Billy Graham on Being A Christian in Today's Society

Being a Christian in 2021 in not an easy task. Many false teachers give a message that being saved is a simple task. That you can just say you're a Christian without putting anything into it. Or we often hear you can be a gay Christian or some other false teaching. It's very common in politics, which is why I wanted to write this. It's a bit last minute, so bear with me if it's not perfectly written. Please watch these videos to understand what it is I'm saying.

Many "pastors" we hear on television or see on social media have this "perfect" or woke version of Christianity. That we all worship the same God, and we will all go to heaven since we worship that same God. Muslims, Hindus, Jews, and Christians worship THE SAME GOD. That isn't the case. Being a Christian brings on worldly shame, and what I mean by this is essentially what Billy Graham said. Being a Christian means you will be persecuted by the world, who live with the Flesh and give into worldly desires. You are mocked or criticized if you live a Christian life or don't give into their woke religion.

Now, I get if people fall for this trap. I used to excuse homosexuality when I got involved in politics, because so many conservatives I respect and admire are (or were) gay. You cannot follow the way of the world. 

The way of the world give a false vision of what being a Christian is. There's a reason no pastor will mention the name Jesus Christ. Have you ever noticed this? This was something my parents and I discussed one night. My parents talked about pastors like Joel Osteen, who talk about God but not Jesus. I was confused by the statement, because we know Jesus and God are the same person. What they told me next was why I wanted to write this article.

When television pastors like Osteen talk about "God," they're talking about what I stated earlier with everyone worshipping the same God. They're teaching a worldly version of God and Christianity. They'll preach a feel good message, instead of focusing on what needs to be taught. When you mention the name "Jesus Christ," they hate on you. Why? Because the name of Jesus specifically aligns with Christianity. True Christianity. It goes against their political messages. That's why so many tried to turn Jesus woke. Think about that the next time you watch a pastor on social media or TV. Do they mention Jesus' name, or preach a feel good, woke message.

Being a Christian is not an easy task, nor will it ever be. Like Billy said, we live in a materialistic and sexualized society who don't want to hear the truth. Nonetheless, we must take a stand against what the devil is trying to push. Look at what is happening with the MAP community or woke school boards trying to take your children. We are in a fight of good versus evil. We cannot stay silent on what is happening. I'm not claiming to be a preacher, nor do I ever claim to be the perfect Christian. But we cannot allow wokeness or worldly views (which is on both sides) to say what is or isn't in the Bible. Most will omit the truth. We have to do what is right. Billy Graham is still one of my favorite preachers, and he was right on the money with what he said.

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