135 Republicans Betrayed Americans

Recently, a bill was passed in the House. The bill would put stricter laws in place for purchasing or using a gun. These are red flag laws. The bill was passed on Thursday at a vote of 316-113. What's notably upsetting is that 135 Republicans voted in support of these laws. Specifically speaking, 135 Republicans voted in favor of a law that will cause numerous people to lose their 2nd Amendment right. These 135 Republicans betrayed their constituents and America.

Who were the 135 Republicans who voted in favor of this bill? Here is a list of the names, and the ones I've bolded are the notable names in this list. The ones who were "rising stars" among the conservative Establishment. 

Allen (R-GA)                             
Amodei (R-NV)                     
Bacon (R-NE)                             
Baird (R-IN)
Balderson (R-OH)                            
Banks (R-IN)
Barr  (R-KY)
Bentz (R-OR)
Bergman (R-MI)
Bice (R-OK) 
Bilirakis (R-FL)
Bost (R-IL)
Brady (R-TX)
Buchanan (R-FL)
Bucshon (R-IN)
Calvert (R-CA)
Cammack (R-FL)
Carl (R-AL)
Carter (R-GA)
Carter (R-TX) 
Cawthorn (R-NC)
Cheney (R-WY)
Cole (R-OK)
Crawford (R-AK)
Crenshaw (R-TX)
Davis, Rodney (R-IL)
DesJarlais (R-TN)
Diaz-Balart (R-FL)
Dunn (R-FL)
Ellzey (R-TX)
Fallon (R-TX)
Feenstra (R-IA)
Ferguson (R-GA)
Fitzgerald (R-WI)
Fitzpatrick (R-PA)
Fleischmann (R-TN)
Foxx (R-NC)
Franklin, C. Scott (R-FL)
Gaetz (R-FL)
Gallagher (R-WI)
Garbarino (R-NY)
Garcia (R-CA)
Gibbs (R-OH)
Gimenez (R-FL)
Gonzales, Tony (R-TX)
Gonzalez (R-OH) 
Granger (R-TX)
Graves (R-LA) 
Graves (R-MO) 
Green (R-TN) 
Guthrie (R-KY)
Harshbarger (R-TN)
Hartzler (R-MI)
Herrera Beutler (R-WA)
Hill (R-AK)
Hinson (R-IA)
Hollingsworth (R-IN)
Hudson (R-NC)
Issa (R-CA)
Jackson (R-TX)
Jacobs (R-NY) 
Johnson (R-LA) 
Johnson (R-OH) 
Johnson (R-SD) 
Joyce (R-OH) 
Joyce (R-PA) 
Katko (R-NY)
Keller (R-PA) 
Kelly (R-MS) 
Kelly (R-PA) 
Kim (R-CA) 
Kinzinger (R-IL))
Kustoff (R-TN)
LaHood (R-IL)
Lamborn (R-CO)
Latta (R-OH)
LaTurner (R-KA)
Letlow (R-LA)
Long (R-MI)
Lucas (R-OK)
Luetkemeyer (R-MO)
Mace (R-SC)
Malliotakis (R-NY)
Mann (R-KA)
McCarthy (R-CA)
McCaul (R-TX)
McClain (R-MI)
McHenry (R-NC)
McKinley (R-WV)
Meijer (R-MI)
Meuser (R-PA)
Miller (R-WV) 
Miller-Meeks (R-IA)
Moolenaar (R-MI)
Moore (R-UT) 
Murphy (R-NC) 
Newhouse (R-WA)
Nunes (R-CA)
Obernolte (R-CA)
Pence (R-IN)
Pfluger (R-TX)
Reschenthaler (R-PA)
Rodgers (R-WA) 
Rogers (R-AL) 
Rogers (R-KY) 
Rouzer (R-NC)
Salazar (R-FL)
Scalise (R-LA)
Scott, Austin (R-GA)
Simpson (R-ID)
Smith (R-NE) 
Smith (R-NJ) 
Spartz (R-IN)
Stauber (R-MN)
Steel (R-CA)
Stefanik (R-NY)
Steil (R-WI)
Tenney (R-NY)
Thompson (R-PA) 
Turner (R-OH)
Upton (R-MI)
Valadao (R-CA)
Van Drew (R-NJ)
Van Duyne (R-TX)
Wagner (R-MO)
Walberg (R-MI)
Walorski (R-IN)
Waltz (R-FL)
Wenstrup (R-OH)
Westerman (R-AR)
Wilson (R-SC) 
Wittman (R-VI)
Womack (R-AR)
Young (R-AK)

Keep these names in mind. I cannot tell you how angry I am with these people. At the same time, I'm both not shocked and somewhat glad to see this truth come out. I got so much criticism for never siding or no longer supporting the conservatives in bold because organizations like TPUSA were making them out to be so great. I knew people like Dan Crenshaw, Matt Gaetz, Elise Stefanik, and Kat Cammack, I knew were all fakes. Kammack makes me sick. As many of you know I worked for Gavin Rollins' campaign, and Kammack used every dirty trick in the book to make her opponents look bad. She ran a dishonest campaign.

Who really surprised and disappointed me was Madison Cawthorne. I had seen many people say Cawthorne couldn't be trusted, but I didn't believe it. Crenshaw didn't even surprise me, because he already said he supported red flag laws, so I stopped liking him. But I had really respected Madison. I saw Lauren Witzke post how she met Madison the day they both visited the Southern border, where border patrol agents spoke about the "rape houses" on the other side of the border, where at nights they could hear the screams of women and children. Despite hearing this, Madison stopped including border security on his website, Lauren stated. That's pathetic if true.

And don't buy their bullcrap excuses for signing these laws. They're just trying to make up for the fact they've betrayed us. 

These Reps don't understand how dangerous these laws are. Or perhaps they do, and don't care. Or they choose to remain ignorant on the laws. Who knows? All I know is these laws are going to hurt anyone right of Mitt Romney. Look at Laura Loomer, who lost her 2nd Amendment rights without committing a crime or given any legal reason why. She is not allowed to purchase a firearm, and despite her lawyers sending in emails or letters to no avail. As Laura said, "I've been redflagged with ZERO due process." What happened to Laura is now going to be legal to happen to Americans the elites deem a "threat." Mark my words.

We cannot let these so-called conservatives get away with this. I fully intend on calling my Representatives and give them an earful. If your Rep. is up here, call them. And when election time comes, replace them. These 135 Republicans proved with this vote that they don't have our interests at heart. 

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