Abortion is A Black Issue

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Two Sundays ago, my mother showed me a sermon from a local black pastor that frequents her church. In his sermon, the moral issue of abortion came up. This black pastor of a Black Southern Baptist congregation decided that banning abortion was about promoting white supremacy, and not an issue that black people should get involved in. To say it spun my gears would be an understatement. This is more dedicated to the Black Baptist Community at large as it needs to be said. Abortion is absolutely a “Black” issue, and, as Representatives of Christ, you are called to show justice to all men no matter race, sex, or creed.
 (Vanessa Williams/The Washington Post)

The fact that it was said that abortion is not a “Black” issue is horrifying within itself. To put things in perspective, out of the 335 million people that are American, roughly 12-13 percent, or 41 million people, are black. The abortion rate in the States for black women is roughly 30%, or nearly triple the 12-13% of the general population. The actual number would be roughly 20 million since Roe v. Wade was passed in 1973. Keep in mind, these numbers are low estimates for abortion rates and high estimates for the number of black people in the United States just to be generous. Even with that mercy given, the abortion rate in the black community is over 40%. This would mean abortion is the number one method in ending black lives bar none. This would absolutely make abortion not only a black issue, but the biggest issue facing the black community. Not even most scapegoats that are preached about can reach the combined death toll that abortion has on the black community. Given that abortion clinics actively target black women who are more likely than men to be in the Church, it becomes even more pressing on the pastor to be involved in policing the actions of his flock. That being said, most black pastors ignore the glaring elephant in the room.

How is a man who is supposed to preach the Word of God completely fine with the image of God being desecrated just because of past injustices? This comes as particularly jarring because of how explicitly clear the Bible is on sharing the Gospel to all nations (MT 28:19). While the human condition is that of being flawed, men who go into ministry are called to be even stricter on avoiding those pit falls. Given the context of this article, some might accuse me as coming from a place of judgment. To be clear, I am using discernment when it comes to people who say that they are speaking on behalf of the Gospel. Simply because the Bible is quite clear on church-leaders being held to a higher standard as these men will be the first thing people see when witnessing the Church’s interaction with the world. If the world sees the blatant racism and disregard for the most vulnerable images of God, then they will see Christ as a self-righteous hypocrite with the pearls of his teaching tossed to the pigs. 

This is the reason the third commandment exists, and the reason for Jesus’ warning about the only unforgivable sin in Mark 3:29. By denying the image of God while claiming to be a man of God that is blasphemy against God. Humans are predisposed to believe their first impression on a subject. Thus, if a person’s first interaction with the Gospel is from a person exhibiting the same behaviors as a non-believer, it will become ever more difficult to share the glorious meaning of the Gospel. While it is not impossible to share the Gospel to them, it will make the simplest explanation even more difficult as the person you are witnessing to is being forced to confront the lies that clouds their judgment.

That being said, this is mostly targeted to black pastors, but it can, and should be able to be universally applied to everyone who calls themselves a Christian, but excuses evil as it’s “not their problem”. Our decadent society has allowed the systematic murder of 63 million babies and shows us that we need to repent or face the wrath of God. However, in order for repentance to be true, we need to know what our sins are and measure ourselves to Christ. My focus is on the Black Southern Baptist experience because that is simply what I grew up with. However, this is really just a plea for the people that raised me to repent of our sins and rededicate our lives to Christ and stop the innocent bloodshed.

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