Eight Celebrities Outspoken Against Pornography

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Most people don't have thousands or millions of followers to share their message to. Pornography is a pressing issue in our society. It doesn't matter how old or how young someone is. Pornography destroys you. In an era of technology, it's pretty easy to find porn. Unfortunately, not many people are willing to take up the reins to speak out against this horrible industry. Thankfully, these eight celebrities use their fame and following to bring awareness to how harmful pornography is.
  1. Kirk Cameron: One of my favorite actors. In his movie, Fireproof, Cameron's character struggles with porn addiction. This led me to becoming curious if Kirk had spoken out  against pornography, and he does. Kirk Cameron often discusses the harmful effects of porn, especially how many children are discovering pornography. 
  2. Billie Eilish: In an interview with Howard Stern, Billie talked about how she was exposed to hardcore pornography. She shared how it messed up her brain, as she was only 13 when she watched these videos. It also impacted her relationships later on. Billie shared, "The first few times I had sex, I was not saying no to things that were not good; it was because I thought that's what I was supposed to be attracted to." What happened to Billie is just one example of how pornography warps what a relationship should be.
  3. Terry Crews: Terry was candid about what his porn addiction did to him. His addiction to pornography damaged his relationship with his wife. He eventually cheated on her, and after telling her of his infidelity, Rebecca gave him a choice: get help or divorce. Terry admitted he went into rehab for his porn addiction. He and his wife reconciled, and she says their relationship is stronger than ever. Terry almost lost everything because pornography consumed his life. He tells his audience that giving up pornography is possible.
  4. Joseph Gordon Levitt: While JGL hasn't dealt with an addiction to pornography, he does bring light to the unrealistic standards for relationships that pornography normalizes. In his film, Don Jon, Levitt plays a character addicted to hardcore pornography. His character cannot have a normal relationship, because he is only satisfied by the sexual acts shown in his pornographic videos. "We learn a lot of expectations from movies, or TV shows, or commercials, or magazines, or pornography, and those expectations are unrealistic and maybe not so healthy," JGL shares. Addiction to pornography affects relationships with others. 
  5. Joshua Broome: This is someone you should 100% follow. Joshua Broome (formerly known as Rocco Reed) was a popular porn star, having done over 1,000 adult films. After six years in the industry, Joshua realized how empty his life was (at one point, contemplating suicide). Joshua left the porn industry, and by God's grace, turned his life around completely. Joshua uses his story to share why pornography is a stain on society. He's been several podcasts and shows for TPUSA, as well as had his story shared by Fox News, Fight The New Drug, and New York Post. Joshua explained how the porn industry takes advantage of both consumers and the performers. He tells his audience how harmful pornography is. "You are saying its okay to consume a person like a product, and if you treat people like products every aspect of your life is going to be detrimental."
  6. Orlando Bloom: While Orlando claims that he has never watched pornography, especially during his six month break from sexual relations, he shared how pornography damages your mind, and can damage how your relationships work. "It’s just so destructive," Orlando shared in an interview with The Sunday Times. He even discusses how children and teenagers are consuming pornography at a dangerous rate. He's not wrong there.
  7. Andra Day: Again, hearing how women struggle with porn addiction is certainly new. Most times, when you hear the phrase "porn addiction," you assume it's men who struggle with this, not women. Just goes to show that anyone can become addicted. Andra Day knows this struggle, as she has discussed previously. Andra Day, in her breakout role as Billie Holiday in "The United States vs. Billie Holiday," was told she would play a hypersexualized version of Holiday (as she was known for). Andra refused, telling InStyle that she didn't want "any element of sexualization." She continued to InStyle,"I had come out of something in my own life - dealing with porn addiction, sex addiction."
  8. Marisol Nichols: After discovering the horrendous truth of human trafficking, Marisol set out to learn how to fight this crime. She gave up her Hollywood career to fight modern day slavery. Nichols has gone undercover since 2014 to catch human traffickers. She shared how she once pretended to be a 9-year-old girl talking to pedophiles, and another time she pretended to be a drugged-out mother selling her children on the Internet for drug money. Marisol has often spoken out against the porn industry, sharing how it's completely correlated to the child sex trafficking industry. In her interview with Fight The New Drug, Marisol shared how consumers of pornography cannot distinguish if the "product" they're consuming was made with children. Nor can they prevent themselves from going down the "dark hole" of pornography, which leads to the rape and abuse of children.
Understanding the effects of pornography is incredibly important. You may not agree politically with the people I have on this list, but the rising threat we face from pornography, especially in regards to our children, cannot be politicized. The porn industry cannot keep escaping scrutiny. The only thing pornography sells is lies. Don't buy into the lie!

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