Cancelling Student Debt Is NOT The Answer

Cancelling student debt is one of the main ideologies for the Democrats running. Elizabeth Warren is saying, "If I'm elected President, I will cancel all the student debt!" Bernie Sanders says one in the same. Here's the problem: cancelling student debt will not solve anything. That's just not going to work! Not just that, but politically, this is not something that could work. Now, I'm not stupid: I know that student debt is extremely high. The memes might be hilarious (I have included some), but they are correct. In 2019, student debt has a total of $1.56 TRILLION. 44.7 million Americans owe these debts. That's a scary number. It shouldn't be that high. However, cancelling student debt won't solve these issues! It's just another tactic from the Left to get voters. They are lying to you, me, and everyone they promise "free stuff" to. So, pretty much all Americans. For this discussion, I'm going to talk about why cancelling student debt is a horrible idea, and some personal tips to save college students money.

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Cancelling college debt sounds like a good idea. You know what else sounds like a good idea? Socialism. I've talked about this in a previous discussion (and I'll leave the link for it). In this case, "cancelling student debt" doesn't mean cancelling student debt for all. What do I mean by this? According to Elizabeth Warren's plan, only those who earn less than $100,000 would be regarded for this "cancellation." If you make more than that, like your lawyers doctors, or business owners do, you won't be as "fortunate." If you want your student debt to be cancelled, you have to stay at a lower level. If you want to have a high paying job, you're on your own to pay for your student debt. Here's something else you have to realize: your major will determine how you can pay off your debt. The debt of a fine arts major will not be as high as that of a biology major. If you choose a horrible major, like an art degree, you CANNOT complain about wanting your debt to be paid off. You chose a crappy major, now you have to live with the consequences. Those who become a doctor or lawyer take years before they graduate and make thousands of dollars. It's much harder for someone like that to pay off their debt, but because they're in the top percentile for having money, they shouldn't receive this help. Even though their job is doing so much more! I'm not trying to hate on anyone who chooses an art degree, but come on! Common sense would tell you that degree isn't going to earn money, like a degree in Business or a S.T.E.M. field would.

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Here's another thing: choosing where you get your degree is largely why debt is so high. People like AOC complaining about her thousands of dollars in student debt: SHE WENT TO BOSTON UNIVERSITY. A private university! The tuition for that school is over $50,000. If she attended 4 years, that's $200,000 in tuition alone. She complains about how she owes $20,000 in student debt. Nobody forced you to attend a private university! In case anyone forgot, this woman grew up rich! Also, you didn't have to attend a prestigious university. That was YOUR choice. She is telling the GOP, "It's our job to fix this." I'm not saying she's wrong there, we DO need to find a solution for this. Cancelling student debt, however, isn't the answer. Also, living on campus isn't exactly the best way to save money either. If you attend a college 3 hours away from you house, I can understand that. But if there is a college, that has good reviews, why not attend there? You can live at home, and not waste that money on rent, food, electricity, and other payments. I know Donald Trump cancelled the student debt for disabled veterans. If you think I am going to have an issue with Donald Trump cancelling debt for those who protected our country, who fought for our country, and are now permanently disabled (mentally or physically) from performing these duties, you've got another thing coming! Also, this wasn't covering veterans who make a certain amount, this covered ALL veterans. Unlike what the Left's plan to "cancel student debt" for a select few.

This is what people don't realize: this promise of "free" is just so the Democrats can get a leg up in the election. Look at Warren. She has become the second choice for Democrats. Nobody expected this, except Mahgdalen Rose. She called this from the beginning, and said Trump shouldn't treat this like a joke. From a recent video, it looks like he finally realized Warren is a formidable opponent. Now, let's see how Trump and his team prepare for 2020. Back to what I was originally saying, this cancelling student debt is another way of saying "free stuff!" This all goes back to socialism. All they're saying is that I will give out free stuff if you vote for me. That doesn't work, as most of us know. Look at what Beto said in the recent debates. "Hell yeah, we're gonna take your guns!" Before he said, "I'm not forcing you to give up your arms." The Left isn't even trying to hide their agenda of turning the United States into a socialist country. If you depend on Warren to forgive your college debt, or Sanders for free healthcare, this country won't survive. I cannot stress this enough: vote Red to save America.

