Why The Left Wants Gun Control

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Well, the left is calling for gun control yet again. Their other issues of note- minimum wage increases, packing the Supreme Court, and introducing economy-killing taxes and regulations- seem to have hit a wall (for now), so they’re back on the gun control bandwagon. Thanks to Georgia’s Jack the Ripper and some jihadist in Colorado, the leftists feel entitled to confiscate our property and infringe on the right that James Madison said “shall not be infringed.”

Why are they doing that? Is it simply because they want to make “progress” on an issue and know their other priorities would inevitably flounder in the Senate? Is it because they want to make Americans safer? 

No, it’s not. Gun control proponents hold their anti-2nd Amendment beliefs not because of any desire to protect people or to show voters that they’re “doing something,” but because they want to control you.

Before you dismiss that, just think about what other policies the gun control fanatics support. Raising taxes to confiscatory levels. Keeping small businesses closed because of the “Covid pandemic,” while letting large stores (with significant lobbying forces) remain open. Forcing every America to get a relatively untested mRNA vaccine because of a disease that affects only the elderly and obese. Letting in millions of illegal immigrants. Deconstructing traditional notions of morality and replacing them with woke nonsense like paying for soldiers’ gender transition surgeries, arresting fathers for calling their daughters “she,” and forcing a baker in Colorado to support gay marriage or gender transitions. All of their policies are incredibly unpopular and would likely lead to a revolt.

Well, to be more specific, those policies will lead to a revolt…if Americans are armed. If they manage to disarm us first, or at least disarm enough people where resistance is negligible, then resistance to their radical, anti-American policies will be insignificant. That’s why they want gun control, and the history of gun control proves it. 

The first gun control was meant to keep blacks from owning weapons with which they could defend themselves. The Democrats in the KKK wanted to lynch blacks without repercussion and saw gun control as the way to make that happen. 

Then came the gun control of the FDR Administration, when machine guns were largely banned for the average civilian. Why? Well, because the government didn’t like the idea of freedom-loving people standing up to its tyrannical Prohibition policies by spitting .45 ACP rounds out of the end of a Tommy gun. 

Next came regulation of the so-called “Saturday Night Specials.” Why? Well because poor people were using those to defend themselves and the government and paternalistic left wanted people reliant on authorities for safety rather than on the piece of stamped steel on their hip; relying on your handgun for protection means you’re an independent citizen, but relying on a policeman means you’re a subject. The government prefers subjects to citizens. 

Finally, there was Bill Clinton’s “Assault Weapon Ban,” which somewhat limited our right to buy and own AR-15s and the like. Why did that one happen? Well, it wasn’t to keep us safe; it didn’t affect crime whatsoever. But it did limit our ability to resist the predations of a tyrannical government.

When it was done away with, Americans started arming themselves rapidly. In 2020, gun sales broke records month after month. Americans want guns, especially semi-auto handguns and AR-15s, because they know that those weapons are their protection against the mob, the brigand, and the government. Having access to the proper firearms is what makes us truly free, and the government hates to see us free from relying on it.

So, once again, the government is trying to use tragedy to push you toward supporting gun control. On that note, it should be recognized that the FBI let a Syrian national on a watch list arm himself to the teeth and shoot up a grocery store in a state with notoriously tough gun control laws, but it is suspicious that they let that happen. I’m not saying it was a false flag or intentionally allowed to happen, but it has all the marks of either of those beasts. Regardless of whether the government wanted another tragedy to strike or not, it did. And now the government is using your better nature against you so as to enact gun control policies that control us and make its radical policy objectives more likely.

Democrats have used gun control to control not guns, but rather unwilling populaces for years. Blacks. Poor people. Americans that wanted to drink liquor. People that just wanted to own a fun and easy to use modern sporting rifle. They’re planning on treading on us even more than they currently are and don’t want us to be able to bite them. That’s why the Democrats want gun control.

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