Making Reading Less of a Chore

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I used to hate reading. Whenever it came to school, I would just look up summaries or skim the book. I could never get interested enough to read a book. I remember in high school, my class was reading Macbeth by William Shakespeare, and they were going to have a tea party. I wanted to partake, but since I took English 101 in college through dual enrollment, I wasn't in the class. My teacher said if I read the book, I could join. I never did, and when the tea party hit, and the teacher asked me a question pertaining to the book, I literally made up a somewhat intelligent answer. She thought my insight was incredible! But this shouldn't have been the case. Now, I have found reading to be more enjoyable. I wanted to share some tricks and tips to make reading less of a chore.

I originally got this idea (believe it or not) from Sylvester Stallone's daughter, Sophia! She runs a book club Instagram account, and I actually love how passionate she is with her book club and reading. Sophia really makes it something you want to join. She actually shared me as her September's Favorite of the Month, which was really awesome to see! She shared some tips about making reading more enjoyable. I am also adding my own tips to share with you!

Tip #1: Put time aside to read. Everyone has busy schedules. School, family, work, or a combination of these three can make it hard for you to commit time into reading. I know I've had to deal with that. Set time aside to say you'll read. For example, I like to read early in the afternoon, around 2 or 3. Depending on the chapter or chapters I am reading will determine how long I read. Sometimes it is for 10 minutes, other times it can be for about an hour. Having a set time to read will make reading much easier.

Tip #2: Choose books that will interest you. Know which genre or topics interest you as a reader. For genres, I like to read books related to Christianity, science fiction, and action. I also enjoy reading books related to human trafficking, free speech, and personal stories. If you try to read outside your zone, it will be like a chore. Stick with what you like.

Tip #3: Have an place where you will read. Many can read anywhere at any time. You are not "many people." Know how you are as a reader. Personally, I like reading in a quiet area. In a coffee shop, my bedroom, anywhere I can get some silence is preferable.

Tip #4: Find a book club. Meeting other people who are interested in reading, or even the genres/authors you like, will encourage you to read more. Getting involved with a book club can persuade you into reading because you won't feel alone. I don't really care about that, but some people do, so joining a book club may be a good idea to inspire the inner reader in you!

Tip #5: Be grateful. This may seem unusual to say, but think about it. We can read freely, and choose not to. Meanwhile, in many countries, people aren't allowed to read. Only what the government says is okay is what they can read. In the U.S., we don't have to worry about that (although censorship of what books are published is happening often). Be grateful for what you have. As Sophia said, "Reading is a gift. It's a blessing.

Because I've become more politically involved, I like to read books from established authors. I also liked self-help books. The books I really enjoy reading right now are books related to fighting human trafficking. I hope these tips help you enjoy reading more!

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