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Reparations. One of the biggest topics being discussed today. To quickly sum up the whole “reparations” issue is Cory Booker, one of the Democrats running for president, stated in court how black Americans need reparations for the horrors their ancestors endured from slavery. What this bill would call for is those Americans who were slave owners, their descendants would have to pay for the reparations. Many people are against this, while many people are for it. I think you can guess which side is against it, and which side is for the bill. For me, I can firmly say I am against reparations. In this discussion, I will explain the issues with reparations, why we shouldn’t implement the bill, and further explain my view on this particular topic.

What are reparations? According to Merriam-Webster, "reparation" is the act of making amends through some sort of payment. In the case of this bill, descendants of slave owners would HAVE to pay for what their ancestors did to slaves to the descendants of said slaves. So what’s the issue? Simple: someone would have to pay for a mistake THEIR ANCESTORS committed. How is that fair? I am not responsible for what my great-great-great-great-great grandparents did, so why do I get blamed for it? The same goes for other Americans. Many people who have stated their issues with reparations said their ancestors didn’t own slaves, yet THEY have to pay for something that happened centuries ago? The typical response for this question is yes. Even though you never owned a slave, and couldn’t control the actions of your ancestors, somehow YOU have to own up to their mistakes. There are so many instances in history where this ideology could be flipped, but I digress.

Choosing reparations does not take us forward, it holds us back as a country. The Left is pushing reparations because they don’t want to acknowledge the past or history, they want to remake it. Slavery happened! There is no avoiding it. This was a large mistake in American history, and us, as a nation regrets it. However, reparations are not the answer. Nobody today needs to apologize for the mistakes of their ancestors. Nor does anyone need to feel the need for an apology considering they are not slaves themselves. Burgess Owens gave a great take on this. Black Americans are not like their ancestors. Today, EVERY American, no matter their skin color, has the choice to make a better life for themselves. To blame one race for the issues of the past isn’t going to help anyone. “You become a beggar for choosing reparations.” I loved how Owens said this because it’s so true. Demanding reparations doesn’t make you stronger, it weakens you. Watch the video, it was an excellent speech.

If anyone should pay for reparations, however, is the Democrats. Unlike Republicans, the Democrats were responsible for the KKK, Jim Crowe Laws, and Planned Parenthood – three of the largest reasons for African Americans to be held down. All 20 Democrats running for President all went to Planned Parenthood to receive "blessings." Disgusting. Bill Clinton passed a law that increased federal and state prison inmates of black Americans. If anyone should pay for these reparations, it needs to be the Democrats. Under democratic authority, states and certain cities have almost become wastelands. California and Chicago are some of the best examples. Not to mention, under Democratic leadership, African Americans still live in slavery. What do I mean by this? The projects. These parts of New York and other Democratic run cities, black people are dependent on the government. Without welfare or food stamps, these people will starve. Democrats are the reason for slavery, both past and present. Republicans, who are considered “racists,” don’t use this method. Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, was the one who freed the slaves. Republican Congress in the years after Lincoln left office passed bills protecting blacks, including voting/civil rights. Cities/states run by Republicans (e.g. Florida, Texas) are thriving, compared to the democratic cities/states. Republicans believe that with determination and hard work, ANYBODY can accomplish what they want, regardless of skin color. This is the only way I would be fine with reparations, if the true slave masters and racists paid for it: The Democrats.

Also, a quick fact to mention is that one of the first slave owners was a black man. In fact, the free black people, which wasn't a large majority, held slaves of their owns. The slaves were black, just like them. American Indians also owned black slaves. It wasn't just "evil white men" who had slaves, it was every person who had the power to own a slave. For the black people who owned slaves, they didn't try to help slaves escape this horrible life. Instead, they held them to the same brutal work and punishments white people did to their slaves. The same went for American Indians who owned slaves. Why did I mention this? Because the Democrats are trying to, once again, blame the evil of white men for slavery. In actuality, blacks and American Indians were just as guilty as the white man. Abolishing slavery happened through the power of black AND white people. Something important to consider.

Choosing reparations does not help move us forward, it drives us back. Demanding reparations, as I said earlier, is begging. You become a victim who cannot grow past the mistakes that happened centuries ago to become better. Every generation becomes better than the last. Reparations would mean we have to become worse in order to become better. That literally makes no sense! Not to mention, you're playing the blame game. Um... it's a 200+ years too late for reparations. Sen. Lindsey Graham even said that yes, this was a mistake in American history, but holding someone accountable for something they had NO SAY IN holds us back as a country. You know what an excellent solution would be? Fixing the problem, hands on. To explain what I mean by this, let me go to the Native Americans. Mikaela Bearpaw gave her take on reparations. Elizabeth Warren claims she is Native American, and wants “better for her people.” Mikaela said in an interview with TPUSA why she isn’t doing anything about it then. Because she’s using her supposed heritage to get a vote in the Native American community, as well as other races. If Warren really cared, she would pull the Natives out of their crappy homeland and provide a place where they don’t have to depend on the government for simple things like electricity or running water (the link is below).

There is no denying slavery was wrong. One race isn’t less or greater than another, and this is a stain in American history. Choosing to blame someone else, however, for the sins of their ancestors is never going to work. Because after reparations, where do we draw the line for what is owed to someone? What the underlying tone of reparations is that this is one step closer to socialism, which is what the Democrats ultimately want. Controlling how the money should be distributed is a huge part of socialism. The argument for reparations is that citizens wouldn't have to pay for this, monetary-wise. As usual, the government will. In case anyone forgets, the government gets its money from taxpayers, also known as the American people. Just an important note to remember if you're on the side of reparations. No matter what side you belong to, "slave owner" or "slave," everyone will have to pay. There is no escaping the truth.

I am an Indo-Guyanese woman. My ancestors were taken from India in chains to Caribbean islands like Guyana, Trinidad, and others. Both white AND black men/women had my ancestors as indentured servants. Some of you may think indentured servants had it slightly better than slaves did, but you are mistaken. Indentured servants were treated like dogs. Does that mean every person today owes me for what happened forever ago? For what their ancestors did? For something they had no say in? Hell no! Instead of holding onto the past, I am growing greater and stronger. I will take on the world no matter what obstacles are thrown at me. That’s not a victim mentality, like the idea of reparations from uneducated Democrats would have me choose. That is me carving my own destiny, regardless of my past. What happened in the past was horrible, yes, but the past isn’t what will determine your success or failures, you are. Stop letting the government, the media, or even your parents stop you from doing what YOU think is right, take control! Nobody will stop you from succeeding and being the best version of YOU that you could be. Slavery doesn't exist unless you let it exist.


  1. I have a different view on reparations as a Jewish relative of Holocaust survivors (and victims). No amount of money is going to create what might have been. I actually think the reparations from West Germany to Israel didn't solve a thing; the murderers have already profited. Moving forward and equality of opportunity are the only real way forward.

  2. I fully understand your take. I mentioned that I don't believe in reparations, because once you start, where do you end? What happened happened, no changing history. What we can do is move forward like Burgess Owens said by succeeding and being better than the past generations!


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