What It Was Like Having Covid-19

Yeah, you read that right. I had Covid. I'm writing this article post-Covid, as in a month over Covid. There's so much fearmongering surrounding Covid that I feel inclined to write. I do want to make the disclaimer that 
I am not a doctor. What I am going to share is based on my personal experience and opinion. Do your research. Covid has turned Americans into mindless sheep. For what? A virus you have a 99% chance of recovering from. But that doesn't mean you should blindly follow my views. Again, do your own research on what I state. Form your own opinions, and think for yourself.

My dad got Covid from one of his coworkers he works closely with. We all knew if we got Covid, it would've been from him at work. My mom and dad had been out all weekend, getting animals for our farm. They shared food and drinks, shared a car and talked in each other's face. Then my mom took care of Joshua the day after they were done with all their farm work from the weekend. A day later, that's when my parents found out my dad's coworker had Covid, so they got tested. Fast forward a few days, they got their tests and it was positive. By then, Joshua was showing symptoms of Covid. Slight cough, fever, and chills. A few days later, Rachel got sick. About a week later, I started having symptoms. It was a long two weeks, and we had a few scares, but we made it through.

Why did we get it so mild? After all, we all have asthma (my dad worst of all) and my brother has autoimmune issues because of his autism. Every day, we all took a combination of Quercetin, Vitamin D and C, and Zinc. Aside from Quercetin and Vitamin D, we were taking the others for years. Once we were a few months into Covid, my mom did some research and recommended us taking the others. A study from the University of Chicago showed that people who had high levels of vitamin D in them were either less likely to get Covid or had less severe symptoms. 

I was the mildest in my family when it came to having Covid. When my dad and mom got sick, they couldn't take care of the animals. I was outside for at least two hours a day, so imagine how much vitamin D I got. If you don't know how Covid works, it goes through your nasal passages, down your throat, to your lungs. All of us (as in the "kids") only had a slight cough, then Rachel and I lost our taste/smell. 

Regarding Quercetin, a study showed that patients with Covid-19 taking Quercetin, Bromelain, and Zinc were less likely to develop hyper-inflammation and cytokine storm. "Cytokine storm" is a potential complication caused by Covid. This is essentially an overproduction of inflammatory proteins known as cytokines, which kill tissue and damage your organs. There was something else we took, but I'd rather not share it here for personal reasons. If you'd like to know, feel free to message me via email or in my DMs. Let's just say that the combination of our youth (we're all between 18 - 21), the supplements, and with the unnamed thing we took truly saved us from worsening. 

I wanted to mention how CPAP machines may not be best for when you've got Covid. It may have some benefits, which you can read up on, but one main risk of the CPAP machine during Covid is that you are always breathing in the Covid through the water droplets in the mask. This could cause the Covid to worsen more quickly, which happened to my dad, leading to a visit to the ER. That's not meant to scare you. I don't know if that was the case for all Covid-19 positive patients who used CPAP machines, but I wanted to share that with you.

I'm sure you may be wondering if I will get the vaccine. That's a big HELL NO. I got over Covid through simple health practices. If I'm honest, as long as you are younger than 40 and have no underlying conditions, there is no reason to get it. I think there's too much hype that you need the vaccine to survive, and that's not the case. I've got the antibodies to protect me now. Also, with all the stories you read about the side effects, I really don't want to take it.

All in all, we survived. It was a hard two weeks because nobody knew what was going to happen. We were all stressed. You don't know if you or your loved one will be in that 1%. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. My parents were quarantined in the guest house for one week, so my sister and I literally had to do everything. It was stressful, but by the grace of God, we made it! I hope this helps anyone interested. I will conclude that, again, I'm not a medical professional. Please do your own research, and come to your own conclusions.

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