Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom

The darlings of the media decide in a modern democracy, not reason.

If you want something, you will find ways. Those who don't want something will find reasons.

Women laugh and cry more often than men do, they show their feelings, which does not mean that men do not have feelings!

Worldwide, girls and women outperform boys and men in school and in university. Is this our stone-age heritage? Maybe the males cannot sit still, since they are meant to be runners, hunters, defenders, warriors...

There are more obese men than women: Men need much more physical exercise to stay healthy, our stone-age heritage.

Many people prefer to fight for their beliefs instead of living according to them.

If people become aggressive in a discussion, use insults or labels, this could be a sign that they are wrong.

Advertising and propaganda do always work, even in enlightened and intelligent people: You simply have to repeat your message frequently enough.

Every person that seeks publicity is attacked, no matter if he (or she) is good or bad.

The media and their consumers prefer good stories over true stories.

Objective definitions (content) in the election campaign are dangerous because the views of the electorate are too diverse. Assuming 50% are against and 50% when it comes to issue A and similarly in issue  B, then the party that expresses itself concretely on the two topics A and B has only 25% of the votes, and so on.

Even if the physicists knew all laws of nature, they still would not know why they are the way they are. (Except it could be proven that only this single possibility exists)

Unhappy people can be evil, out of jealousy.

Every idea finds its followers, simply because it exists.

We can learn something from every human being.

The best way to predict the future is: to create it!

The choice of means can discredit a good cause. Those who fight with vanity or aggressiveness only achieve that some reasonable people turn away.

Music has at least three purposes:

1. Strengthening the social bond between a group of humans

2. Sharing of feelings

3. Courtship

Humans share their feelings by singing and dancing, friendships emerge. Good dancers and singers are preferred by the opposite gender. Some animals have melodies and sound to attract a mate, to generate a “community emotion” and to communicate. Whales and dolphins “sing” and wolves howl, many bird species sing, maybe because many bird species are monogamous. Anthropologist Mary Batten (USA, www.marybatten.com ) writes in her book “Sexual strategies-how females choose their mates” that the order “primates” includes more species with monogamous behavior than any other mammalian order.  Lou Andreas-Salomé reports the same in her book "Die Erotik", published in 1910. Birds do also sing and twitter to defend their territory or to mark it, as a signal for every male bird of the same species.Only humans have songs with lyrics. Evolution gave our ancestors music and made us gregarious, and the present shows the relative success of mankind over the animals.

Gender Differences

Friedrich Nietzsche wrote: "In the true man there is a child hidden: it wanted to play. Up then, ye women, and discover the child in man!”. These assumptions are backed up  by the research of professor  Doris Bischof-Köhler. Women are better at describing, finding adjectives, drawing analogies. Men like to “play” when challenges arise. Professor of psychology Doris Bischof-Köhler conducted an experiment with males and females (problem-solving).

The task is: You have a fence, 10 m long, and trees have to be planted (at the fence), with a distance of 1 m.

How many trees do you need?

The women use logic: 10 m divided by 1 m is 10, plus one tree either for beginning or end→ correct result is: 11 trees.

The men do not think at all, they play (either in their head or by using a piece of paper):

Make one dot for the first tree, then go 1 square on the paper forward, the second dot, and so on→ in the end they count the dots→ correct result is 11 trees.


Her book "Von Natur aus anders: Die Psychologie der Geschlechtsunterschiede"-literally translated: "Different by Nature: The Psychology of Gender  Differences".


The author of this guest article asked I kept his identity anonymous.

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