The Abortion Industry Profits Off Human Trafficking

“It’s time for Christians around the world to take a stand, to raise our voices and say, 'No more.' No more will we allow girls and boys, many of whom are just children, to be bought and sold as if they were just products for someone else’s personal gain. Their value is priceless, and they are not for sale.” -Tim Tebow

What does the abortion industry and human trafficking have in common? They both profit off of human misery. Nobody ever focuses on how abortion clinics fail to report human trafficking cases, and if anything, empower the trafficker. Most traffickers force their victims to get an abortion if they become pregnant. In some cases, it’s multiple abortions. The media never discusses this tragedy, nor do our elected officials. Human trafficking and prolife issues are two extremely important topics for me. In this article, I’d like to expose how the abortion industry profits off human trafficking.

Human traffickers are among the scum of the earth. One of the main risks for female victims of human sex trafficking is pregnancy. To ensure their moneymakers can get back to making money, the traffickers take the woman to get an abortion. Abortion statistics among trafficking victims is terrifying. Dr. Laura Lederer, former senior advisor on Human Trafficking at the U.S. Department of State, released a study in 2014 that surveyed 107 sex trafficking victims. The study found “55 percent of participants reported having at least one abortion, 30 percent reported multiple abortions and one female reported having 17 abortions.” One study from the Beazley Institute showed among 66 trafficked victims, 114 abortions were performed. One victim, who got pregnant and aborted six times, said coercion was used to convince her to abort. Not only are these victims forced to commit disgusting actions for their trafficker’s pleasure, they’re forced to kill the life growing in them.

The radical left claims that abortion rights are important. Where’s their concern for trafficked victims who get sent back to their abuser after going to an abortion clinic? They always focus on “getting rid of guns to protect children,” yet almost never talk about minors raped, sent to Planned Parenthood, then sent back to their abuser after PP willingly ignored that victim’s cry for help. At least President Trump is fighting human trafficking and endorsing prolife legislation. In multiple videos from LiveAction, spies go into Planned Parenthood, saying they’re in a dangerous situation and pregnant. Most employees ignored these statements, only focusing on how to make money. Life Dynamics researched and listed over 60 cases where underaged girls were raped, impregnated, and abortion clinics never said a word (despite knowing their situation). Abortion clinics profited off their client’s abuse and suffering. Abortionists willingly ignore women’s suffering for a profit. Planned Parenthood/pro-abortion supporters claim to be “pro-woman,” but never talk about all of what I have mentioned.

To better this world, we need to get rid of human trafficking. We also need to get rid of their supporters. Abortion clinics being one of them. The porn industry is another. Do you know how many videos of rape are available? I remember reading one story of this girl who is trying to take down Pornhub. Her rapist uploaded a video of her being raped by him when she was underaged. Pornhub never took the video down. The porn industry is guilty of empowering human traffickers, just like Planned Parenthood, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Considering how much money human trafficking makes, is it any wonder the abortion industry profits as well? They’re a billion dollar industry. It really sickens me that people support abortion. Forget what it does to the baby, but look at who they empower. Would you want to imagine yourself in that situation? Your underaged daughter gets pregnant by her rapist/pimp, he takes her to get an abortion, she tells the clinic employee that she is being raped, and that employee ignores her cry for help? Why would anyone support abortion over this? I’m prolife, but stories like the ones I’ve described make the choice clear.

Abortion doesn’t empower women. It only empowers rapists and traffickers. Planned Parenthood empowers rapists and traffickers. Elected officials will never go on TV to say what I have said. DKT International founder, Phillip Harvey, was caught making millions off of sex trafficking victims, possibly forcing them into pornographic material. 25% of the sales funded birth control pills and abortion overseas. Harvey also sat on the board of one of the biggest abortion chains. If you don’t think pornography, abortion, and human trafficking don’t have a symbiotic relationship, I hope this article convinced you otherwise. Just like human trafficking, abortion is an evil we must eradicate. For how they’ve ignored victims, these people cannot continue to escape punishment.

Did this article convince you (or shock you) about how evil Planned Parenthood is? Comment down! Watch these videos (below) from LiveAction with their exposing of Planned Parenthood.

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