Eight Impactful Reasons To Give Up Pornography

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"Porn is free because you pay with your soul." I fully believe in this phrase. Watching porn is considered a way to "destress" or "unwind" after a long day or to cope with some hardship in life, the same way alcohol or drugs can be used to "deal" with life. Unfortunately, these three things cause more harm than good. There are many reasons to give up pornography, but here are eight impactful reasons to give up porn.

#1: Give up supporting an industry that profits from abuse and toxic narratives.
People don't understand the normalization of horrible crimes in pornography. Rape, incest, racism, sexual violence, sex trafficking, CSAM, these are crimes that should make everyone disgusted. Instead, pornography makes it sexually appealing. Research proves that "as few as 1 in 3 and as many as 9 in 10 porn scenes contain physical violence or aggression." Don't support an industry that makes horrible crimes "sexy." There is nothing sexually appealing about any of this.

#2: Porn destroys your mental health.
There is a correlation between how porn consumption is linked to lowered mental health. People who consume porn are more likely to struggle with loneliness, anxiety, depression, or life satisfaction. Having a porn addiction is a dirty little secret nobody likes to have. You've never heard someone brag about having an alcohol or drug addiction. Porn is no different. In addition to this secrecy, you isolate yourself to consume more porn. It's an unhealthy cycle that feeds off each other. Most people who give up porn, however, have noticed their mental health improve.

#3: You can form proper, meaningful relationships.
Pornography sets unrealistic standards of what a relationship should be. Pornography destroys relationships. It is another form of cheating. And it's not only romantic partners in terms of relationships. Families can get destroyed by a family member's porn habits. 

#4: The research doesn't lie on porn's effects on an individual.
You can easily Google the hundreds of studies on how pornography negatively impacts people. The research doesn't lie. The facts don't lie. Pornography damages.

#5: Boost your self-esteem.
This bounces off of #3. Pornography sells a lie of how men and women should look and behave. Instead of believing that a woman's breasts or body should be a certain size, or a man's penis should be a certain length, you will appreciate your partner for who he/she is. People think these unrealistic standards are what is desired. It's all lies. You're built the way God made you, and it's perfect.

#6: You can do more productive things.
By giving up pornography, you will have more free time. You will be able to do things that make you happy. Going to the gym, hanging out with friends, learning a new skill. These things will only make you happy, which will boost your mental health.

#7: Stand by survivors.
Many survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking, or rape (either as an adult or child) have shared how their abuse was filmed and uploaded onto popular porn sites. Back in November of 2020, 40 "Jane Does" filed a lawsuit against Pornhub for profiting off of their abuse videos and refusing to properly moderate what videos/images were uploaded. The porn industry exploits survivors of horrendous crimes. By giving up porn, you are showing you support and stand by survivors. 

#8: You'll be free.
This one doesn't need any more explanation. Instead of being a slave to this addiction, you'll be able to lead yourself. Not rely on some counterfeit version of happiness.


I've often thought about why I choose to speak out against pornography. After learning all of what I know, there is no way I can stay silent. Watching porn is damaging to everyone, from the people in the videos to you yourself. So what can be done? Speak out! Inform your friends and family. I always say education is key.

If you or someone you know is struggling with porn addiction, please listen closely. You aren't a bad person. You're human. We all struggle and make mistakes. That doesn't mean hope is lost. Check out Love Always Ministries or Fortify as resources. Pornography is a stain on society. It's an incredibly difficult habit to kick, but it isn't impossible. 

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