Three Myths about Pornography

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Pornography sells many lies. Unfortunately, society believes the lies. Several myths are construed as truth by supporters (and even non-supporters) of pornography. People tend to get upset or offended if you start mentioning the true horrors behind the porn industry. Sadly, we live in such a sexualized society that if you criticize their foundation, it is unacceptable. Look at where we are. If you say having pornographic material in schools is inappropriate, you're called every name in the book. However, that is not the focus of this article. There are several myths about pornography that need to be debunked.

Porn Myth #1: Anyone in pornography is there willingly. 
Pornography is harmless entertainment.

These could have been separated, but in my opinion, these two go hand-in-hand. Most of us think that if someone is in a porn video, or considered a porn performer, that they are there by choice. After all, the age to enter pornography is 18. That's an adult, and adults can make informed decisions. Unfortunately, this is not the case. There is never a clear-cut way to know if someone in a porn scene wants to be there. There are real stories of men and women who were trafficked, raped, or sexually abused. When this happens, it goes two ways. Someone coerced, forced, or manipulated them into doing these acts. What about performers who choose to do these scenes? Sadly, they are also victims of sexual abuse, as many get exploited and coerced into doing a certain scene. Fight The New Drug shared one quote from a former performer on how they were forced into a scene: "I was threatened that if I did not do the scene I was going to get sued for lots of money."

The idea that pornography is "harmless entertainment" couldn't be further from the truth. Several female performers have described getting injured on set. Again, there's the trafficking aspect of pornography. Many victims of human trafficking have had their abuse uploaded onto popular porn sites. Because porn sites do little to ensure their content is legal, these videos can get viewed by millions of people per day. Victims of rape, human trafficking, or sexual abuse are forced to relive their trauma because these videos exist.

Porn Myth #2: Watching pornography doesn't equate 
to cheating on a partner/spouse.

This is actually a heavily debated question. Many supporters of this argument state that watching porn doesn't mean you are cheating on your partner because they're not sleeping with that person. If a man has a girlfriend, but watches porn, he isn't "cheating." He's just watching some "harmless entertainment." Watching pornography doesn't only damage you as a person, but it damages your ability to be in a healthy relationship. Porn sells the idea that men and women are perfect. So what happens when your spouse or partner doesn't seem as "perfect" as the actors and actresses in a porn video? Porn leads to objectification. Porn also causes secrecy. If you struggled with drug or alcohol abuse, would you go parading this to your friends, family, or partner? Probably not. The secrecy associated with porn consumption, especially in a relationship, is detrimental, which leads to poorer communication (an essential part of a healthy relationship). Porn costs you the ability to be truly happy in a relationship.

Porn Myth #3: You aren't hurting anyone by 
watching porn.

This goes back to the first myth. With all I described with victims of human trafficking and rape having their abuse recorded and uploaded online, by watching their "performance," you further add onto their trauma. Aside from this obvious aspect, who else can porn harm? Everyone in your life. Your family, your friends, your partner or significant other, and even yourself, they're all harmed by pornography. How porn impacts you as a human being is no joke. Your self-esteem and mental health declines as a result of consuming porn. It's no joke when you hear people say, "Porn is free because you pay with your soul." 


Regrettably, and I hate to be so negative, but there is no way to avoid pornographic material. Hollywood, the music industry, social media, and the Internet makes pornography easily accessible. This doesn't mean we cannot guard our eyes and ears from what we consume. Do not believe the lies sold by mainstream culture.

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