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I'm sure you know what happened this weekend: a Walmart in El Paso, Texas suffered a mass shooting with 20 people dead. Next day, Ohio suffered a shooting with 9 people dead. The biggest discussion isn't about the victims or their families, it's either about the shooter, about gun control/pro-gun, or about who is to blame. There is something bigger at hand, and that's the loss of human life. Almost 30 people died in a span of 2 days. That's so tragic. A mother lost her son. A spouse lost their significant other. A family lost a loved one. The list goes on. Twitter is crazy right now. Everyone is going on the attack, from both sides. It isn't to attack the shooters, but one another. That shouldn't be. Life has been lost. Why can't Republicans and Democrats put their differences aside for one minute, and look at the tragedy that has occurred? Think about the Americans and Mexicans who were brutally murdered? I admit, I was guilty of blaming the Left and their belief of gun control on this, but eventually I stopped. Now when they call Trump supporters white supremacists or supporters of gun violence, I will argue against that. But you know why I stopped playing the "blame game?" Because that isn't important right now. These victims need to be mourned, and their families need that space. Twitter is blowing up from this, and is mainly causing division with the hashtags trending. Many people I follow took a break from Twitter because they couldn't handle the divisiveness coming with it. I can't blame them one bit! While I will briefly discuss why I believe gun control isn't the answer, I would also like to go over why we shouldn't keep talking about the shooter or these gun-related topics. That is the main purpose of my article. I want you to know what I think about guns, but I think it's more important to discuss why remembering the victims is better than arguing about guns.

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To start, I will give my take on gun control. It's simple: gun control doesn't work. Some of the cities that have the strictest gun laws have the highest murder rates in the country. Baltimore and Chicago are a few of the cities. Why don't you hear any of those in the news? In these crime infested cities, this happens almost daily. Banning guns or having a "gun free zone" isn't going to stop violent crimes. All over the world you see other forms of terrorism occurring without the use of a gun. A semi-truck plowing over people, or a knife to stab innocent people. There will ALWAYS be a way to cause harm to innocent life. There's an important similarity to remember between guns, knives, or a car: none of them can cause harm without a person behind it. A car cannot turn on automatically and shift into drive without someone doing that; a knife cannot cause harm without someone holding it; a gun cannot shoot and kill without someone behind the trigger. Having strict gun laws prevent a good guy with a gun from stopping a bad guy with a gun. If having a gun is a "bad idea," then why do we call the police? They may be trained for this, but it's because they have a gun and know how to use it. Here's my problem: the cops get to the scene of the crime too late. This isn't their fault. They take time to respond and reach the scene of the crime. According to ASecureLife, in certain cities, it can take between 5-10 minutes before they reach the scene. This may not seem like it's not that long, but in a life and death situation, it seems like forever. If I was there, I would like to rely on my ability to own a gun to protect myself and others. That's how I look at it. Some people in support of gun control don't want to take every gun, but stricter measures (i.e. background checks), which I understand completely. What I don't agree with is the politicians and Leftists who want to revise/remove the 2nd Amendment. The Founding Fathers wanted to give the people the chance to protect themselves, that's why we have these laws. The Democrats just want to push gun control on us more, so we're dependent on them. I don't think we should revise the Constitution because of certain tragedies. By doing so, we cannot deem what should/shouldn't be revised, as well as what the "new rule" should be. That's a scary thought. The Constitution is just fine. So, this is my take on gun control. 

