitionists? 

It boggles my mind how ignorant and uneducated some Leftists can be. Some don't touch a history or economics book, because they'd rather be lazy and just believe one of their professors. There are countless stories where conservatives (who used to be liberal) said they didn't touch a history book, until they started believing in conservatism. We pay hundreds for some moronic professor to tell us America is racist only. There's more to this fact. Slavery and racism were evil. 99% of Americans believe this. However, they don't look into the history of how slavery and racism was abolished. For instance, Leftist professors/administrators won't mention how the GOP was founded by opponents to the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which supported slavery and polygamy. Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican president, who then abolished slavery. The Emancipation Memorial Statue currently being targeted? It's not a black man chained to the white man. It's not a slave bowing to its master. Its a slave getting up. It's a slave with a broken chain to say he's no longer property. Again, look closer at the history before making wrongful assumptions. The KKK was founded by Democrats, who opposed the freeing of slaves. A lot of Leftists curse Trump about how he doesn't call the KKK a terrorist organization (even though they're far and inbetween). I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't know the history.

President Ulysses S. Grant (a Republican) took action to suppress this dangerous organization. Things haven't changed today. Republicans are fighting a different (but equally dangerous) organization called Antifa and BLM (both founded by Democrats). When people claim the GOP and Democrats "switched," remember these facts. The Democrats claim to be for minorities, but aren't. They just want to continuously suppress the African American community. 
Quotes About Knowing History

We need to be fully taught our history. I do believe how this information is taught highly impacts a student's ability to receive that information. My history teacher in high school was annoying and boring. They just read off the textbook, then gave questions about it. That's not teaching. Gavin Rollins even discussed this in our interview. He teaches U.S. civics, and his class had one of the highest passing grades in the state of Florida. Students are capable of learning history, despite their age. But I do believe students should take it upon themselves to learn. Don't be lazy. 

Having this knowledge, you continue the legacy of this country. The Left is trying to remove any aspects of history they can, because they know most college students have little grasp of this country's history. Therefore, they can trick them into believing their lies. To avoid more chaos like we currently see, Americans need to understand the past. Also, when you are debating a liberal, you can use these facts to your advantage. Obviously, if it's a crazed Leftist, you might not get through. But if it's a sane liberal (and there are many), using the knowledge about U.S. history will show your understanding and intelligence. You may change that person's perspective.

I'm not going to lie. I never cared about U.S. history until I got involved in politics. I paid attention to the 2016 election, but I didn't really care about politics or the Constitution or the Bill of Rights until I got involved in politics, which was in 2019. That's a shame, but it's common within my generation. Parents need to start raising their kids to know their country's history. And students who are my age (even younger), if you don't know a lot about history, I encourage you to learn. Read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Learn something new. Immigrants coming to this country have to know our history, so why can't we do the same? That's why the Left can push for gun laws (2nd Amendment) or abortion (right to life). In my last post, I discussed the racist history of Planned Parenthood. Most of BLM don't even acknowledge this! Be proactive and learn the truth about this country, or the Left will use your clueless knowledge to their advantage, and trick you into believing this country is evil.

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