Can Republicans and Democrats Be Friends?

Once I became outspoken about politics, I lost a lot of friends. People I knew in high school unfriended me after disagreeing with me on politics. I know I'm not the only one who has experienced this. For me, this does raise the question of if Republicans and Democrats can be friends. Can a Trump supporter be friends with a Biden supporter? My response to this is yes. I do believe you can be friends with someone who disagrees with you politically. Unfortunately, in today's climate, we allow our feelings to rule. Therefore, people cut off friendships (or even family members' relationship) because of a disagreement over politics. 

I've read countless stories of how friends will cut off friendships because they found out that friend is a Republican or Trump supporter. One story that broke my heart came from Tik Tok. A Texan girl said her parents refused to come to her wedding because her fiancée is conservative. Don Jr. took to Twitter and immediately offered to walk her down the aisle, so I thought that was sweet. But this is a prime example of what happens when you allow politics to ruin relationships. I remember reading this woman's tweet of how her son was "dead to her" after he admitted to supporting Trump. That's shameful. And I do believe there are stories where it is the other way around. That Republican parents shun their kids over who they support. As important as politics is, I don't believe it should ruin your relationship with your friends or family.

I think in this day and age, it is hard to ignore politics. For me, this next election is freedom vs tyranny. Capitalism vs socialism. I place great emphasis in keeping up with politics, and I hate seeing people blindly support the Left. I think we allow our emotions to get in the way. Your hatred of Donald Trump or your hatred of Joe Biden shouldn't blind you. That's the core issue. Political affiliation are personal preferences. We shouldn’t categorize all Republicans as one in the same. The same goes for Democrats. Everyone is different. For instance, we see many Democrats in Congress support defunding the police; most Democrats not in Congress don’t support this. Some may, but I would bet the majority don’t. The media makes it seem like people with differing political views cannot be friends. MSM will keep pushing the narrative that all Trump supporters/Republicans are racists, homophobic, sexists, etc. I’m sure there are some, but you can’t assume all are. It’s just because MSM hates Trump that they’ll spread these lies about him and his supporters. You have to be willing to accept people don’t 100% agree with you on everything, but we should still be able to have dialogue, and remain friends. If you’re someone who puts their politics over relationships, there is something wrong with you. 

I’m not unfair now. I do understand there are some situations where politics becomes toxic between friends. I’ve had family/friends try to set me up, and when I answer them, they get pissed. Eventually, I had to stop being friends because the friendship became toxic. You can’t be friends with someone when it causes more stress than positivity. You’ve got to be the ultimate judge on that.

There are many instances where you see Democrats and Republicans get along/are friends. Ellen and George W. Bush is an example, and I give her credit about not taking a knee to the mob over her friendship (even though I don't like her or Bush). Another example is Katie Hill and Matt Gaetz. She spoke out when Gaetz was criticized over "hiding his son" to the world, which was really disgusting (although not as disgusting as them calling his son a gay partner). Katie said Gaetz has been a loyal friend to her, even in her lowest points. I give props to people like this. They're clearly willing to overlook politics.

My mom's best friend (who is also my godmother). She's a diehard Democrat, whereas my mom is Republican. They are literally the best of friends. My godmother knows I'm a Trump support, conservative blogger, and outspoken. She's proud of me. Despite we disagree on politics, she stands by me and what I do. My tutor in middle school (who is the reason I love to write) is also more left leaning, yet she and I are still on good terms. One time in my Sales Management class, my business partner was a Leftist and he knew I was a Trump supporter and Republican. Guess what? We didn't care. It's possible to be friends with a Democrat. It's possible to be friends with a Republican.

Do I think it’s possible to be friends with someone who has different politics from you? Absolutely. It’s if both sides are willing to look past it. For me, many Leftists I was friends with left me after I became outspoken on my views. Some of them I had to leave because they became toxic to me. You have to decide if you are able to keep a friendship, despite your political views. It’s not going to be easy, but if this person really means something to you, family or friends, you can look past it.

Do you have friends/family who you don’t agree on politics with? Have you maintained that relationship? Comment down!

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