Republicans Should Be Involved in Local Politics

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Republicans have a weak spot in politics. The major places, like the Senate or Presidency, isn't lacking. Where Republicans really lose ground is in local politics. Most Republican politicians look for the "big game." What Republicans should be focusing on is helping get Republicans involved/elected who are more into local politics. After all, it's those involved locally that make an impact in your direct area. For this discussion, I will be discussing why Republicans should be getting more involved in local politics, and why we need to help get these people elected. Just a warning, this will be another long discussion, but I promise this will be worth it. I've got a lot of good stuff in this one!

So what’s the big deal with being involved with local politics, whether you’re running or just keeping track? I’ll tell you why: it’s the greatest chance you have for your voice to be heard. Voting for mayor can be more important than the presidential election. If you want your voice heard, or change in your district, local politics is clearly more important than the presidency. If you’re looking for change nationally, then the presidency is the clearer choice. Local politics is how change starts. By creating improvable situations is what makes a state or county better. The President, not trying to bash him, doesn’t look at how cities are doing. He looks at how the country is doing, overall. He looks at the economy, or how things are doing in other countries. Focusing on the “smaller” things isn’t his concern. This concern belongs to is the mayors, school board, etc. The Left keeps blaming the President for how certain cities are completely run down. This is a lie. The only people to blame are the mayors for the city, or the governor of the state. NOT THE PRESIDENT. The Left cried "racism" when Donald Trump called Baltimore’s mayor incompetent. The only reason for this is because he's a person of color. You never hear the Left cry racism when it's Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer. How is the truth racist (unless you’re a Leftist)? Instead of looking at “what Trump is doing wrong,” there is a simpler, more productive way to fix these issues in your area. Start by electing people locally to start a more positive change in your district!

Something else important to mention is the lack of young people being involved in politics. We are fed the constant lie of being too young to be involved in politics. That we lack experience in the real world to be talking about such things. This is one of the reasons why young people shy away from being involved in politics. This happens to many young conservatives I follow. Instead of bashing us because "we don't fit the mold," you could teach us. Give us the life lessons you didn't have when you decided to be involved in politics. The effects of local politics are tremendous, yet the Left wants us dependent on the government for control. Young Republicans need to rise above this, and take a serious approach to politics, so we can help improve our communities! Check out my article about how Republicans can possibly reach the younger voters!

Here’s another thing. Republicans at the national level SUCK at listening to the American people (except Donald Trump). Donald Trump kept his promises when he was elected. The economy is doing great, unemployment is at an all-time low, and the wall is being built. Promises made, promises kept! Establishment Republicans don't follow this example, and that's why Donald Trump stood out from the crowd to both Republicans and Democrats! This is why we are losing voters in local elections. It’s bad enough the Left is destroying America, but spineless Republicans aren’t helping to improve the situation. To be honest, no Republican was helping improve America’s situation until Donald Trump came into the picture. Mitt Romney, John McCain, Paul Ryan, these are just a handful of Republicans who DON’T listen to the American people. The most recent may shock you: Dan Crenshaw. Some people may not like what I'm going to say, and trust me, neither do I. But the truth isn't always easy to hear! A young Republican named Kaitlyn Bennet called Dan Crenshaw a RINO (Republican In Name Only) for his support of red flag laws and moments of trash-talking the President. He messaged her to pretty much bash her, and say she is only doing her conservative activism for popularity. Instead of defending why he believes in red flag laws, or even ask why she thinks lowly of him, and what he could do to improve his image, he chose to bash her. I left the link for her video. I have lost a lot of respect for Crenshaw. Establishment Republicans, those in higher stature, have a harder time doing their job of listening to the American people. Those who don’t struggle with this, or shouldn’t, is the local politicians.

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I’ve mentioned her before, and she gave me the idea for this post, but Mahgdalen Rose explains the importance of local politics. How Greg Abbott will tweet himself signing different bills show one thing: that he is listening to what his people say. Removing red light cameras, the Chick-Fil-A bill, they all demonstrate his ability to listen to what his fellow Texans want. I loved how Rose pointed this out! Something else I loved that Rose pointed up was the rise of socialism because Republicans have lost local politics. One example is AOC. She doesn't really have that important a job! She's a Representative. It's important, but not that much as most people know. She isn't that big a deal, but because she won this position, she used it to the extreme to push socialism. The people in her district don't like her, but there is no Republican with promising ideas for them to vote for. Benny Johnson did a video asking people in AOC's district if they liked her, and most responded with NO. Here's the link (beginning's so funny!): Republicans may be "winning" in the state and national level, but losing in local politics, and this shouldn't be the case. Anything run by Democrats is complete crap, yet anything run by Republicans is in great shape! Why else was the top 10 governors ALL Republican (including Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis), whereas the bottom 10 were mainly Democrats (2 being Republican)? There's a correlation. Mahgdalen Rose mentioned this: instead of trying to be popular on social media, conservative speakers should join local elections, or run themselves. I not only spoke with Rose about this, but I spoke with a a couple of others who are experienced in this area.

