The Situation in Shanghai

The media has been covering the tragedy happening in Ukraine. Nonstop we are told "Pray for Ukraine" or "Stand with Ukraine." We are told that if you aren't in favor of going to war with Ukraine, you're a traitor to America. While we have been distracted by the Ukraine situation, the Chris Rock/Will Smith brawl at the Oscars, and more, we have been distracted by what is happening in Shanghai, China. 

Recently, the Communist Party of China has put citizens in Shanghai on lockdown in response to the rising COVID rates. Residents have been on lockdown for one week with little to no access to food or other necessities. The city with 25 million citizens are NOT allowed to leave their home for ANY reason, which includes grocery shopping. Fortune shared that, "Most residents have been ordering food through delivery apps or through government-delivered rations, but actually getting that food has proved difficult because of the high demand." A video came out on the 11th of citizens screaming in frustration about their struggles to eat and even survive. You can feel the fear and anger coming from the Shanghainese people. A CNN reporter stated he isn't allowed to go outside at all. The suicide rates have been increasing due to these extreme measures from the CCP. Numerous seriously ill patients were denied healthcare because of the COVID measures in place, and sadly lost their life. 

What else is there? After all, how much worse could these things get with all of what I described? Children are being taken from their parents who test positive for COVID. One yoga instructor shared that after she and her husband tested positive for Omnicron, they were separated from their ten year old child and had little contact with her. Equally heartbreaking to read is the punishment pets receive. One story came out of a Shanghai policeman beating a corgi to death with a shovel, after its owner was found positive. Cats and dogs are being slaughtered in Shanghai, and I couldn't bring myself to watch any of it. It's just too horrible to imagine, let alone watch.

The CCP claims these measures are essential to "eradicate the COVID virus." What we are witnessing is heartbreaking. Shanghai isn't the only city forcing their citizens to remain at home, although it appears to be the strictest. The following cities are also having their citizens stay home: Jilin City, Changchun, Xuzhou, Tangshan. Even though these measures are in place, these lockdowns haven't stopped the spread of COVID somehow. Shanghai's official leader in the city response stated that the situation is very grim. It has been proven the lockdowns did nothing to stop the spread of COVID.

Despite all of what I described, the media, Hollywood, academia, and every leftwing institution has remained quiet on the CCP. We are constantly told how we must stand with Ukraine, yet there's never a word about what the CCP is doing to their citizens, nor any word on what the CCP does to their neighboring countries (i.e. Hong Kong, Taiwan). Because the people who claim to be against Putin and support Ukraine could care less. It's about protecting Biden and pleasing China. That's why they won't focus on China's crimes against humanity. Don't let them keep this story under wraps. Yes, if you Google "Shanghai," you will find stories on this. Yet, the focus on Ukraine is much heavier than the focus on Shanghai. Both should be covered equally. 

We must also be cognitive of what is happening to China. With the current administration, that can easily happen in the U.S. Like Tucker Carlson said in a recent monolog, "If we want to know what the future looks like, you can look at China and shiver." These same practices are being pushed by Democrats and RINOs alike, and we must continue to fight back.

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