Is Vladimir Putin At Fault for The Rising Gas Prices in America?

What I paid to fill up 
my dad's truck😑

Day after day, we are being told that the reason gas prices continue to rise is because of what Russia is doing in Ukraine. Politicians, the media, Hollywood, Tik Tok "influencers," they all say the same thing. It's all Russia's fault that everything is going wrong in this country. It's Russia's fault that we may have to go to war. It's Russia's fault that we may experience food shortages. We are being lied to, yet so many believe what is being told. Many refuse to believe the truth. As the old saying goes, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink." What we are experiencing right now with these high prices is at the fault of the current administration and every person who voted for Joe Biden. 

Barack Obama even said "Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*ck things up." Regarding the current energy plan, Obama was correct. People like to claim that Biden didn't cause prices to go up. That the President has no control over that. Actually he does, and prices have been rising since Biden took office. Literally! He cancelled the Keystone pipeline within his first 24 hours of taking office, to appease the radical side of his party. In doing so, he took the United States from being energy independent to reliant on other countries for oil and gas. That's one example. 

The next example relates to what is happening today. Biden placed sanctions on Russian imports. This included oil and gas. Russia was one of our largest suppliers in oil and gas, but now we have nobody giving us these things we need. Even worse, now we have President Biden practically begging for oil in Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. Of all places!  The U.S. is a laughing stock right now, and instead of being transparent with the American people, the Biden administration and its supporters refuse to take any responsibility. Now, the entire country is paying $5 for gas, and in some places, up to $8. 

We are continuously told that Russia is only to blame for the current gas crisis. Even Putin is telling Americans what we are being fed is lies. The media is pushing a partisan agenda to blind Americans to the truth. Sadly, it's working. America turned a blind eye to the Hunter Biden story, and even though proof has come out proving these "allegations" were true, America still ignores the truth. Will Americans begin to wake up to these lies? I surely hope so. If you are on the side of war, and hate majority of our politicians (which is literally mostly everyone), consider this. Everyone you disagree with or don't trust are pushing for us to go to war. That should be enough of a red flag.

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