I asked on my social media platform why you think it's important to be involved in local politics. The followers who did respond, the answer remained the same: local politics is where the real change happens. That's what affects you personally the most. I also spoke with someone who has experience in local politics. That person is a man named Joe Harding. He is running for State Representatives, District 22 (R) in Florida. I messaged him a few questions that go with what I'm talking about. He started with he is not simply running to get young people involved in politics, but to inspire others to run. His three main motivators are: pro-life/heartbeat bills, pro-2A, and increasing appreciation for vocational workers. These are the questions I asked Joe, and these were his answers:

1. Why should Republicans be involved in local politics?
Joe’s answer: “Conservatives should get involved in local politics because local is what affects our everyday life. Our sales tax, property tax, utility bill, garbage, building permits, and so many other costs we pay every day! Liberal logic is that government is always the solution which means they will always promote more taxes. Frankly, many Republicans do the same thing. They will promote themselves as Trump Republicans and then walk into a board chamber and vote to hike up on many local taxes. If social issues are your motivator, think about the impacts State legislators are making on the pro-life and pro-gun/anti-gun front.” 

2. Should there be a bigger emphasis on local politics, like national politics? Why/why not?  
Joe’s answer: “Yes, Republicans should be emphasizing local elections more. Local is where the work happens. National is where they talk about it and do nothing. If you think about how little work is done in DC, it’ll make your head spin. Out of the 20 Democrats running for office, none have offered meaningful legislation on their pet topics of immigration and climate control, but yet they think something will change with them as President. It just shows blind ignorance or stupidity to how government via the Constitution’s road map should actually work.” 

3. What advice do you suggest to someone considering becoming involved in local politics?
Joe’s answer: “The best thing you can do is continue getting more experience in the private world and don’t let anyone tell you that you are too young to run. Most politicians would tell you to sit on boards and go to commission meetings, etc. That’s not bad advice. The way I see it, as someone who has worked in the private sector and built for the government, government is bad and inefficient at almost everything it does. Why would you want to be trained by a poor employer to do your dream job?! The other thing you should do is help build coalitions to get conservatives elected. This gets you experience around a campaign, but also builds a core group of supporters that one day can help you. Another thing is that I would encourage you to build you story, issues that affect you, etc. almost every candidate gets elected has a point to a specific issue, time and place. You likely already have that. You just may have to dig a bit.”
This was definitely a great conversation! The third question was personal for me, as I have had an awakening and desire to be involved in politics. This may seems obvious through this blog, but I have considered getting more involved in local politics, either running myself or just becoming extremely involved. I have been hesitant to say I'm 100% going to do this. I am thinking about it, and once graduation comes closer, I hope to have a decision. Talking to Joe really helped. If you can, please check out Joe's website! I'll leave the link at the end!

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To conclude, local politics are a big deal. Local politics doesn't get the coverage state elections or national elections has. Now, these elections are important, but local politics need to be considered their equivalents. Republicans could make a larger impact in the political field if they were more involved in local politics. I really liked a lot of what Joe said. Local politics IS where the change happens. Congress isn't doing anything to fix these issues. Even the Democrats running for President haven't fully explained what they're exactly doing to fix these issues, just that "We want to fix this issue, and if I'm elected President, I'll fix it!" Think about it. Have any of them given a "game plan" for how they will fix these issues? If they (the politicians running) couldn't fix the issues in their own state, how are they going to fix it when they're President? I'll tell you how: they aren't. It'll just be taxes, taxes, and more taxes. National politics doesn't create change, local politics does. Democrats clearly haven't realized this, as there is no improvement in their cities, but Republicans can use this to their advantage. Now we need to prop up Republicans who are involved in local politics. The main mission of the Young Republicans club in my area is to "Get more people involved in local politics, because local politics is where change begins." This is so true! If you are infuriated with how crappy your district is, don't blame the President. Blame your local politicians. If you want to see change happen, either get involved personally or vote for politicians who clearly want to change this. Like Joe said, don't be afraid to run for office. Look at what issues you want to fix, get experience, then go for it! Local politics is where the change begins.

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