Country Singers Against Mask or COVID Vaccine Mandates

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After writing my "Which country singers are conservative or Republican" article, I began to think of similar topics to this one. I came across on from Gen Z Conservative, where he wrote about Chris Lane's wife bashing mask mandates in schools. So I figured I could share an article about which country singers are against the COVID mandates (i.e. mask mandates, vaccine requirements). Plus, now that the country has basically gone back to normal, I figured why not!

Here is my list of country singers against COVID mandates:
  1. Morgan Wallen: Morgan, before the national outrage of him using that racial slur, was caught maskless at a party. He wasn't following COVID protocols, and was quickly shut down. Numerous woke keyboard warriors attacked him, SNL cancelled his performance, the whole nine yards! Shortly after this, the election came, and Biden was declared the winner. Many took to the streets to party and celebrate, especially at the BLM Plaza in Washington, DC. Morgan was enraged, and posted the following: "The hypocrisy is unreal. If it's okay for us to party in the streets with no 'social distancing' then we can book shows right now." COVID existed in church, the gym, and at the grocery store. COVID didn't exist at the liquor store or at BLM rallies. 
  2. Jason Aldean: Jason has been openly criticizing the mandates in liberal cities and states. He has been especially vocal of the mandates in California. He also praised the non-mask wearers at one of his concerts. He believes that wearing a mask or taking a vaccine should be "a personal choice." Astonishing to think something that outrageous! Jason's wife, Brittney, has also shared one in the same.
  3. Carrie Underwood: A few months back, Carrie liked a tweet from popular conservative pundit, Matt Walsh. The tweet contained a video of Matt speaking at the Nashville School Board, discussing why children should not wear masks at school. Matt even joked how he wondered how long before Carrie gave into the woke mob. Ironically, she didn't. She just ignored them. At the 2021 CMAs, Luke Bryan made a joke against Aaron Rodgers, who claimed to be vaccinated but later revealed he wasn't. Carrie gave a side-eye to the comment. It appeared the Carrie and her husband (who has become outspoken on his political beliefs) were on Rodger's side.
  4. Travis Tritt: Travis announced that he will not be performing at any venues that require you to show your vaccination card. He's also been outspoken against mask mandates. 
  5. Dierks Bentley: Dierks has always been on the more liberal side of country music. He came out in support of gun control, which was met with numerous complaints from fans. I was shocked he came out against COVID. It was specifically about mask mandates in schools. Bentley shared a screenshot of a NYT article discussing how schools should drop mask requirements. His caption stated, "Seems like common sense." 
  6. Brian Kelley: Brian is half of the popular country duo, Florida Georgia Line. He and Tyler (which I only learned in my research for this) could not agree on anything coming up to the 2020 election, which led to Tyler unfollowing Brian. It's always hilarious how the people who claim to be woke and open to others' opinions don't want to hear anything from differing opinions. The two also couldn't agree on COVID. Brian stated how he believed COVID was politically motivated. Guess I shouldn't have been so surprised as Brian is from Florida.
  7. Luke Bryan: So Luke "bashing the mask mandate" was a bit BS to me. At his show in Nevada, he basically joked how the governor dropped the mask mandate because he was performing there. However, not long ago, he was making fun of Aaron Rodgers for not being honest about his vaccination status. Where was Luke for the last few months, or even the past two years? Luke has always been one to play the fence, in my opinion.
I hope you liked this list! Keep your eyes peeled for my next article, because this story is one that everyone has been following. I'll be publishing it either Thursday or Friday!

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