Woke Country Music Is Trying To Destroy Morgan Wallen's Career

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I've discussed the story of Morgan Wallen from earlier this year MANY times. For those unaware, I'll give a quick synopsis. 

A few months back, Morgan Wallen was coming back from heavily drinking with friends, and he used a racial slur. The video was leaked, and instantly cancel culture went after Wallen. Numerous country singers attacked Wallen, including Mickey Guyton, Kelsea Ballerini, and others. People I cannot stand and personally think is ruining country music, in my opinion. He was dropped from his label, country radio stopped playing him, he was dropped from any categories he was nominated for in award shows, FULL BLOWN cancellation. This was months ago. 

Slowly, it appeared he was getting accepted back. He is up for one award in the 2021 CMTs, only because it also highlights his songwriters who CMT doesn't want to hold accountable for "Wallen's mistakes." Despite he is up for an award, CMT announced Wallen was banned from attending the event. Why? Because he used that racial slur. It's absolutely appalling. I cannot tell you how angry I am. This really solidified my belief that the woke side of country music is trying to destroy Morgan Wallen's career.

Morgan has done more than enough to make up for what he did. I never believed he was a racist. I don't think him saying the N-word was acceptable, but everyone made Wallen out to be a racist. I cannot stand Mickey and the other "country" singers who attacked Morgan. Mickey Guyton tweeted that "the hate runs deep" and "how much longer will we allow this?" I cannot stand her. 

Thankfully, woke singers weren't the only ones talking about Morgan. Some are defending him, like Hardy,  What really stood out was one of the people who didn't cancel Morgan Wallen, and it was Jimmie Allen. He told Wallen what he said wasn't right, but Jimmie said he wasn't offended nor felt the need to banish Wallen from Nashville. 

While on the Bobby Bones ShowAllen told Bones that, "If people would have said, 'I don't agree with this,' 'He shouldn't have used that,' 'That's the wrong word to use,' that's one thing. When people start to use words like offended, the word offended is weird to me because my grandfather taught me at a young age, when someone says something to someone else, not directed at you that doesn't affect you. The only way that you can become offended, is if you are so self-absorbed, you make something about you that's not about you."

If that didn't describe all the country singers who attacked Wallen, I don't know what will.

I think woke country music hated that a good old country boy was getting so popular, while all their woke singers are barely noticed. They pounced at the chance to get him out of the way. Despite all they have done to ruin his life, Morgan's career is still skyrocketing. Because his fans knew he wasn't racist like the woke Left claimed. The same people who are claiming his supporters support that bigotry. *inserts rolling eye emoji* Literally everyone I know who likes Wallen's music NEVER supported him using that word. Being drunk is no excuse for saying a word like that, and even Morgan learned that. I think so many supported him after the incident because, as many of us know, cancel culture is a destroyer and has hurt so many. I hope Morgan sees the truth, because country music doesn't seem to want to forgive him. He needs to stand up for himself and not take this cancelation. #IStandWithMorganWallen

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