Should Conservatives Leave Social Media?

After the 2020 election, many conservatives and Republicans decided to leave social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter because of their distain against the results. If you're still on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, you're often criticized for "supporting" these platforms. But should we all leave social media? One of my favorite journalists, Anthony Cabassa, asked on his Telegram why people support this, and I thought it would make for a great article.

Conservatives shouldn't leave social media. I am not saying I support what these authoritarians on Twitter or Facebook are doing. But if we leave, these platforms only become leftwing thinktanks, leading to their victory. They want everyone an inch right of Mitt Romney or Lindsey Graham to NOT be on social media. If you leave, it doesn't hurt them. It makes them think they're winning.

Also, many people use social media for their news. About a third of adults get their news from what they see on Twitter or Facebook. That's a large base you could reach through social media. Now, when you leave, who is left on these platforms? Leftwing "journalists" who use certain headlines to get their messaging out. You cannot say you want to leave when you know you can share the truth. It may get banned or fact-checked, but at least you're reaching some people. 

To say you want to get off permanently because you hate what the owners of Facebook or Twitter are doing is a bad idea. We will never be able to grow the conservative movement, nor share the truth. You share posts or retweet things you know are the truth. That reaches someone new, and you may change their mind. It isn't always guaranteed, but we can take that risk.

If you want to be informed, then help others be informed, how can you say social media isn't a good way to do so? Everyone uses social media, and it's one of the main ways people stay up to date on what's happening. And before you say, "Oh, they only make what they want to trend." Not always. When the Hunter Biden story broke, many conservatives got certain tags trending to get the word out, and it worked. It takes all of us to share the truth, but if we leave, nobody will wake up.

Clearly, social media companies don't care about the truth, or they wouldn't censor doctors who praise Ivermectin/natural immunity. To combat them, We The People have to fight back by sharing the truth in full force. So to answer this question, should conservatives leave social media? No, we shouldn't. If anything with the way things are going, we must stay on social media to spread the truth.

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