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Author's note: This article will contain spoilers about Sound of Freedom.
Hello everyone! I do apologize for the lack of articles. If you do not know, I have begun my supervision for my certification to become a behavior analyst. I am working part-time and am in school full-time. I couldn't help but share a movie review about Sound of Freedom. So without further ado, here is my review of Sound of Freedom!

This movie did an excellent job in exposing the truth of child trafficking. Human trafficking is an uncomfortable topic, especially when it comes to discussing how children are trafficked for sex. However, we cannot ignore or pretend this crime isn't happening at the moment. This movie discussed the story of formal federal agent, Tim Ballard, and how he became involved in the anti-trafficking movement. He is played by Jim Caviezel, who did a phenomenal job in this role. I cannot emphasize enough: You NEED to watch this movie. 


The story begins in Honduras. Rocio, her brother Miguel, and their father are approached by a former beauty queen turned talent agent who says she can make the siblings famous through child modeling. He drops off the kids at the hotel for the photoshoot, but when he comes to get them, the children and the agent (Gisselle) are gone. Enter Tim Ballard. Despite having caught hundreds of pedophiles, Tim realizes from a discussion with another agent that he hasn't done anything to save a child from being exploited. Shortly after, Ballard rescues a young boy from sex trafficking. The same boy from earlier. You learn of what happened to his sister and how they were separated. Miguel begs Tim to rescue his sister. Tim travels to Columbia to begin searching for her. Tim begins working with other men who share his view on rescuing children from the global sex slave trade. Ballard is prepared to do whatever it takes to find Rocio and bring her back to her family.


I wasn't sure what to expect from the movie. The only thing I knew was how good this movie was. Rightfully so. Hollywood and the media did everything they could to prevent this movie from coming out. Caviezel shared how this movie was created five years ago, and only could now come out after every roadblock was put in their way. The only negative I could say was that it was pretty slow moving at first. There were some parts that could have been sped up, but aside from that, great movie.

This movie was very emotional to watch. I could hear audience members gasping at some of the sadder, heart-rendering moments. One was at the beginning of the film, where the children are posed "sexy" in their photoshoot (i.e. biting their lips, the poses), then shortly after, videos of children literally being taken from the streets were shown. It was hard to watch this happen or even imagine it could happen in real life. To ignore this crime is to ignore their cries and suffering. Human trafficking isn't a conspiracy theory, it is happening right now.

Another important aspect is how pornography is connected to child trafficking, but sex sells. Traffickers and pedophiles know the money that can be made from selling pornographic pictures or videos. Porn has a direct line to fueling sex trafficking and the abuse of children. Do not believe the lies. People are not products.


There were two things Caviezel says in the movie that truly stuck with me. The first was that "God's children are not for sale." That truly stuck with me. Christians cannot ignore human trafficking. God wouldn't want us silent on the suffering of his children. The second quote Caviezel (aka Tim Ballard) shared was how the illegal trade of humans will soon surpass the illegal trade of drugs. I'm paraphrasing here, but it was said that, "Drugs can only be sold once. A child as young as 5 can be sold five to ten times every night for 20 years." Again, this is true. People can be sold over and over again. It's horrendous. We cannot stay silent on this issue. This is an issue everyone knows I am passionate about. I want everyone to be aware of this issue, so they can inform their loved ones. I highly recommend watching this movie. I give this movie 5 stars!!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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