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“The new brand of political correctness, popular on college campuses and social media, is the idea that no speech should exist that directly challenges politically correct ideas.” I have completed reading Dangerous by Milo Yiannopoulos. All I can say is, WOW. Other than textbooks, the last book I read was The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis in the Fall of 2017. It’s been a while. Since I have chosen to be more politically (conservatively) involved, I decided that reading books by conservative intellectuals (e.g. MILO, Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson) was a must. I chose to read this book first, not only because I’m a huge fan of MILO, but because the reviews on this book said this was a number one choice. I will warn my sensitive readers: this book does have cursing and vulgarity, so if you don’t listen or read anything like that, maybe don’t read this. Although, I recommend the opposite, because you will have your eyes opened to facts you probably didn’t know. I know that happened to me. What this book focused on was one thing: free speech. Through his usual wit and intellectually stimulating ideologies, Milo managed not only to intrigue, but get you thinking. Beginning with the “drama” surrounding himself, Yiannopoulos then delves into why certain groups hate him, hate Donald Trump, and conservatives/libertarians/free thinkers, collectively, as a whole.

To begin, MILO discusses how the media has painted him as a supporter of pedophilia after certain comments were made from Yiannopoulos. Even though he has said to his audiences how he was sexually molested by the priest at his church, or how he busted 3 rapists and got them placed in prison. Next, he goes on to explain free speech, and why he is adamantly fighting for this right. He also makes a jab at political correctness. One quote he made was, “Identity politics is universally attractive because it enables failures and weaknesses to be spun as the products of oppression and historical injustice. Personal responsibility is removed from the equation.” This quote, as well as the one at the beginning of this article caught my attention. As a college student who has to live in fear of expressing their political opinion, this really got me thinking about the crap and hypocrisy surrounding political correctness. At the end of all this, he prepares to break down why certain groups hate him and everyone who thinks outside the liberal norm. MILO, through his wittiness, sarcasm and humor, explains why the Progressive Left, the Alt-Right, Twitter, Feminists, Black Lives Matter, the Media, Establishment Gays, Establishment Republicans, and Muslims hate him. Seeing him breakdown each chapter by the group, and dissecting their obvious flaws was intriguing. The chapters I enjoyed the most were the why a group hated MILO. The “Why Gamers Don’t Hate Me” kind of bored me, but that may just be me, since I’m not a gamer.

Certain chapters definitely sparked my interest. For instance, when MILO attacked abortion and the depravity of it, the pro-life side of me was cheering. Another aspect I loved, found in the Feminists chapter (one of my favorite chapters), along with abortion, was the difference between male and female brains. He used a study done by Simon Baron-Cohen, the leading psychologist for autism. Realizing autism is 1) systematic overload, and 2) more likely in men, Simon knew there was a correlation. He performed a study with boy and girl babies, having two stimuluses. One being a mobile (systematic) and one being a human face (empathetic). Sure enough, the boy babies chose the mobile, while the girl babies chose the face. Male's brains are more systematically wired, while female's brains are more emphatically wired. I found this to be extremely interesting. Feminists, as we know, refuse to admit these facts. The same way the refuse to accept the wage gap is a myth.

His take on Twitter was hilariously true, and his perspective really resonates to how big tech companies are silencing conservatives. Twitter banned MILO after his fans attacked Leslie Jones with, *Gasp!* their words. In case these Lefties forget, which they do, words don’t cause pain, murder and violence does. Why hasn’t Selena Gomez been banned for her fans threatening Justin Bieber? Because Twitter, as well as other big tech companies (Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) want free speech for conservatives to be permanently shut down. Besides, Twitter did not favor to themselves since they are nowhere near as popular as before, whereas MILO’s career skyrocketed after being banned. Nice work, Twitter!

Something else I liked in this book was how MILO went after the Establishment Republicans. He gave an important take on why known Republicans, like Ben Shapiro or Ted Cruz, weren’t thrilled to hear Donald Trump running in 2016. Why? Because he didn’t fit the Republican norm. Instead of being quiet and reserved, he is loud and brash. Republicans didn’t like Trump “ruining” their image. Even his take on how Muslims hate him. He, as well as many others who disagree with Islam, is “Islamophobic.” Not a real concept! In his book, Yiannopoulos states that in England, “52% believe homosexuality should be illegal, 23% would like to see Sharia law in England, 39% believe a woman should always obey her husband, 31% consider it acceptable for a man to have multiple wives.” The list goes on for what I loved about this book. Not only humorous, but fact-filled to the brim. Nothing goes without research and facts to further prove what is being said. He also made a joke, which I thought was both funny and truthful, that Lefties together are angry and hateful, while conservatives together are happy and fulfilled. "Politics don't need to be incorporated into every aspect of life, like the Left insists on doing." (I'm paraphrasing, but you get the idea)
In the end, MILO shows the importance of free speech, or the lack of respect of it from the Left. UC Berkley was a horrendous example of how Leftists don’t believe in civil debate. Burning and trashing the place, causing thousands of dollars in damage, is somehow the more reasonable solution. Students, as MILO explained, are having their eyes opened more to how college campuses are shoving this politically correct crap down their throats, and we (as students) are sick of it. Students are now choosing to listen to MILO and fight back. Even though it may seem like Generation Z is the most conservative generation, our worse half, Leftist students are small but loud. At the end, MILO gives tips for how we can fight Leftists and have free speech win.

As I said in the beginning, this book was amazing. The main message for this was the fight us, as free thinkers, face: the fight for freedom of speech, our 1st Amendment rights. In a society where everything is liberal run, (e.g. social media, Hollywood, etc.) speaking out is an act of bravery and intellectual genius. Having differing opinions make you DANGEROUS. You don’t have to be as big as MILO to make a difference. Starting with something like being on Twitter and sharing conservative messages, or writing a blog (like me) to share the truth of what is happening, it doesn't matter. You are making a difference. MILO says doing these “small” actions will be what helps us win in the end. To close, I’m going to share one more quote from Dangerous: “I want people to be allowed to make jokes, and discuss, anything they want. I don’t think people should be ostracized for doing so.” Buy the book and become politically incorrect!!


  1. First, I'm glad Ted Cruz joined the Trump train despite the fighting between him and Trump. Cruz is a TRUE Patriot. Second, yes, I loved the book. One thing I will always remember is when Milo said how you could tell if a celebrity is conservative or a Trump supporter. He said if they don't have anti-Trump stuff on their walls, they're likely secret conservatives or secret Trump supporters. An excellent way to tell!

    1. It's actually pretty funny, because I saw a photo of Sylvester Stallone and Donald Trump, when Trump was pardoned Jack Johnson (first African American boxer). In the video, you could see Sylvester and Donald joking around like two buddies. Sylvester has never come out and said anything, but if you observe well enough, I think you can see he supports our president. https://deadline.com/2018/05/donald-trump-pardons-jack-johnson-blasts-obama-ken-burns-sylvester-stallone-1202397410/.


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