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Well, technically speaking, my birthday is tomorrow, but I usually aim for Mondays and Thursdays to be my days for publishing articles. Also, I'm not a Taylor Swift fan but everyone I know who posts about their 22nd birthday use a gif from Taylor Swift's 22. We've been through one hell of a year with the lockdowns, the election, and more. I figured I could do a post just about me.😜

I can't believe I'm 22 now! It doesn't feel any different than when I turned 21! Actually, turning 21 was better since I could officially drink! My family and I weren't planning on doing anything, but my dad said for my mom, sister and I to go out for my birthday before school started for my sister. So today and tomorrow I'll be packing to go to the beach on Saturday! I'll be posting them on my socials, so be sure to follow me!

It doesn't feel like as big a deal as last year, but turning 22 isn't a milestone like turning 21. At 22, however, I do consider myself to be accomplished. 

For this article, I thought I could share 22 things that have happened in the past year.
  1. First, I will start with how I broke a bone. Yep! I broke a bone for the first time. I fractured my toe by stubbing it into a stool. Trivial, I know!
  2. I joined The College Fix as a student reporter.
  3. One of my articles for The Fix was featured on Hannity! Major moment for me!
  4. I've updated the design of my blog!
  5. I started teaming up with other small businesses and smaller social media platforms.
  6. I graduated from the University of Florida, and got to walk my commencement in April.
  7. I created an email list for my blog (join please!).
  8. My family got animals for the farm. Right now, we've got 2 Catahoulas, 100+ chickens, 33 goats, 3 donkeys, and 2 wild fawns who were born in the pasture our goats are in! The goats in the picture are Pippin (left) and Little Horn (right). Pippin was our first baby, and Little Horn was a very sickly goat so I got close with her.
  9. I created my own merchandise.
  10. For my graduation party, I had friends over who I hadn't seen since 2019.
  11. I got interviewed by one of my favorite political commentators, Mahgdalen Rose.
  12. I decided to go make an Instagram account for my blog and to post about human trafficking. I've gotten great at marketing myself on social media! 
  13. I got accepted as a writer for Stop The Demand Project, an anti-trafficking organization.
  14. I created my first fundraiser using social media. Check out my Instagram or FB page to see them!
  15. I worked on two different political campaigns for local leaders.
  16. I'm in the process of contacting leaders in my field of interest.
  17. I got to see F9 in theaters and that movie was amazing!
  18. I have tried so many combinations at Starbucks. Some good some bad!
  19. After being locked up for a year, I decided to dye my hair pink to try something new!
  20. Since so many performers used drive in theaters to perform, we got to attend a few of those! We saw Blake Shelton, Tobymac, and Casting Crowns.
  21. I read a lot of books this year. My favorite was probably the last one I read called Stolen: The True Story of a Sex Trafficking Survivor. 
  22. I'm going to see Blake Shelton in concert next month and I'm super excited!!!
I hope you liked my article. I'm grateful for another year. Well, time for a little beach time and R&R!

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