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Feminism has become an important discussion in today’s society. Not the feminism found in Islam-run countries, where women refuse to wear hijabs or are physically attacked for not doing what their parents/partner says, not even close. I’m talking about the awesome feminism in America, where they really fight for women’s rights! That was sarcasm, for those of you who didn’t pick it up. Feminism in the U.S. has become a joke. Not only is it hateful, it is toxic. Toxic masculinity is not real, but toxic feminism is. MILO was not joking when he said FEMINISM IS CANCER, and I’m going to nitpick at America’s feminism in as much detail as I can.

What is feminism? Merriam-Webster defines feminism as fighting for equal rights between the sexes. Gee, this sounds so simple, I guess I can stop writing! Again, sarcasm. Let’s take a quick stroll through history, because knowing where feminism started is important. Feminism in the 19th and 20th century was definitely better than feminism is today. To begin, there is the first wave of feminism, which was the late 19th century through the beginning of the 20th century. They started with women having equal say and rights as the man does in the home. Towards the end, however, these women began advocating for political rights, but still continuing with the obvious women’s rights (e.g. reproductive rights, sexual rights). The second wave of feminism lasted from the ‘60s – the ‘80s. This movement focused less on women’s suffrage, and more on ending discrimination in the workforce and creating equality for women. Next, there is third wave feminism, which came around in the 1990s. These women and men simply believe that gender roles are affected by society, and try to remove these barriers. Finally, there is the fourth wave of feminism, or post-feminism, who try to “right the wrongs” still not fixed by the second and third movements.

So why is feminism getting such a bad name today? After all, feminism in it’s beginning aimed to create equality for women, which I believe has been achieved. Because feminism isn’t built around being equal with men. This movement is being used to hate men. The only way feminists don’t hate on men is those who agree with them, or do what they say. If you don’t agree, you’re automatically a misogynist, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or skin color. Conservatives, more than anyone, is accused of this. To be fair, any person who doesn’t “identify” as a feminist is a misogynist. This is why so many women are against feminism. While feminists today may say, “Feminism is about equality between men and women,” women see that feminism is about hating on men. Close to the midterms last year, CBS and Refinery29 created a survey for women who identified as a feminist. The researchers were shocked to discover over half of their audience did not identify as a feminist.

One of the biggest lies from feminism is that men and women are “one in the same,” but societal norms has led to women being “second rate.” Research and simple biology prove again and again that women and men are complete separate beings. In my leadership class, we discussed the differences between men and women. For instance, men will oversell themselves in order to get the job, the promotion, or the raise. Women, on the other hand, undersell themselves because we fear we are too “demanding.” Men are supposedly the privileged sex. Christina Sommers, a scholar of American Enterprise Institute, explains men and women are privileged in certain situations, just like men and women have certain skills that make them effective in leadership. Another lie that gets under my skin is that women, at one point or another, will be raped on a college campus. What is wrong with people?! Why would you scare an impressionable young woman into thinking this? You wouldn’t be helping the “feminist” cause, since more women would be afraid to step foot into a college campus, which would then lead to no job, which leads to no “equality for women.”

One topic found in the feminist movement I want to touch on, and debunk, is the wage gap. The wage gap is a favored topic in feminism. “Women aren’t paid as much as men.” Give me a break. No serious economist takes this saying seriously, and for a number of reasons! One major reason is because the definition of wages and earnings is blurred. Wages is what you earn weekly/monthly, whereas earnings are diverse sources of income. Here are some other reasons, with explanations:
  1. Women are paid 77 cents versus the dollar a man earns for the same job completed. If this was true, why wouldn’t CEOs or owners hire women over men, since it’s supposedly cheaper to do so?
  2. Male dominated industries are the highest paid. Of course it is! Few women are involved in dangerous jobs (i.e. construction, cleaning skyscrapers). These men deserve a high pay for placing their lives on the line. Women choose considerably safer professions (doctor, business), which there is nothing wrong with doing so.
  3. Women are paid less. Perhaps this is true, but does anyone consider why this may be? Of course the major reason women get paid less or aren’t involved heavily in the workforce is motherhood. Many mothers I know, and I’m sure you do as well, choose family over career. The other part of this is women, who may not even have children, choose a balanced life. Taking more time off for vacation/ “me time,” are usually paid less. Men, on the other hand, do not care about a balanced life. They would rather keep working, and not be balanced, to get that position or job.
These are all simple, but easily ignored reasons for why the wage gap doesn’t exist. Feminists, however, ignore these facts because their feelings overpower logical reasoning.

Feminism, as I mentioned earlier, is a joke. These people are walking contradictions. Feminists push for “equal rights” in women, yet they are gung-ho for someone who used to be a man compete in female events. What about reproductive rights? Abortion, according to these women, is a necessary means, yet they are against women owning a gun. Going back, they believe a woman shouldn’t have to be reminded of the man who raped her. First of all, that is an inhumane thing to say. Children who were born today out of incest or rape, according to feminists, were a mistake and deserved to be aborted and killed. If a woman was carrying a gun when a rapists or pedophile approached her, the woman could protect herself and avoid being raped. Being pro-choice isn’t choosing which mode of protection for yourself, it’s whether or not to kill a LIVING human being. Lastly, women complain about being “oppressed” in America. What do you call the oppression of women in Islam/Sharia Law countries? Women, under Sharia Law, should always do as her husband says and has NO equal say. My testimony would be worth half of a man’s in a court. Feminists in today’s society don’t even know what they’re talking about by supporting Islam. It’s disgustingly idiotic, and that’s why I will NEVER be a feminist.

To summarize, feminism is detrimental to society. Feminists say one thing, when they believe another. Contradictions is a beautiful thing in exposing these lies. Telling lies to women that “you’ll be happy at any size” or “feminism will lead to happiness,” is an utter lie. What feminists won’t tell you is that they only support women who align with their beliefs. Conservative women are treated like trash, yet these third wave feminists believe they’re fighting for equal rights in women. More women are waking up to these lies (thank God!). The BBC has an article where many women are against feminism, yet many believe in equal rights. FEMINISM TRULY IS CANCER!!

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  2. Good post. The second the West's feminism became about equality of outcome over equality of opportunity, we lost ourselves.


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