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This is going to be a part two to my first discussion on free speech (check the link at the end of this discussion to read my first discussion on Free Speech), but in light of recent events, I'm placing more focus on social media's role in conservative censorship. In case some of you are unaware, Facebook and Instagram announced on May 2nd that they were banning 5-6 right-wingers from their platform, as well as Louis Farrakhan. These right-wingers included Milo Yiannopoulos, Alex Jones, Laura Loomer, as well as other conservative speakers. According to Facebook, these individuals have "incited hateful rhetoric" that has become a danger to the community. One guy who was kicked off never broke any of Facebook's rules. He was just banned for nothing. MSNBC speakers said, “Why did it take so long?” All left-wingers are saying is either, "It's about time," or "Well, Farrakhan was removed, so what are conservatives complaining about?" It's simple: conservatives are being more silenced than liberals. Censorship from social media has hit a new high, and we must be prepared to fight! As I said earlier, I'm going to show the truth of how social media is shutting down conservative speech, and ultimately, free speech.

Conservative men and women, for the last few years, have had many issues with social media. For many, this is not current news, but for many conservatives, this is getting unreasonable. To state that social media networks, like Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Instagram, aren’t Left-leaning, is almost laughable. Almost. Adriana Cohen, a writer on RealClearPolitics, demonstrated what I’m talking about. Twitter users received an email pushing them to follow liberal media (i.e. CNN, New York Times) or Leftist politicians (i.e. Nancy Pelosi, Kamela Harris), whereas there was not a single mention to follow a conservative media or politician. When questioned about this issue, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey could not supply an answer. Another example was James Damore, who was an engineer for Google, until he got fired. Why did he get fired? Because he stated that men and women are not attracted to the same professions, which is why the wage gap doesn’t exist. More specifically, women are not attracted to a profession in technology. Now some people may say, “Well, you’re only giving examples of conservatives and right-wingers, but none of the Left.” Yes, because you rarely see Leftists get any repercussions for what hateful rhetoric they say. How come Maxine Waters was not banned for telling her followers, “If you see a Trump-supporter, you should hit and fight them,” or the guy on Twitter who threatened to murder Ben Shapiro? Simple: anywhere you look, Leftist-owned social medias are silencing conservatives. And there PLENTY of other instances where conservatives are silenced, but I’m going to move on, as I have already given examples.

As I mentioned earlier, Facebook and Instagram both stated their reasoning behind banning Milo Yiannopoulos, Alex Jones, and other right-wingers was for inciting hateful rhetoric. First of all, social media outlets seem to forget how the 1st Amendment should be used in hateful speech. According to the Freedom Forum Institute, “hateful speech” is anything that is said to be offensive to race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, and others. Under the 1st Amendment, however, free speech is guaranteed unless that speech is to cause physical harm to the group/individual receiving the hate speech. So why did I mention this? Every liberal media or person states that it was fair for Louis Farrakhan, Milo, Alex Jones, and the others to be banned, due to their hateful speech. What they’re saying is, “These people have used hateful speech equally, and what one person says is equally hateful as the other.” So you’re telling me Farrakhan, who clearly hates Jews, wishes the
worst upon them, as well as the LGBT community and other races, is equal to Milo Yiannopoulos. But Milo speaking the truth of Islam, that they wish for America’s death, is worse than Farrakhan. Milo never wished death upon Muslims, but Farrakhan wishes the death of Caucasians and Jews. If Leftists cared about women as much as they do (which we all know is a lie), why hasn’t a Democrat spoken against the true horrors of Islam and Sharia Law. Many feminists believe in Sharia Law. Under Sharia Law, a woman’s testimony is worth half of a man’s, yet feminists still support it! Sharia law states a woman must obey her husband, regardless of what he does. Why isn’t the truth coming out about that? Because the Left hates the truth and Republicans, so they would rather shut us down.

Going back to the recent ban on right-wing speakers, what I have read shows the level of ignorance on the Left. On YouTube, someone commented how “someone on the Left was banished, and if us conservatives could guess who.” Another commented how these platforms are private-owned companies, who don’t have to abide by the 1st Amendment. Let’s focus on the first comment: that someone on the Left was banished. Yes, Farrakhan was banned, and he was pushing hateful speech that DID incite violence to others, so why wasn’t he banned sooner? Regarding the second comment, where private owned-companies don’t have to abide by the 1st Amendment, is somewhat agreeable. The issue I have with this is if you’re going to ban conservatives, be fair! Ban liberals with “hateful speech” as well. But these companies don’t follow this. Farrakhan was banned, but what about the other thousands of individuals with hateful speech? Why aren’t they being banned? Because these Leftist-owned companies don’t care about the truth, they only care about themselves, and they’ll remove anyone in the way.

Milo, Alex Jones, Laura Loomer, and the other Republican-leaning speakers were banned for speaking hateful rhetoric. Exactly, what was hateful? You can’t say someone is speaking hateful rhetoric without proof to back that accusation up, which Mark Zuckerberg was unable to do. Tucker Carlson made an excellent point: Zuckerberg isn’t only censoring free speech, he’s trying to push his own agenda as well. Infowars, Alex Jones’ website, has been banned, along with any “fan pages.” If anyone tries to post about Infowars, it will be removed. If you repeatedly post about Infowars, you will be banned from Facebook and Instagram. According to Zuckerberg, the only way you can post about Infowars is to criticize them. You read correctly! So, anyone who wants to share information from Infowars MUST follow Facebook’s liberal ideologies and do as they say. This is how the Left wants to silence us. Either we follow their rules and conform to their beliefs, or we will be banned.

To conclude, this is becoming dangerous and scary for me. This is one step closer to fascism and dictatorship, where no one can share their opinion, except the elites. This is a threat to American civilization. Men and women are beaten for not conforming to the beliefs in socialist/dictatorships, and if we do not start fighting back, America will end up just like these countries. Don’t believe the lies. The truth always prevails, and free speech will always win.

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