Giving Prisoners The Right To Vote

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I've been meaning to write about this, but many other topics came to mind for me to write about, but I have chosen this topic for this week's discussion. Bernie Sanders, a few months back, announced that people who are in prison should have the right to vote. Not only those with a few months or years, those who are in prison for LIFE. He believes that "Under the Constitution, everyone has the right to vote." Some Republicans and Democrats are very much on board with this, while those of us with common sense think this is a HORRIBLE IDEA. The minute you committed the crime, you chose your destiny. Somehow, I should be "on board" with a convicted killer voting for what happens to my future? Because let's be honest: if those who vote are in prison for life, what happens to the rest of the country doesn't really affect them. For this discussion, I'm going to talk about why prisoners (i.e. serial rapists/killers - not getting out of prison) should not have the right to vote. More specifically, I don’t think someone should be able to vote from prison.

Bernie said, "In my state, what we do is separate. You're paying a price, you committed a crime, you're in jail. That's bad," he said. "But you're still living in American society and you have a right to vote. I believe in that, yes, I do." I found this on an article on Business Insider. I'll leave the link at the end. He also believes someone like the Boston Marathon Bomber, who set off 2 bombs at the Boston Marathon, which killed 5 total and injured several others, should be able to vote. I don’t know why people listen to this old fool on politics, considering he claims to be a socialist, yet owns 3 houses! Hypocrisy from the Left at its finest. Somehow this murderer "deserves the right to vote?" What about his victims? Didn't they deserve the right to vote and the right to life? But now they can't, because of one person's selfish decision. Why should he get the right to vote when these people LOST their rights from murder? Watch this video from TPUSA of a Boston Marathon Bombing survivor who literally states the obvious: MURDERERS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO VOTE. EVER!!

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Honestly, I feel like this shouldn't even be a discussion. A murderer having the right to vote? A rapist having the right to vote? Why are we even talking about this! Graham Allen said it well, and I left the link to the video: under the Constitution, we are guaranteed "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness." That's the order. Convicted killers do not care about life, the most important of all these, because without the first, you can't have the rest. Convicted killers or convicted rapists lost their rights when they committed the crime. Even though prison means you gave up your rights (1A, 2A, 4A), life is NOT bad in prison. You get three meals a day, a roof over your head, showers, television, etc. Life is still good! You're just in prison. Prison, defined by Cambridge University, is a place where criminals are kept as a punishment. When you commit a crime, you chose to give up these freedoms. No going around it.

The main issue I, as well as MANY others have with this ideology, is that NO one considers the victims. The survivors all say this is an awful idea, so why is this still relevant? Those who were brutally murdered cannot say, “Hey, this person killed me, so they shouldn’t have any rights to vote, since I lost mine!” Instead, you’ve got a joke of a politician like Sanders who implies, “Screw those who died! Let the evil men and women vote!” How insulting. Not only this, but it also insults those who serve to protect this country from acts of terrorism, like law enforcement, the Navy, the Army, etc. Instead of combating terrorism, both outside and inside the U.S., Democrats want America to be vulnerable to terrorist attacks. Milo Yiannopoulos said it correctly, America didn’t learn from 9/11. If we keep going on this path of supporting Ilhan Omar (or anyone like her), and care about open borders or letting convicted felons vote, worst versions of terrorism WILL happen. The Pulse Nightclub shooting is a prime example.

Now, let me make one thing clear: those for minimal charges, I think, could have the possibility of having their voting rights repealed. Those are likely to be the ones who turn over a new leaf. Those who murder or rape innocent people DO NOT deserve these rights. If they’re lucky to not get the death penalty, they should suffer in prison for the rest of their life. Their victims will not be able to speak against what was done to them. I’ve asked on Twitter and some people said they think if the person has rehabilitated, they should get that right restored. I can understand that, but in my opinion, if you do the crime, YOU chose to give up those rights. No one took them away, but your selfish decision. Some people think if you commit small crimes and are more likely get out, they think that person should be able to vote. Those who commit large crimes, like murder, do not deserve the right to vote.

Many agree that the reason Democrats are pushing for this is because they are desperate for votes. That’s why they want 16-year olds, illegal aliens, and prisoners to have the “right” to vote. Because what do these groups have in common? They are easily influenced, and easy to push in the Democrats’ direction. It’s all about what will keep these people in power and keep the money rolling in. At the end of the day, the Democrats have an underlying ideology for America: to have the people COMPLETELY dependent on the government, and certain people (i.e. Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer) AKA the elites, be in control of the people and wealth. This next election isn’t about Republican versus Democrat; it’s about Freedom versus Oppression. But going back to my original point, I think someone who committed small acts, who will probably be out in a few years’ time, could be able to vote., knowing they are rehabilitated. Those who committed horrible acts, again, DO NOT DESERVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE. You are free to think how you want about this issue, but this is how I feel.

What do you think? Comment down below!! Keep it friendly, we can agree/disagree without harsh comments or offensive statements being said.

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NEWSFLASH: Daniel Weldon, a student at the University of Florida (my University), was enjoying the 4th of July with his friends, and decided to get something to eat. Upon entering the restaurant, these girls (I think 4-8), as well as some guys, just started cursing him out, calling him awful names, shoving/pushing him, etc. For what you may ask? For wearing a MAGA hat and pin. They verbally and physically attacked him, while the staff just stood there and did nothing. When he tried to report this to the police, they honestly didn’t care, as this was a regular occurrence. THIS is why the Left cannot win. Attacking a guy who wasn’t causing ANY trouble, just because his hat and pin offended you? And then the police and staff of the restaurant not doing a thing about it! Even patrons who had opposing views on politics or observed what happened said they hated how he was treated, and intended on voting Republican because of this type of behavior from the Left. I’m glad to see he wasn’t seriously hurt. I just wanted to mention him because I was flabbergasted. Here’s the link to his interview on Fox Business:


  1. Citizenship is a privilege. Break the rules; you don't get all the benefits.

  2. No way should criminals should be able to vote. Criminals lost right the day they committed a crime


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