Like I said, I was only going to talk about it briefly, because I feel that my idea of gun control isn't relevant. Democrats shoving gun control down our throats when the bodies aren't even cold is disgusting. These tragedies JUST happened, and you're using it for political gain? Even Republicans who are advocating for guns, blaming gun control on this. What does this accomplish? There is PLENTY of time to argue for/against guns. What Republicans AND Democrats should be doing is being there for the families. Something else I want to mention includes Dana Loesch, a former Breitbart editor and outspoken supporter of the 2nd Amendment and NRA. Leftist celebrities and reporters have been placing the blame on her, the NRA, and Donald Trump. Keep Dana in your prayers. This poor woman is going through hell, as well as other Republicans, as the Left keeps attacking them for this. Why do this? Why create this further divide? Playing the blame game, from either party, isn't doing us any good. What I don't understand is why Dana is being blamed. Did she tell the shooters to go and shoot innocent people? No! So stop blaming her. She is innocent, as well as the GOP and the President. There is only ONE person to blame, and that's the shooter. He decided to kill innocent people. That was his choice ALONE. One shooter is a clear white supremacist, while the other is a strong liberal who supports Elizabeth Warren and is a clear Satanist. This affects BOTH Republicans and Democrats. This is not a Left or Right issue, but a human issue. And stop calling Donald Trump and his supporters white supremacists. That's further dividing this country! Half of Americans support the President; therefore, half of the country can't be white supremacists or racists. These Leftist politicians want to take your guns, so you cannot defend yourself, that way you are completely dependent on them. I'm sorry, but I would rather die trying to protect myself than die waiting for someone to rescue me.

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Something else that's important to remember is this: STOP GIVING THE SHOOTER NOTORIETY. When a mass shooting occurs, it's not the victims or the families names you hear first, but the shooter. You find out all about the shooter, but nothing about the victim until later. This shooter is a coward. He decided to play God, and by his own selfish actions, took the life of innocent people. Don't plaster his name on TV, but talk about the victims. Find out all you can about them. Don't let it come second. I do understand it might be difficult to find the victims first, but don't wait. Go out and find out! Also, why is social media being so divisive? The hashtag #TrumpsTerrorists is trending on Twitter, yet only 1,700 people (that I know of) tweeted it. To be trending, you need a lot more than that. But the Left is trying to create more division through these tragedies. The same happened with Parkland, but even then, I feel like they weren't so fast to jump on the bandwagon of gun control. The bodies aren't even cold, and all over social media I'm seeing these Leftist politicians calling for very strict gun laws. That scares me. Am I not supposed to be able to defend myself against an attacker? Women could protect themselves easily from rapists if they had a gun, yet the Left continually pushes for us to be susceptible to attacks, so we further depend on the government. That genuinely scares me.

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To close, gun control is not what needs to be focused on right now. Yes, I gave my take on what I think about gun control, because I still wanted people to hear my opinion. That's it. Rather than focus on my opinion, I wanted to place more emphasis on the victims. And I believe everyone should as well. Remember Jordan Anchondo, who died protecting her son from the gunshots. Or Arturo Benavides, who was considered a caring, big-hearted man. These are the people whose name should be shown all over the news. I'm sure some of you are thinking, "They are doing that." Well, duh! I mean that their names should be on the news, not their killer's name. We shouldn't give him attention he doesn't deserve. Also, don't criticize someone who says "Thoughts and prayers." People have different ways of handling what has occurred. You shouldn't criticize someone who says "Thoughts and prayers for the victims," and then enjoy cursing out everyone. Just because you don't like how someone responds doesn't mean they deserve criticism. And again, I cannot place more emphasis enough on this, stop the divisiveness. Start taking action. The GOP needs to denounce white supremacy, and the Democrats need to denounce terrorism from Islam. That's something I need to see both parties accomplish. But please, let's forget about guns for one minute. Forget about the GOP or the Leftists. Take a moment to look up the victims and their families, and let them know you care. They are going through a hard time, and don't need politicians from both sides using it for political gain. To the victims of Texas and Ohio, God be with you all. These are extremely sad times, and I am truly heart-broken by the lives lost. I teared up writing this because just thinking if that was me experiencing this tragedy, I don't know what I would do. All I can say is my thoughts and prayers are with you. Godspeed.

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Even if you don't believe in God, I'd like to leave this verse to give us all hope for the future. Isaiah 40:31 - "But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint."

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  1. Great blog! I would to add something. This is not a joke.

    "The Democrats just want to push gun control on us more, so we're dependent on them."

    I think it's more than that. They want power to overthrow our democracy. They want complete government control of everything. Our whole way of life. And as long as we have guns, we can fight back. If the governments has all the guns, then it will be the end of the United States as we know it.


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