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Now that I have given my spiel about cancelling student debt, there are some aspects of this worth considering to help improve this situation. First off, someone explain to me why a college needs something like $50,000 in tuition from it's students per year? Compared to community colleges where tuition couldn't even be as high? It's a ridiculously high number. Why not work to get these colleges/universities to LOWER tuition? That would cut these debts down! Of course they don't consider this because universities are mainly Leftist run, so go figure they don't attack these colleges/universities, but will criticize the GOP. The main solution I have is this: teach financial responsibility in high school, and even in college! Let me give you an example: a soon-to-be college student had dreams of going to the University of Florida after high school. Knowing she didn't have the SAT scores to get there, she chose community college, instead of another major university where she could have been accepted. She also had earned over 30 credits for her Associate's degree, so she figured she could graduate sooner if she went with community college. Some laughed and scoffed at her for choosing a "crappy" community college (which it wasn't), instead of a big name university. Instead of listening, she persevered, and got the best grades she could earn. After earning her A.A., she transferred to UF to complete her Bachelor's degree, fulfilling her dreams of becoming a Gator. By doing so, she saved about half (if not more) the money she would have spent at a 4-year university. Anyone can guess who I'm talking about? It's me. I knew I didn't have the SAT scores to make it to UF, so I chose community college to complete my A.A., because I knew 1) my chances of being accepted would be higher, and 2) I would save money. BOTH happened. College kids need to be taught that going to a 4-year university, or an ivy league school, isn't what's important. Getting your degree is, if you want to go to college. There is also the option of vocational school, or just chasing your dream. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and other successful millionaires/billionaires were college dropouts, yet are some of the most successful people on the planet! Even going back to the college scandal with Lori Loughlin. She pressured her second daughter to go to college, even though the kid wanted to have her career elsewhere. Now look at where she is. Placing emphasis on knowing your options before graduating high school is important.

Cancelling college debt is never going to work. I have provided enough proof of that. Yes, student debt is extremely high. There's no going around that. But saying you're going to cancel student debt for a select few is unfair, which goes back to "free" never being free. I also understand that even if you have a high paying job, it's hard to pay off your debt. BUT, nobody forced you, me, or anyone else paying for college to 1) choose to attend college, and 2) choose to attend a major university. There are better alternatives to spending, or borrowing, this type of money. I have read stories on Twitter of people who saved their money from a young age for college, or simply waited a few years before attending college, so they wouldn't have any debt. And it worked! The tuition for someone who is a freshman, taking 1000 or 2000 level courses, is much higher than a transfer (who is taking 3000 or 4000 level classes). My sister chose to go to UF after high school, and her tuition/costs are much higher than mine. And I'm a 4th year business student! Not trying to say she made a poor choice, but she chose this path. Thankfully she has Bright Futures, which pays for her education. Financial responsibility is an important skill that people my age are lacking. Instead of saving money early on, we blow it off on the newest iPhone, having your nails done, getting pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks, etc. What should be taught is the importance of saving/spending money, before attending college. That's what I believe is the answer to solving the student debt crisis. Learn how to spend your money and know ALL of your options when choosing college. That's how future generations will know how to avoid being in debt later in life.

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  1. Luv the insight of this author. Many Americans foolishly believe that upon receiving a prestigious University degree, their future income will cover all expenses: student loan debt, luxury car debt, house debt, credit card debt and still have enough to cover for their Hollywood lifestyle.

    How is it LEGAL immigrants can take the risk, leaving their birthplace and come to the GREATEST country in the world and achieve the American Dream? Many Americans have the false concept that they are entitled to the American Dream.

    This author provided a tip to reduce student debt, even before attending a prestigious University, yet that tip will be ignored because the key word: 4-year Prestigious University Degree.

  2. The idea of cancelling student debt is insulting to me. It was insulting even when I fully identified as democrat. As a high school senior, I applied to and won several private scholarships. I chose a school that offered a tuition exemption for anyone whose family income qualified. There are scholarships for everything, even being left handed! Most people just don't take the time to fill them out because it's "too hard". I literally won a scholarship for writing about Norse mythology in pop culture. I went without a lot of luxuries to graduate debt-free. No Macbook for me.

    Financial aid is a self-perpetuating cycle. When the gov increases financial aid funds, colleges raise tuition, then the gov increases to compensate, etc.

    As an old person (almost 23 now. Lol) I support high school grads taking gap years to do anything else besides college.

  3. Canceling or reducing interest is a great gift to students/grads, and an appropriate middle ground.


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