The Best Country Songs of 2021

To be honest, nobody asked me to write this specific post, but since I'll be celebrating my 200th blog post AND Christmas is coming up, I figured we could take a break from politics. Since we are wrapping up 2021, and about to enter 2022, I wanted to share my list of which country songs were the best for 2021. We all know country music is my favorite genre, so let's start!

#10 Drinking Beer. Talking God. Amen by Chase Rice and Florida Georgia Line: 

This was a great campfire song, when you're just chilling with your friends. I loved the tune of this song, and the video was hilarious.

#9 Drunk (And I Don't Want to Go Home) by Elle King and Miranda Lambert

I figured I should include some women in this list, but I'll be honest. I am a fan of the men in country music rather than the females. But I'm willing to have this song on the list, because it was really catchy!

#8 Fancy Like by Walker Hayes

I know this isn't "technically" a country song, but I mean, it BLEW UP in popularity. I didn't like it at first, but this is one of those songs that gets stuck in your head whether you want it to or not. Now, I always listen to it. Hey, when I'm driving in my Jeep, you'll hear me blaring this. Don't get me wrong, Walker Hayes isn't that good a singer, but this song was definitely the catchiest. Then he made a trend with his song on Tik Tok. That's pretty hilarious, in my opinion. Image credit: Giphy, Walker Hayes

#7 Whiskey and Rain by Michael Ray: 

This is your typical "guy got his heart broken and went to the bar to drink" song. Still, it was a really good song. Michael Ray is a good singer. 

#6 Same Boat by Zac Brown Band: 

This one is just pretty catchy. I didn't care for the song at first, but it slowly grows on you. I know a lot of people love songs from Zac Brown Band, but this was the first that made me realize they aren't half bad!

#5 My Boy by Elvie Shane: 

I think everyone heard this song. Elvie Shane entered country music (and fame) after he wrote this touching song about his stepson, and it's a beautifully written song. I personally love this song, and think everyone should give it a listen. Image credit: Giphy, Elvie Shane

#4 Country Again by Thomas Rhett: 

I've never been a big Thomas Rhett fan. It's nothing against him. I think he's an amazing person. He and his family are adorable together, and he's a really good singer. It's just his music I never got into. But "Country Again" really gets to you. Makes you think of what you should prioritize in your life. 

#3 Cold as You by Luke Combs: 

I had loved this song at first, but it got so overplayed so quickly, I quickly got sick of the song. Nonetheless, Luke Combs has one of the greatest voices in country music. His fame is well deserved. I've never heard a song by Luke that I didn't like. Many of his hits also hit #1, and it makes sense considering his music and voice are incredible. Image credit: Giphy, Luke Combs.

#2 Sand in my Boots by Morgan Wallen: 

This definitely would have been number one if it wasn't for the fact that I liked the next song much more. Sand in my Boots is definitely a great catchy ballad. It really shows a side of Morgan you may not have known. His version on the piano is absolutely amazing. His voice is something else. Please go listen if you haven't yet. Image credit: Giphy, Morgan wallen

#1 Come Back as a Country Boy by Blake Shelton: 

If you know me, this is not a surprise for you. No lie, I haven't liked a song this much by Blake since "God's Country." I think it has some of the same elements. A good country song rooted in pride to be country, then you add it has country, rock, and soul, you cannot get better than this. When you hear it live, it's that much better. This is the only song that makes sense to have as #1. This is also one of those songs, like "God's Country," that can turn the biggest country music hater into a fan. It's just that good! Image credit: Giphy, Blake Shelton

If you haven't heard any of these songs, please go listen! You'll thank me later. Also, here's one more addition as a treat. Go check out Lil Durk and Morgan Wallen's "Broadway Girls." Such a good song!!

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