It's Been a While...

Happy New Year! It's certainly been a while since I have written an article. I've been very busy with school and work, so it's been hard to take time to write an article like I used to. I would always put time and effort into my works, and I just can't right now because I'm too focused on passing my classes and working. This does raise the question of if I am done blogging for good. As of right now, I need to focus on my job, my classes, and my health. So, I will not be updating after this post, and potentially ever again. Many of the issues I blog about are still very important to me, and I will always spread the truth. It's hard to do this, and I've certainly struggled with this decision but I'm at a point in my life where I need to focus on what's important, and that's my faith, my education, and my work. 

Thank you to everyone who supported my blog since the beginning. This was an incredible journey, from start to finish. I'm so grateful to have had all of you guys on this journey and your support. God bless you all. Goodbye (for now).

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