The Shocking Revelation of Why I Started Writing

So, I figured I would do another "easy" topic so everyone, including myself, could get a break from politics. I shared a poll on my social media platforms to produce this idea. This way, I thought you guys could somewhat get to know me! The choice that remained most popular is "Why I Started Writing My Blog." Considering I literally Googled “Fun blog topics,” I was honestly surprised this choice came out on top. I talked to a few people and they all said they were interested as they think I'm an excellent writer (their opinions, not mine). I had shared in my introduction post about why I was started writing, but I figured I could go into more detail. This shouldn’t be an overly long discussion, but you’ll hear the story and explanation for why I started writing my blog. Every hero has their own backstory for why they do what they do. Here is mine.

I’ll have to go back to the Spring semester of this year at the University of Florida. So I’m a big Will Witt fan, and I kept nagging him to come and speak at UF. Many of his posts I would comment
something like, “Please come to UF!” Sure enough, I found out that the Turning Point USA chapter at UF is hosting him on his tour. I went to hear him speak, and I tell you, it was a revelation. The speech was INCREDIBLE to hear. I was so impressed. I spoke with Will after the speech, and had an enjoyable talk with him. After that, I realized that I wanted to get involved with politics. I wanted, in a way, to be like Will Witt with spreading the truth. Now, obviously I didn’t want to be on the front lines like he is, as you see the real craziness, he and other young conservatives face. What I knew was that I enjoyed writing. So I realized that this might be my way of “reaching others and spreading the truth.” So that’s the history of how I created my blog. I have to thank Will Witt for that, because his speech was what inspired me to write.

Now, it’s not just Will Witt that kept the fire going for why I chose to keep writing. The reason I continued writing with such passion is I want people to feel something, and think about that topic. Once my blog started picking up wind, I have had people comment on my Twitter, on the actual blog, or DM me saying how they like my blog. Some have said that it’s different from other blogs they’ve read, and how I present information to back up my opinions/views is eye-opening. I’ve had people say that this is the best or one of the best conservative blogs out there. This pushes me to write to the best of my ability. What also pushes me to write is spreading the truth. Every day, facts and the truth is being shut down by the Left. Not only that, but the Left picks and chooses who they will or will not listen to. I've mentioned Mahgdalen Rose. She has been relentlessly criticized for being "too young to be in politics." So pretty much anyone who isn't "old enough" to have an opinion should have an adult hold our hands, so we can never grow up and have our own opinions? If a Republican said that about David Hoggs or any young Leftist, there would be huge backlash. As much as I think he's wrong on a number of topics, I would NEVER say he couldn't have a political opinion. Everyone has the opinion of what side they choose! Even though I'm young, I wanted to get the truth out to others. Just a fun fact: writing was a major weakness of mine. I had to be tutored for years to help me improve my writing skills. Who knew this weakness would become a major strength of mine? I guess that's why I always do well in classes that have writing!

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The main goal for my blog is either to change your mind on certain topics, or to get you thinking “Maybe she’s onto something.” I'm not trying to force my views on you, but show you what I think. I can't change your mind, but telling you certain facts may help! That's what I hope for. Sometimes I may use my blog to write out my feelings. Or I will hear something in the news and want to write about what I think. I would also like to add this. Everyone is passionate about something. You have something you are passionate about. Different members of my family are passionate about certain things like traveling, history, or math. A friend of mine is passionate about makeup. Another friend is passionate about health and fitness. And another friend is passionate about the pro-life movement. For me, I never knew exactly what I’m passionate about. I could never solve this, so I assumed I had no passion. After Will Witt, I knew what it was: writing/blogging about politics. I knew I want to make an impact on people, and that’s why I started this blog. Because I love writing, this became a no-brainer! So now you know! I started writing this blog because I wanted to spread the truth as much as possible. This is my passion. I will never complain about what I do. When I first started making this blog, I read that you need to be passionate to write. Thankfully, there’s no problem there!

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NEWSFLASH: So, I just want to clarify one thing: I start classes next week, on the 20th. I’m entering my senior year of college, and have a full schedule of classes. I’m taking 4 classes, which includes 2 core business classes and 2 electives, as well as becoming more involved with the TPUSA chapter at UF, the Christian Business Leaders club (also at UF), and the Young Republicans in my county. I’ve got a full schedule! I’m obviously not going to stop writing, but it may not be as many articles. For example, I may have to only do one discussion a week. Unless it’s a short one, then I might do two. Don’t hold your breath yet. If things become too hectic, it may be every other week. Whatever I do, I will let you guys know. As much as I love writing, my senior year IS here, and I intend on doing even better this year. So thanks for understanding, and thanks for reading! Also, Blake Shelton came out with a new song today! Hell Right featuring Trace Adkins. Go check it out!


  1. Hannah I don't know how you do it all and not only that but you do it all so WELL. You are one fantastic young lady. 😘

  2. I never felt like I had time for anything in college. So don't worry about it if you aren't able to write as much. We'll be here whenever you have time.


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