The Woke Redefinition of Language is the New Totalitarianism

Have you noticed the language in America is changing?  Words don’t mean what they used to mean.  Diversity, racism, herd immunity, and inclusion all have completely different definitions compared to their original meanings before the 21st century.

Language is essential to a culture.  We communicate and think with words. Everything takes shape with words.

Totalitarian governments are not only remembered for killing millions of innocent people or crushing free markets and religion; they are remembered for changing the language in their countries.

Tyrannical governments change language and what words mean.  Let’s look at how the Left is changing the words in America’s language and how it’s affecting us at every level.

The New Totalitarian Language: Woke Redefinitions

Devonshire writes for New Discourses, “Wokeness is nothing less than a project to unilaterally tear down, and to re-structure, the entirety of our human environment - this includes all society, culture, customs, ethics, and politics in the United States and across the Western world - to fall into alignment with whatever arbitrary contours it desires.”

In other words, wokeness is the new totalitarian, and woke language is the new method America’s leftist totalitarians use to twist language and confuse normal, everyday Americans.

Words the New Woke Has Redefined

Most of us weren’t looking close enough, and we missed the first bits of evidence as wokism infiltrated America through college campuses, social media, and the courts.  Leftists have engaged in “linguistic activism” to wage "a full-scale war on language, playing by their own set of constantly shifting rules."(Source: The Federalist

What words has the woke totalitarianism (i.e. the Left) changed in America? Let’s take a look at diversity, herd immunity, and racism.

1) Diversity - Redefined By Wokism

Diversity is a hot topic - it’s all we hear about at corporate board meetings and on the news.  Everyone wants diversity.  

Diversity was once defined as quality over quantity.  For example, if two people interviewed for a job, the hiring manager would pick the person more qualified for the job, regardless of skin color, gender, or religious preference.  This is true diversity in its original definition.

Woke diversity is the exact opposite.  Today’s definition of "diversity is not about choosing the best applicant for a job.  It is about meeting a quota for skin color or gender." 

This is just one example of wokism in our language today.

2) Racism - Redefined By Wokism

A second example of woke redefinition is the word "racism."  Racism used to revolve around the color of your skin and your personal accomplishments. Think segregated dormitories and schools in the 1950s and 1960s, which were all reprehensible immoralities in our culture that the Civil Rights Movement worked to change.

However, today, in woke terms, "'Racism' means ‘systemic racism,’ which doesn’t even require a single racist person or intention” (Source: New Discourses).

This new, woke racism makes everything that is considered “white” (including tap dancing, logic, and objectivity) and calls it racist because it supposedly oppresses black culture.

Now, under the new definition of racism, you can be racist no matter who you are or what color your skin is.  The Left claims racism is present in every interaction no matter what, effectively twisting the original definition of racism to confuse Americans about what it actually means.

3) Climate Change - Redefined By Wokism

A third example, climate change, is perhaps the most obvious of the Left’s language obsession.  In a 2019 Fox News segment, Ed Henry (chief national correspondent) laughingly observed, "Before it was global warming, then it was climate change, now maybe extreme weather? The Left keeps rolling out new terms but pushing the same agenda change. Why do they keep shifting the language?"

Indeed, we have seen the media talk about global cooling, global warming, the end of the earth, and finally wrapping it all up with the word "climate change." They claim we need to legislate the New Green Deal to solve all our climate change woes.  Their words and definitions change with their own evolving agendas and needs, and the American citizens are just along for the ride.

How To Defeat the Woke Left

The woke Left seems unbeatable. They have the colleges, the media, and the power. They've effectively changed our language into something almost unrecognizable. Is there any possibility to take our country back and restore the meaning of our language? There is hope for American citizens who are willing to take action.

First, don’t abide by their standards.  When you are having a conversation, carefully define the terms you are using, and understand what the other person means.  The Left wants to kill public discourse and dialogue.  By taking action against this and defining terms, we can retake dialogue one step at a time.

Second, talk openly about wokism and its detrimental effects on language.  Raise awareness among your friends and co-workers. Publish your opposition and find like minded people who will join you in re-taking America and stopping the totalitarian efforts of the Left.

Third, stop self-censoring. Don’t silence yourself by abstaining from wearing messages on your clothing or sitting down when you know you should speak up for your beliefs.

We have constitutional support for freedom of speech in the First Amendment. Our job is to protect that speech and its original meaning. One person making a small difference in his or her community can radiate throughout the whole country if every American starts making small differences in their communities.

About the author: Marissa Long is a conservative writer at her blog She writes with biblical roots, truth, and boldness on current political, religious, and cultural topics. In her free time, you can find Marissa reading a book, working out, and spending as much time as possible outdoors with her cattle. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, or Gettr  (@themarissalong).

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