Prostitution and Human Trafficking

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There's a question I came across when researching an idea to write about. Does prostitution cause human trafficking rates to increase? In short, yes it does. There is a distinct correlation between the demand between prostitutes and human trafficking. Nobody really knows about this, but for me this isn't shocking. When you read about the correlation between the porn industry and human trafficking, it wouldn't surprise you that prostitution, an industry similar to pornography, would create higher rates of human and sex trafficking.

Let's make one thing clear. Prostitution and human trafficking are not the same thing. Very similar, but not 100% the same. The reason people see them as the same is because, while the prostitute might be doing this willingly, he/she might be receiving threats from their trafficker (without realizing it). Human or sex trafficking usually involves coercion and threats to the victim, while prostitution is done willingly. Again, the two can get involved intimately. Prostitutes can become victimized by human trafficking from rape, abuse, and more. 

Why do so many turn to prostitution and selling their body? Mainly because of poverty. If you look at countries with high poverty rates, most of the women and children are either sold by their family or sell themselves. "An uneducated woman can make fast money, she is under pressure to provide for her family, and she lives within widespread cultural acceptance of the sex industry. Prostitution quickly becomes a viable option — sometimes seemingly the only one," states the author of an article from Exodus Road. 

In a study published in World Development in 2012, the researchers discovered that countries with legalized prostitution, there were higher human trafficking rates than countries that have prostitution illegal. Look at Mexico. Human trafficking is rampant there, and prostitution is legal. In Rambo Last Blood, Sylvester Stallone exposed this world. Compare the rates in Mexico to any country that has prostitution illegal. Big difference.

The demand for sex is always rampant. When you allow industries like prostitution to be even remotely legal, the demand for sex trafficking and human trafficking will increase. 

There's also a problem with prostitutes in countries that have criminalized prostitution. If you're caught prostituting, you get severe reprimanding or punishment. The pimps or traffickers almost always get away with their crimes.

There's a responsibility on parents to discuss topics like prostitution with their children or teenagers. These crimes happen anywhere. It doesn't matter if the country has low rates of human trafficking. It will still happen. Human trafficking can happen to anyone. I know these topics seem uncomfortable, but you'll thank yourself when your child knows the truth.

As you can see, the relationship between prostitution and human trafficking is real. When a country has prostitution illegal, human trafficking is less. The opposite happens when a country legalizes prostitution. Don't support industries like this, because you can't be anti-trafficking and pro-prostitution. The jokes may be funny, but this industry cannot keep getting praise. Supporting "sex work" or supporting prostitution is degeneracy, and society cannot keep making excuses. It isn't anti-woman to say this, nor should it be. 

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