Your Skin Color Doesn't Define Your Circumstance or Success, YOU DO.

For this week’s discussion, let me begin with a story. At last semester’s graduation at the University of Florida, students who took too long to walk across stage were manhandled offstage. Certain students believed this was racist. According to certain students, only students of color were being forced offstage. Come to find out, any student who took too long were taken offstage. Let’s clear up one thing: I don’t agree with the University doing this. Students worked hard to get where they are, so let them enjoy the moment! What my problem is that students don’t take the time to think about the situation, instead they jump to conclusions. The conclusion was the UF administration is racist, and people need to protest this semester’s graduation. This is a prevalent issue in today’s society. Instead of looking at the facts, students are using their feelings to determine what is right or wrong. But this is not what I’m focusing on. What I’m focusing on is people assuming their skin color determines their circumstance. I am a firm believer that this is false, and I am going to explain why your skin color doesn't define your circumstance or success, YOU DO.

To begin, I am a woman of color. My DNA includes Indian, European, and American Indian. I have had my fair share of racism. I have known people who did not like me for my race and skin color. Do I let my skin color dictate my life, my success, or my happiness? Absolutely not. Why people treat me wrong is possibly because they’re jealous of me. They’re jealous of my “perfect” family, or my intelligence, or my beauty. Please know I am not trying to sound conceited, but these are observations I’ve made. Does this mean I should play the victim, and blame every unpleasant situation on my race or skin color? Again, absolutely not. Are there racist people? Yes, but as I mentioned earlier, there are very few. America is the land of diversity, and for the most part, every ethnicity is welcomed with open arms. The Left, however, wants you to believe the opposite. Because the more you believe people are racist to you (and that you’re a victim), the more susceptible and dependable you are, which the Left exploits. The Left thinks you cannot control what situations befall you, so the government needs to control you and everyone who could possibly cause a problem.

The truth of the matter is the Left are the racists. They want, especially African-Americans, to NOT be successful in order to control them. Leftists don’t believe African-Americans are smart enough to bring financial success to themselves or their family. Ami Horowitz did an interview where liberals stated that African-Americans aren’t smart enough to carry ID, or don’t have any on them, and don’t know how to use the Internet. When Ami went to interview different African-Americans, and told them what these liberals said, they were appalled that someone just placed them into a group, and ignorantly assumed something about their race. But that shows how the Left thinks. Anyone of color is too stupid to make decisions for themselves, so the government needs to control the people. This is an extremely dangerous and radical idea.

The Left loves to call conservatives racist, when they are the party of racism. Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery, and he was a Republican. The Democratic party created the Ku Klux Klan. Take another example where the Left treated black people like they were too dumb. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the youngest and most idiotic member of Congress, spoke at Al Sharpton’s National Action Network Convention. Instead of having her normal voice, she spoke like she came straight out of slavery, with her southern accent and improper language. This is the epitome of racism! Cortez spoke like the black people in the room are slaves (which they most likely do think), like they weren’t intelligent enough to understand “big words,” and that’s why she spoke the way she spoke. This is just another of the hundreds of thousands racist remarks or actions done by the Left, yet no one truly acknowledges it. Instead of making African-Americans thrive, like President Trump has, they want these people unhappy and on welfare.

What they won’t tell you, however, is the solution to solving this is simple: take control of your life. If you are in control, no one can stop you from accomplishing success or happiness. Racism is a mentality. The less you believe in it, the more you are guaranteed to create your own success. Overcoming the odds, knowing that you did not end up the way the Left wants you to be, will create higher happiness than depending on welfare. Candace Owens, a black conservative, has relentlessly stated that President Trump has created the lowest black unemployment rate this country has even seen, yet when he mentioned this at his State of the Union address, no Democrat stood and applauded, only Republicans did. Going back to my personally experience, if I chose to blame race on why my classmates hated me, I could never have gotten to where I am now. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, I chose to work harder than any of them. Soon, I will be graduating with my Bachelor’s in Business Administration before I turn 21. How many people can say that? Working hard to overcome any negative obstacles proves more fulfilling than sitting on your behind thinking as a victim.

All I am trying to say is you cannot keep this “victim mentality.” The Left wants to keep you from growing and succeeding by believing this lie that your race, ethnicity, or skin color will hold you back in life, because the world is full of racist, hateful people. In practicality, the opposite holds truer. Choosing that that your skin color is not an obstacle that will hold you back is much more significant. There will not be some obstacle holding you back. Once you get past this, I can guarantee your success rate will be that much higher. Your skin color and race does not determine your success, YOU DO.

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  1. The more of a victim you are, the more your opinion matters today,apparently.


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