Rocky vs Rambo

Rocky vs. Rambo
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I know there is a lot happening in the news with the tragedy that was Mueller, Epstein being on suicide watch, and the disrespect police are facing. I intended on writing about one or more of these this week, but politics are so stressful that I figured I should do a fun topic this week, to give you guys (and myself) a break from the stress around politics. Not to mention I've got a pretty packed week, and serious discussions take up a lot of time, and I've been really excited to do this, so I figured "Why not!" Not to mention Rambo V: Last Blood is coming out in September, so I figured this would be a good way to get people excited for it. This article will simply be a mix between a compare/contrast and a movie review, as well as which series I prefer. But let's be honest: BOTH these series are legendary, and Sylvester Stallone is a talented guy! So Rocky vs. Rambo: which is better?

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For me, the answer is simple: Rambo is better. (That image is actually a sticker I have on my laptop!) What I came to realize through watching the Rambo series and the Rocky series is one thing. If you like action and gore, Rambo is the better choice. If you like drama, romance, and a good storyline (not that Rambo doesn’t have one), then Rocky is the better choice. It wasn’t only the action that drew me into Rambo. It was the ending scene of First Blood that made my liking of the movie increase tenfold! I actually almost cried. An article I read said that Rambo became so big because of how it shows the lack of respect and help veterans get. Even Sylvester Stallone said it wasn't about one person, but people he met in life who were like John Rambo. I wrote about this in my discussion for appreciating our veterans, but I have such a huge respect and love for those who served, so this movie really tugged at my heartstrings. Seeing how he portrayed a veteran struggling with PTSD had me at the edge of my seat. In today’s climate, I found Rambo more easily relatable. The plot and the action of the series drew me in. Also, I thought Stallone looked so good in these movies. But that’s just an added bonus. No lie, Rambo was a well-oiled machine. He was the equivalent of an army in these movies. Even Sylvester Stallone said Rambo is more fun to play than Rocky. At the end of the day, I will always say I prefer the Rambo movies over the Rocky series. I know I’m one of the few who say that, but I should clarify one thing: Rocky is a very, VERY, close second for me.

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Aside from the drama and romance with Rocky, this movie really showed a glimpse into the life of Sylvester Stallone. THIS is the movie that put him on the map, and even 40 years later, is still as relevant as it was in the ‘70s. The man could barely make ends meet, lived in a crappy place, paid like $20 for rent, etc. He had his ups and downs in life, and that was strongly portrayed in the series. I saw in an interview, and I left the link for it, was that Stallone auditioned to be in a small scene in The Godfather. He didn’t get the part because the casting director said, “he didn’t look Italian enough.” Stallone explained that even though it hurt him, this inspired him to write Rocky. Another aspect of Rocky most fans appreciate is that most people can relate to Rocky. Everyone, at one point in his/her life, had a “Rocky” moment. That point in your life where you are failing miserably, and it seems like all hope is lost, then through determination, you come out stronger and better. And that’s an aspect of the series I can definitely appreciate over Rambo. Even the theme song is legendary! Every time you hear the Rocky theme song, you immediately think of Rocky Balboa.

Many people like fun facts, so here it is. I'm sure many of us are guilty of imitating Sylvester Stallone. Did you know there's a reason for the way he talks, his slurred speech? There’s an interesting story with that, and many people don’t know this. When Sylvester’s mother was pregnant with him, she was having serious complications during labor. The complications only worsened, so the doctors had used two pairs of forceps to pull Sylvester out of his mother’s womb. The forceps hit a nerve, which paralyzed the lower left side of his face (including his lip, tongue, and chin). That’s why he speaks the way he does! I thought that was interesting, but he was lucky. I’ve heard stories where that happened, and the person becomes mentally disabled or paralyzed in their entire body.

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The one thing I liked about both characters is their determination to get the job done. Either they completed what was asked of them, or die trying. Both Rocky and Rambo shared this trait. The other thing I liked about both franchises was the somewhat political background. These movies had a way of pointing out the obvious flaws going on in politics at the time. Like in Rocky IV with the Russians and Americans coming to a resolution. Or in Rambo, with the government's lack of care for veterans post-war. I will admit one thing: The Creed movies were way better than I expected. Creed II was amazing!! What is really funny is how my autistic brother LOVES Sylvester Stallone and his movies. He will watch the training montage from Rocky III on repeat! Or he will watch clips from Rambo with me. I believe it's that he sees his older siblings watching/admiring this person, so he copied us. It's actually really funny! But like I said, and you may disagree with me, I really thought Rambo was the better of the two. I know Rocky is what made Sylvester Stallone become famous, as well as lead him to Rambo, but the plot and action in Rambo is untouchable. Sylvester Stallone really outdid himself in this role. Both roles in both series. The ending of Creed II made me sad, because it’s the end of an era, and Stallone isn’t getting any younger, so it makes me kind of sad to see that end. I’m sure I’ll feel the same way with Rambo V: Last Blood, but I am still so excited for it! It comes out September 20th! I also am kind of excited to see what’s going on with Expendables. He’s been sharing that a fourth one is in the makings, so fingers crossed! You gotta give credit where credit is due. The man is 73, and he's STILL making action packed movies. The Expendables is also an exceptionally good series! So to close, even though I like BOTH Rambo and Rocky, Rambo is the series that takes the cake for me. This is the better, more interesting, of the two.

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